How to Connect Tablet to Projector Wirelessly

How to Connect Tablet to Projector Wirelessly

Why go through all the hassle of plugging in wires to connect devices when technology has made everything so much easier. Today, we discuss about how to connect tablet to a projector wirelessly. Presentations and meetings are routine at workplaces and connecting several wires and setting it up may take a lot of time which is why we suggest you go wireless for device set up. Even at home, you can connect your phones and tablets to the TV and projector screens and share photos, stream videos, and games.

Here we will give you a quick and easy tutorial on how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly with the help of a few devices and apps so you can aptly save your precious time and focus on the task at hand of either enjoying your time at home watching movies or your presentation at work without any difficulty.

Wireless HDMI dongle

A wireless HDMI dongle is basically an alternative of a HDMI cable without bothering you with plugging and unplugging wires. It is a USB kind of device which is inserted in the projector. It comes with a HDMI port at one end and a power port at the other; usually also with a Wi-Fi receiver.

How does it work?

  • Plug-in the HDMI port and the power port into the projector
  • Then select input as HDMI on the projector menu
  • Go to your tablet settings and choose ‘Display’
  • Then choose ‘Screen Casting’, enter the password, and cast with the device you want
  • Now the tablet is connected with the projector and the projector will mirror whatever is showing on your tablet screen

Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless and Tendak Gold-Plated Active are said to be the best working dongles and are easily available on Amazon. If you want to spend a little more, you can go with Actiontec as it does not lag in service and supports a wide range of devices otherwise Tendak is a light-on-pocket version of it.

While choosing a HDMI dongle, a few things to keep in mind are if the device will support your tablet and the resolution you are going for. Amazon has a variety of HDMI dongles to choose from as per your need.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to mirror your tablet and the projector. It only requires a HDMI supporting port and you are set.

How does it work?

  • Plug-in the HDMI port in the projector and the power cable as well
  • Download the GoogleHome app on the tablet you want to establish a Wi-Fi connection to the Google Chromcast device with
  • To connect to Wi-Fi, go to ‘Add’ on the screen after choosing an email address
  • Go to ‘Set-up Device’ and click on ‘New Devices’
  • It will search for the device Google Chromecast is plugged in to and set up a connection with the device
  • It will then show a code on the screen; verify it on your tablet on which you are setting up the connection
  • Name your device in the next step
  • Choose the Wi-Fi connection you want to connect it with and it’s done!

Now you can cast any tablet or phone with the Google Chromecast device plugged in the projector as long as it is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as the Google Chromecast device. Just click on the mirroring icon appearing on your screen and it will mirror the tablet’s screen whether you are playing movies, photos, email, or even a presentation. It is conveniently available on Amazon and is very easy on the pocket as well.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi direct is a built-in feature in android devices and another very easy option to connect tablet to projector wirelessly, but it will only connect with the projectors that have Wi-Fi direct feature as well.

How does it work?

  • Go to the settings menu and tap ‘Connections’ if you have a Samsung tablet and on other android tablets click on ‘Network & Internet’
  • Go to the ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ option and activate it
  • Similarly, go to the Wi-Fi direct option of the projector and activate it
  • Pair both the tablet with a projector and follow further instructions to connect

This feature will save you the exclusive cost of buying a device to mirror your tablet. Queretek as well as other brands also build Wi-Fi direct compatible projectors that are easily available on Amazon.

Manufacturer Apps

Many of the projector manufacturing companies also develop apps specifically to work with their manufactured projector for the ease of their users that are easily available on Google PlayStore. You may download it; connect with the same brand projector and voila! You are good to go.

These apps may not allow you to stream videos and photos but it is said to be the most efficient to project document files and static images for business presentations and workplaces.

·         Panasonic named its app Panasonic Wireless Projector

·         Epson’s app is called iProjection

·         Maxell projector has Projector Quick Connection

You may find working instructions in the support manual of the projector but below are steps to connect the Epson projector to its iProjection app to give the readers a general idea of how these apps work.

·         Plug-in the wireless dongle in the projector

·         Go to Wi-Fi and choose the projector that you want your tablet to connect with

·         Activate iProjection app that you have downloaded

·         The app will automatically show the projector name. Check on the box beside it and tap connect on the top right

·         You can also choose to scan the QR code to facilitate easier connectivity between the projector and your tablet

·         Choose the ‘Device Screen’ option from the home menu to mirror the projector screen with your tablet screen

Screen sharing apps

Alike manufacturer apps, there are some more screen mirroring apps known as the third-party apps that allow you to share your personal screen on a projector screen.

Some of them are DisplayNote by NEC, iShow by Kodak available on Apple, and MobiShow by Dell. These apps are versatile and support a range of projectors but they might have some limitations so may have to choose the one that is compatible with your projector.


There is one more easy way to connect a tablet to a projector and that is via Bluetooth. It works with Bluetooth enabled projectors and act as a speaker providing only the audio.

How does it work?

·         Enable the Bluetooth on the projector with the button provided on the remote or follow the manual’s instruction as how to turn it on

·         Turn on the Bluetooth on your tablet and choose the projector to connect with

The projector and tablet have been paired and now you can play songs, audio books, or anything you want to listen to. Amazon is offering a wide range of Bluetooth enabled projectors as well that are portable and can be fixed, you can choose as per your requirement.

See, it was so easy to learn how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly. In the past, when technology wasn’t advanced enough who would have thought that multiple devices could be connected wirelessly let alone connecting people at different ends of the world. Thankfully, today we have devices and apps that make our lives easier, both professionally and personally.



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