How to connect Wii u to laptop?

How to connect Wii u to laptop?

You want to play your favorite Wii U games on the go, but you may have questions in your mind, such as how to connect Wii u to laptop?

The answer is simple: with an HDMI cable. This will allow you to plug in and use any laptop as if it were a TV. All you’ll need is one of these cables, which can be found at most electronics stores for around $15, plus an extra USB port on your computer (if needed). Connect them both up and enjoy playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wherever you are!

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Wii u to the laptop connection guide

I am considering that you already have a laptop, Wii u, and HDMI cable. So, now let’s have a loon-on step-by-step guide on how to connect Wii u to a laptop!

1) Get your cables ready:

Getting your HDMI cable ready is a kind of easy task. All you will need to check is that the cable is not damaged, folded and the ports are in the right size.

2) Plugging in:

First of all, plug in one end of the HDMI cable into the back of your Wii U console, and then plug the other end of the HDMI cable into an available HDMI port on your laptop, TV, or monitor if you are connecting to a TV.

Plug one USB cable end into an available USB port on your laptop if you’re connected to a PC or in the back of your Wii U console if you are using a Mac.

Plug the other USB cable end into the front of your Wii U console, next to where the GamePad is resting.

3) Setting up laptop/monitor with Wii U:

Turn your laptop, TV, or monitor on, and press the power button on the front of the console to turn your Wii U console on; once you see a screen that says “Wii U,” press A to select it.

You will find a choice of options: Wii U – TV, Wii U – GamePad, Wii – GamePad. This is where you have to decide whether you want your Wii U screen on the TV or the GamePad. Once selected, press A.

Now, select System Settings from the Wii U Menu, then scroll down and select Internet from the list of options.

Select View Connection Status – then wait for a screen that says Your Wii U is connected to the Internet.

4) Setting up Nintendo 3DS:

Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and open up the eShop. Scroll down and select the green option: “Sign in with MiiVerse. Now you will need to select your region (if it doesn’t automatically do so based on your IP address), and the keyboard will appear on your Wii U GamePad (if you selected to use it as a controller).

Now select Register Now, agree to the terms and conditions, place in your Nintendo Network ID password. Once you have completed this step, now you should see an animation of Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, or Splatoon 2. If you don’t, go back and make sure you have selected the correct date and time in the settings tab (and that your date and time match up with your region).

Press A to select OK, then B to return to the eShop. Select settings from the top right of the screen.

5) Complete the transaction and finalize the settings

Being on the setting page, scroll down and select Add eShop Credit. Enter your credit card information, or if you use a card that Nintendo does not support, add some eShop funds to your account using Paypal. Then select OK when done!

You will now see an animation of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appearing on the GamePad. Touch the image of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on your GamePad.

You should see three buttons: Download Now, Try free Demo and Add to my Wish List. Make sure you press A to select Download Now.

Press A again when a screen pops up saying the game will start downloading in 4 minutes. Now all you will need is to wait for a while!

Select OK when the download has finished, then touch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on your GamePad again.

You should now see two buttons: Play and Add-Ons. Touch the green button Play to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Well, these were the steps on connecting Wii u to a laptop now; let’s look at the other things that you should keep in mind while connecting Wii u to a laptop!

If you are using a Mac, download XBMC for Mac OSX from their website.

If you are using a Mac, you can play Wii U games off the external hard drive by placing your game data in /Volumes/volumenamehere/games. You’ll have to set up save data and screen manually captures for each game, so it might be easier to launch them from the same folder as the apps.

For PC, the GamePad screen is turned off by default; you can turn it on after booting into Wii U mode. To go back to the Home menu, press the Home button, and then click on the cog icon in the middle of your controller to bring up settings, go down to ‘Enable Gamepad Screen,’ and check that option. Now go back to the Wii U and start-up Mario Kart 8. You can now use your GamePad as a controller and press + or – on the controller itself to adjust the screen size.

Frequently asked questions and their answers:

While connecting Wii U to a laptop, you might have other questions in your mind then this section of this article will be helpful to you. We have already discussed How to connect Wii u to a laptop, and now it’s time to have a look at other questions you may have in your mind.

How to get the games running on the laptop?

There are various ways available through which you can get your laptop screen to display Wii U games. For this purpose, we will tell you about three different methods.

Method 1: This is a very basic and simple process, all you have to do is download a program called DXtory, and you can play Wii U games on your laptop by using this process.

Method 2: If the first method is not working for you, there is another easy way to display Wii U games on your laptop screen. You just have to download an emulator from the Internet, and it will help you play Wii U games on your laptop.

Method 3: The third method for displaying Wii U games on the laptop screen is a little complicated but needs a lot of practice and patience. This method requires you to buy a new display driver for your device, which will help you play Wii U games on your laptop.

Why can’t I play Wii U Games on my laptop?

There can be many factors, and you should check them out before thinking of any problem. Be sure that your laptop is compatible with all the requirements and settings; you have at least 4GB of RAM, your battery life should be around an hour or more (remember to take off the power saving option), and also check if your laptop has the best graphics card for it.

Why can’t I use my Wii U Pro controller on an Xbox?

The connection of a Wii U pro controller to an Xbox is only possible with the help of the official Nintendo USB adapter or an unofficial one.

How can I use my Wii U Pro Controller on a PC?

There is a program available on the Internet that lets you use your Wii U pro controller on PC, and that name is: x360ce.

How many GB of Hard Drive space do I need to download my games from an external hard drive?

To play Wii U games from an external hard drive, you have to have at least 4500MB of free space to download the game; if you want to keep the data on your external hard drive, you must have at least 46GB.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to connect Wii u to laptop then this article is only for you. Connecting Wii U to a laptop is not a very difficult task; it only takes some patience and practice to get things done. Try out all the above-mentioned methods, and you will definitely get your desired results. To know more about other devices, make sure to stay connected with us at


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