How to Change a Drive Letter For Windows(10,8,7,XP)

This guide about how to change a drive letter shows the step by step procedure to change driver letters of your USB based drives, Optical drives and hard drives in windows which are not fixed and can be changed.

If you have installed your new and best external hard drive and looking to change the already assigned letter F to G or you are just curious to keep your flash drives organized alphabetically.

How to Change a Drive Letter For Windows(10,8,7,XP)

How to Change a Drive Letter

The tool for this is Disk Management in windows makes it surprisingly easy to changing drive letters and so user-friendly that if you have not used it before you will feel comfortable doing it the first time.

Important: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to change the partition letter assigned to the partition where the window resides. Most of the time its C drive.

Also don’t worry about the time this process will only take few minutes maximum at most. Either you are Windows XP user or Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10 user below steps are for you to follow.

How To Change a Drive Letters In Windows

1) The very first step is to Open Disk Management, this tool of windows allows you to manage drives along with many other things.

Tip: Those with Windows 8 or Windows 10, Have to access Power User Menu to access Disk management which is the quickest way of opening it. Also, You have to command prompt option to start Disk Management in any windows, But doing it through Computer Management is the best way.

2) Locate the drive you want to change the letter from the bottom or the top of the list from the Disk Management.

Tip: In case you are not sure that which internal or external hard drive is that one you are looking for change the driver letter then right-click or tap-and-hold and select Explore to see the folders and files in that drive for confirmation that this is your target drive.

3) When you have figured it which drive it is tap-and-hold or right-click on it and select Change to drive letters and paths from the pop-up menu that appears.

4) While you changed Drive letter and paths for… on the appearing windows click on Change button. Now you will see the Change drive letter and path window.

5) Choose your drive letter that you wanted windows to assign to this storage device by selecting from the Assing the Following drive letter : a box that is drop down.

6) Click on the OK button

7) Now click Yes question that will appear like this “Some of the programs that are relying on drive letters might not run correctly are you sure to continue?”

8) When the letter changing is completed, which wouldn’t have taken a few seconds or a minute its time to close the Disk Management Window.

Further about Changing drive letters in windows

Those drives having software in them may cause the software to stop working after changing the drive letter assignments. Not so common with newer apps and programs but in case of old programs and having windows vista or Windows XP this can be a problem.

Luckily, most of the users do not have software installed on any other drive except the primary drive or C drive, but in case you have software on any other drives then consider the warning of reinstalling the software after you change the drive letter.

Also mentioned above already that you are not allowed to change the drive letter of a partition that contains Windows(Operating System).

You also make it happen that windows can exist on any other drive than C it’s possible also but for that, you have to fresh install of windows completely. Alarm, if you have pressing need of doing this so do it, otherwise it is not recommended to get all this trouble.

In windows, there is not a built-in way to switch drive letters of two drives.Rather, always use a letter for your drive that you don’t plan on using that as a temporary “holding” letter while letter change process.

Let’s say Two drives A and Drive B are you want to swap letters. First assign a letter to A drive which you won’t use in the future and then Drive B’s letter to Drive A’s original one, then a letter of Drive A to B’s original one.

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