How can you see who is viewing your Twitch Stream?


One of the most well-liked platforms for watching and streaming videos is referred to as Twitch. It essentially focuses on video games; however, it has now included and evolves sources devoted to news shows, music, artwork production, and occasional Television series.

This platform also provides earning opportunities for its users; they can earn enough amount through Twitch. Streaming has around 2 million organic and active users each month. Now out of this number of users, more than seventeen thousand of its users earn money using their Twitch partner program. Before moving forward in our discussion, you must know about the partner program; what is it?

There are other streaming services than Twitch in the market like YouTube gaming and mixer, but still, Twitch is on the top of the list than other platforms and known to be the largest streaming platform.

But the question is that who can see viewing your twitch stream? And where you can see the cumulative number of viewers on your twitch stream. 

For streaming, you should have a system, mobile, or any device to work on it. So you will need a high-performance device or machine, which will cost you a dime. But you can check a high-performance laptop according to your requirements and cost. For personal streamers, it is not important to get an average budget gaming laptop. However, the costlier device or machine will deliver more superior performance. But if you are a professional streamer, then don’t compromise with the machine you are buying.

Before moving ahead, you should be aware of the features you will need for streaming. For that, you will need a powerful processor for live streaming. The newer and faster the processor will be better for the life experience you will get in live streaming. When we talk about games during streaming live, you will need a powerhouse. An example of the processor you will need for streaming may need an Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM. That is the minimum requirement, but our recommendation for hardware configuration is Intel Core i7 having 16GB of RAM. Same like that, you will need a powerful graphics card to stream online and to game. A recommended graphic card should be of a min of GTX 1060. Although RTX 2080 will work for you to stream with possible highest graphics and high frame rate. However, to give your viewer’s an eye candy graphic, having a powerful graphics card is essential.

There are so many options from which, but the one which we will recommend for you to use for twitch streaming is Acer predator Helios 300. This machine is enough to deliver the processing power, which is required for streaming Twitch. The powerful core i7 laptop having a 144Hz refresh rate provides the most feasible features for demanding tasks such as streaming.

When we consider budget, the option we recommend for you is ASUS TUF FX504. That is affordable, and it still features a core i5 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1060 to help you so that you can process high-end stream or graphics on Twitch without having any lag in the performance. 

Before moving ahead in detail, you will need to understand the viewer’s contraction and distinction, and the viewer count first. Let’s start with the viewers’ list first and then about viewer count.


Viewer List: 

This list gives you the list of users connected to your chat. It gives a complete list of people who have an account watching your channel, connected to your chat. Whether they are active users or inactive users, this makes it clear that you can see your viewers no matter whether they are online or offline; the list will show every user who has visited your channel. Still, the thing is they should be registered users. That list can be accessed by pressing the button linked next to the settings tab at the bottom of the chat. Keep in mind: if you are using a viewer list to determine your stream’s quality or broadcast accurately, you may be underrating yourself.

Do you know that Facebook live has also contained a viewer list? But in the case of Facebook, there is a limit. It only displays the name of friends in your friend list and viewing. Facebook live, and Twitch is two of the leading streaming platforms. Here on these two platforms, you will find many viewers, and you could have thousands of people watching your live stream.


Viewer Count:

This count shows the exact and actual number of users that are viewing or watching your channel at the moment. The viewer count also comprises all registered users and unregistered users, non-organic and organic users. The number of users watching your stream is not absolute. It will fluctuate according to your viewers’ size and the audience you will have at the moment.


Live Chat: 

Any user who streams live can communicate with their viewers and fans in the chat box, which is found in all popular streaming services because live streaming is a one-many relation transmission. The most feasible way using which you can communicate with viewers is via a chat. However, this allows the audience to communicate with the live streamers. They can also connect and build interactions and maybe becomes more enjoyable than a stream, so this can be as crucial as the live stream itself sometimes. Streamers can also monitor and see their viewer’s completely by setting up a chat room, as an individual, not as metrics. This makes it clear that by implementing chat rooms, streamers who live will learn about the individual they are talking to by speaking with one another and monitoring the number of views they are getting. The streamer who is live has no obligation or limit to communicate with their viewers.

There may be some restrictions you wanted to apply like let’s suppose you do not want your messages to be read by the other members in the chat room, then what you will do to do that? Don’t worry Because Twitch has already proposed a solution for it. When you do not want people to read your posts in the chat room by other members, Twitch provides a couple of methods to communicate with the viewers or participants privately. Now let’s discuss these private communication methods provided by Twitch.


Private communication methods: 

The first method you can use is to send messages directly using the direct message method. You can easily start a private thread by sending direct messages to the viewer who wants a conversation in the live stream.

Secondly, you can use a ‘whisper.’ Now, you will query what a ‘whisper,’ do not worry, I will explain it. Whisper is a message that pops in the main chat, but it is concealed from all other participants or members in the chat room except the user or participant you selected to see your post.

Facebook Live is a friend oriented where you can have a private or personal chat or conversation during a post in the chat room or chat group simultaneously, which means that you can privately message or direct your friend’s while streaming.

The next popular chat option is with YouTube live. On YouTube, it is relatively easy to moderate the chat.

In live streaming, you will have complete control and access to the chat group or chat room or your stream section. You have the power to hide a comment or to delete a comment, and also, you can restrict viewers, or you will have the power to disable the chat simultaneously. These features are amazing and emphasize the control of streamers and authority over the other platforms. 


Now our main concern was to figure out who is watching you on Twitch?

You can find the person who is viewing or monitoring you on Twitch, find the icon placed at the upper right side of the chatbox or tab, which appears like the stick figures. Check the image below. Now, this tab will display you any person who is in the chat room. You can also see or find their account names and their categories like a broadcaster, admin, and other officials.

  • First thing you need to view your viewers will need to create your stream labs account first. This tool will charge you nothing; it’s free, with many add ons and elements to offer you the best streaming experience. 
  • Whe Once you are done with creating an account, open your labs’ account.
  • Once you will get into your stream labs account, you will see a dashboard where you will find a viewer count option. Just click it.

  • Now, you will see viewers on the viewer count overlay.
  • Now the next thing you should know about is the process to get Twitch viewer count URL.
  • Make the required adjustments according to your preferences when you are in the viewer count section.
  • When done, click on the save settings option to save those adjustments.
  • After saving your preferences, scroll up and click on the copy option given there. It will let you copy your twitch viewer URL to your computer’s clipboard, copy that URL, and paste it somewhere in any notepad document.
  • Now, add URL to OBS, open OBS, and then click on the plus icon, which you will find on the sources tab.

  • Then a list will pop up on your screen containing different options, now choose browse from that list.


Put a new name for the source. Let suppose you have named it as twitch viewer count, then click on OK.


  • You will see a new window naming tab. In this tab, you will copy the viewer count URL which you had copied before. You will find many other options; you can modify them if you want to, but that is optional. You can leave that field blank according to your preferences.


  • Then click on the OK button and you are done.



Now through the OBS stream, you can easily view your twitch viewer count. This is a very quick and easy step which you can do.

The next thing is to find or view viewer count using channel analytics.

Twitch also provides you a channel analysis tool that allows you to find your audience. That will give you a comprehensive range of viewer metrics. Now, what things do these viewer metrics contain? It holds overall spending hour’s by the viewers on your platform, overall viewer count, and many more as listed below:

  • Average ViewersThis displays information about several viewers who viewed your complete video.
  •  Live view: This section displays the number of viewers you have had during streaming or broadcast.
  •  New Followers: This gives information about a cumulative number of new viewers and your feed views.
  •  Max Viewers: This section demonstrates the highest possible number of viewers for your game stream.
  • Unique Viewers: This area shows the number of viewers who viewed your stream using their phones, tablets, PCs, and other systems.
  • Minute Watched: This section gives you details about the actual time spent by viewers in watching the live broadcast.
  • Average Chat Messages: This section is for the total number of messages you received during streaming.

Check the pictures below:


By accessing the data or information from each of the categories mentioned above, you will find which game stream had max viewer count. Using those analytics, you can easily devote your attention to watching the game, which achieved more views. That saves your time; you will not waste time streaming those with no or fewer views or a smaller number of viewers.