How to Backup Your Gmail A Detailed Guide

Instructions for Backup Your Gmail saving your emails and folders

Most of us are using the Gmail as our email program, we store our valuable personal and work emails in the Gmail. What if the Google mail servers go down, which had happened in the past, or think of your account being compromised or somehow it gets reset, you can lose all your years mails permanently of temporarily.

To stay safe we will show you several ways to eliminate this single point failure simply by creating a local copy of all of your Gmail messages and taking the backup of your emails to any other online service.

How to Backup Your Gmail A Detailed Guide

How to Backup Your Gmail A Detailed Guide

You have to option to use Thunderbird, Outlook or any other desktop mail client to download all your Gmail as POP3, which will make the emails available locally in your email client. Either keep the messages in that mail software, or either make a copy of your most important emails and put them in a folder of your hard drive. First, you need to go to Google Account Settings, then look for Forwarding and POP/IMAP there will be the configurations instructions for setting up POP for Gmail to enable POP3 access in your email client.

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Note: You also have the option to set up Gmail as IMAP in your email program. This will sync your email with your computer from the cloud, In case all your emails disappear suddenly from the Google’s servers, your mail client can be sync to that empty server and can delete the local copies. But if you do access your Gmail via IMAP, you have the options to store your messages in a hard drive by simply dragging them and keep them in your hard as backup. Whereas you have to do this regularly, or any kind of problem may occur with the web server program.

Backupify an Online Backup Service

Backupify can backup all your personal information from Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, Google Calendar and contacts, Picassa Web Albums, Twitter, Linkedin and many more web services. If you subscribe it free then you get 2GB of storage, while your cloud data is backed up online, on the Amazon S3 storage cloud service.

Gmail Backup a Desktop Program

Gmail Backup is free software available for Windows, MAC, and Linux that backs up all of your emails from your Gmail account, also the labels. From your Gmail settings enable IMAP access. You can specify your desired date range for backups, and emails will be stored as .eml files, which the email programs can access easily.

Using a script to Backup Gmail

You also can use a script to automatically download all of your Gmail messages, which results in creating a local copy of all your emails onto your hard drive on your desired internals. A 3 step tutorial is available at About Python Programming site for retrieving POP3 email with poplib which technically has inclined. Another option is Backup Gmail with fetchmail which involves a command line and Unix programs fetchmail in a Unix emulator just for the windows, Cygwin. While the script writing is not that straightforward as it looks, it required fewer computer resources than those email programs which consume while running.

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How to Backup Your Gmail ( Ultimate Guide ) Updated

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