How To Control Chromecast From Pc?

how to control chromecast from pc

Chromecast from PC is essentially usually used to broadcast media from an enabled device to a monitor or a TV. Instead of remote control, anyone may operate this gadget using a PC or smartphone. It’s a useful portable device at a low price.

Some difficulties are encountered; however, this guide will clarify and facilitate things for everyone. It includes music streaming, video streaming, desktop mirroring on TV, and many more tips and techniques to use Chromecast.

People usually truly require adequate guidance or alternatives to solve issues. Therefore all your issues and solutions to the situation are discussed here. So the first question is,

Can you control PC Chromecast?

Well, sure, with the steps below you may use your PC:

There are some of the most simple and user-friendly techniques that will teach you to comprehend


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This incredible program helps to manage Chromecast through your PC. So the procedure is essentially straightforward. First, it is necessary to get a PC on the local area network to utilize this TEAMVIEWER program for free, which allows you to start a chrome video on your PC and then cast it on Chromecast. It’s essentially a remote control. This one technique is not the greatest, literally, but it works because that’s how you can easily manage it from your PC.

When the video begins to work, you may turn off the app and do anything else. However, you must disable your PC’s audio before you try to cast.


It would help if you had a TV with an HDMI connector, a wireless connection, and a PC with a Google Chrome browser to set up the Chromecast. You have to make sure you have all this and then connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port on your TV. You will then be visiting this page on your PC. This is how you download the program and follow the instructions. It is the first and the most fundamental stage.

All this is essential to continue correctly without any difficulty. It is essential to make sure if the Chromecast and PC are on the same Wifi network before starting so that you all go ahead.


how to control chromecast from pc

Some of the apps are -Any live TV app, Team Viewer, Pocket cast, Solid Explorer, and many more. You may thus choose one of the apps that are best suited for your PC. Make sure you pick the program you know about.


So now is the time for your PC to broadcast. It doesn’t matter if you have Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS on the computer or desktop, since it is simple to transmit your video to Chromecast. Once all of you have the criteria mentioned above, you are prepared to hit the broadcast button and appear on the large screen.


you first need to open your browser on your PC through Chrome and then access your local files on the browser. Then you may stream it over your local network to the TV. This is how we may stream the local files.


Some major services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix are available. All these services are supported by PC casting. To cast from most of these services, you have to play a video, and you will find a casting icon with the Wifi symbol in the top right alongside the player controls. When you choose it, it will show a window in your browser tab. Then you can choose any option and cast.

how to control chromecast from pc


That’s excellent when you transfer a Chrome browser video to your PC. You stream full screen while you’re engaged on something else; you want to retain the video, so you can click Alt + Tab to change the jobs. So it will start to play the full-screen video when the user switched jobs.


If you also want to show the screen on your TV, click on the three dots of the menu, choose cast and choose the device, and choose the source desktop in a drop-down list. Since this needs a high processing power, there is an increased risk of poor video quality, and in general, depending on the power and speed of your PC, it will work slower.

This complete guide with many information will allow you to most appropriately and acceptably manage Chromecast from your PC. It is essential first to manage it properly, and then after the basis is put up, the flow starts smoothly. So do the above and make it easy for you.

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