How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

how many watts does a laptop use

How many watts does a laptop use? This question is least bothered by people, but the tech geeks like you. Who always want to have deep inside of system and always looking for ways to increase efficiency with less power consumption.

Laptop Manufacture companies are trying to reduce power losses and produce some efficient devices capable of doing multi-tasking. That’s why more devices that are small in size but have more functionality are getting into the market.

It is essential for software house owners to know the power consumption of a laptop to estimate electricity bills while making a budget.

How many watts does a laptop use?

how many watts does a laptop use

The sweet and simple answer is 50W to 60W per hour. These statistics are for a typical 15-inch laptop that is used for daily work. But things are not that simple; there are many factors on which laptop wattage depends. The simple rule of thumb is more the hardware, more power consumption. Let’s dive deep into it:

Size of Laptop

Small portable laptops like the best Chromebook for writers take less wattage to charge than full 15” or 17” laptops. This is because small laptops are designed for daily work, keeping in mind portability, and large laptops are designed for heavy processing work.

Processing Unit

If you have a high power processing unit, then power consumption may be a little more, but that is far better than having some substandard processing unit; they need more power to function because of losses. That’s why they take more control as compare to intel Core i7 or Core i9, even though their functionality is less and slow.

Graphics Processing Unit

Graphics card is responsible for Processing graphics (Image, Videos). More excellent graphics cards, better visuals, and more will be the power consumption. The laptops mainly have two types of graphics units:

  • Embedded Graphics Card
  • Dedicated Graphics card

Embedded units take less power, but their graphics processing capability is limited to daily use, and heavy games and video editing games are not supported by it.

Dedicated unit is fast in processing and primarily found in best laptops for video editing and gaming laptops; they display better visuals. Thus laptop power consumption is more in these laptops.

What is Adapter wattage?

Adapter wattage is the measure of power on which a laptop charges or operates. For example, an adapter having a 50watts adapter means a laptop will need 50 watts to charge.

  • Most 15-inch laptops have a 60W adapter
  • 17- inch adapter has 90 watts adapter

So 15-inch laptops that have 60W adapters have less power consumption than 17-inch average laptop power consumption.

How many wattages of power does a gaming laptop need?

Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are specially designed with high-end hardware to support heavy processing games without class graphics, fantastic display, and bombastic speakers to have an excellent experience.

The gaming laptop has super-powerful Intel or Ryzen processors with dedicated graphics units. And almost every best laptop for gaming is more than 13” large. Large the size, large will laptop power draw.

That’s why the gaming laptop power draw is large. For example, one of the best gaming laptops, Acer predator Helios 300, has a power adapter 180W with almost 3X more power than the average 15” laptop power consumption.

How many Wattages Does a MacBook Need?


MacBook Consume more Power than Windows laptop; the reason is its powerful hardware. We all know the Macbook display and graphics unit is far better than the windows laptop; that’s why it is consistently among the top of best laptops for video editing. And these are the two factors that consume the most power.

  • A 13-inch MacBook need 61 watts of Power
  • 15-inch MacBook works on 87 watts of power

How to Calculate Wattage Use and Price?

The electricity companies give us a bill in kilo-watt per hour. So if a laptop works on 60 watts per hour, that is equal to 0.06KW/h. And If you pay are paying 50 cents for 1 unit, then your bill of 1 hour will be 0.06 x 50, which is 3 cents, and for 10 hours use, this price becomes 30 cents per day.

Ways to Reduce Power Consumption

how many watts does a laptop use

From the above discussion, it is clear how many watts a laptop works, what power consumption is, and how to estimate billing.

But there are precautionary steps; if we follow them, they’ll reduce power consumption, increase battery life, and make our laptop long-lasting. These are:

Never overcharge your laptop.

Remove the plug from the power supply as soon the battery is charged; few people habit of plugging in the laptop when they sleep and remove it in the morning. Never do this; it reduces the battery life.

Don’t work till last charge percent.

Please do not wait for the laptop to switch off; instead, the plugin charger soon shows a low battery sign, usually at 20% or 10%. As for battery as to put more effort to draw power, causing wear and tear to battery cells

Use Original Charger always.

If you have some other adapter than the original, the adapter has a strong chance of having less or more power wattage than required. This sometimes causes prolonged charging and burden on the system and occasionally excessive current flows, damaging the system.

Use Cooling Pads

Always try to keep the system cool, especially in summers. For this, use cooling pads and make sure your system is running cooling fans properly. Power losses increase when the system’s temperature is high and many hardware components do not work properly.

Always update system

Ensure you have an updated system in terms of hardware and software; otherwise, the system has to put more pressure to do work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does a laptop use per hour?

A Laptop uses significantly less power than a desktop computer; it is estimated that laptops use 40-60 wattages of energy that depend upon their size.

How much power does a laptop use when plugged in?

Power consumption increases when a laptop is plugged in. For example, it is estimated that a 15-inch laptop uses 60 watts when plugged in.

How many watts does a 17-inch laptop use?

17-inch laptops usually consume more power than 15 inches or 13-inch laptops. This is because it works on 90 wattages.

How many watts does a gaming laptop use?

Gaming Laptop takes more than a regular laptop use power as it has high-end hardware installed to run heavy games and applications. A gaming laptop can take 130watts to 180 watts for its functioning.

How many watts does my computer use?

A Normal Desktop computer uses 100watts-120watts of power which may increase up to 250 watts depending upon the use and hardware of the computer.

How many watts does PS5 use?

The power consumption for Ps5 is estimated to be 68watts-70watts per hour, an almost equal 17-inch laptop. And this is valid for both digital and disc models of Ps5.


It is essential to know how many watts does a laptop use, or any device uses appropriately. Different devices work different wattages depending upon their hardware. Fortunately, there are few preventive measures that we can take to ensure less power consumption and a smooth flow of work.

I hope you gained some really interesting and valuable knowledge from this blog. If you like it, do share your reviews in the comments.


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