HooToo TripMate Elite 5-in-1 Portable Traveling Router Review

There has been a who – device on the market called the who – trip mate for at least a year now I’ve seen several other people review it unfortunately I never got my hands on one however they contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if.

HooToo TripMate Elite 5-in-1 Portable Traveling Router Review

HooToo TripMate Elite 5-in-1 Portable Traveling Router Review

I would be willing to take a look at their latest product that they’re actually working to fund through IndieGoGo and that is this little guy who showed up not too long ago this is the who – trip mate elite portable router this is the step up from who – trip mate in that instead of the previous generation was effectively a relatively small device with a pretty big battery and it had a 5200 milliamp hour battery but it had an Ethernet port one USB out port that you could use for storage or for charging and that was about all there was to it you charged it through micro USB you could share files from the USB drives you could hook it up to a Ethernet and you could do stuff over wireless and that was about all there was to it this the who to trip made elite takes that a step further in addition to being able to plug this into your Ethernet and share it out as a wireless access point you also have two USB ports now I did some testing on these and these appear to be USB 2.0 not 3.0.

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so there he knows to each their own there you do still have that micro USB input for charging the device which now has a six thousand milliamp hour battery but additionally and this is what makes it really cool to me has a little flip out plug so you can plug it directly into the wall.

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now taking a look at the IndieGoGo project it just shows this tip but I’m sure you can put an adapter on it if you’re in a different country but to sort of wrap up what this thing does it’s they say it’s a three in one or a five and one they kind of say it’s a lot of different things it is a wireless router wireless access point you can sort of put both of those together it is a wireless they call it a cloud solution but it’s actually a network attached storage device so you can hook up USB drives or you USB hard drives actually like this little one that I’ve  got here this is a USB 3 hard drive that I can just plug into it using my USB cable and using the software that’s available for Android or Windows or iOS you can connect to this device to whatever hard drive or USB drives attached to it and pull down the files from it or put files up on it of course the third function like I said it has a six thousand milliamp hour battery which it does use to power itself when it’s not plugged in you might have noticed there I don’t know if you can see that or not the internet and LAN lights are on because I’ve actually got this set to bridge over to my home wireless access point at the point at the moment so that from anywhere in my house without even having to connect to this device I can reach the files from this device put files on this device no questions asked so yeah it is powered right now through that six thousand milliamp hour battery and you can use one of the two USB ports or both of them at the same time one’s a 1 F port and one can be 1 or 2.1 amps so you can do smartphone on one smartphone or tablet on the other and you can charge your devices either at the same time or separately now sort of extending from that the fourth function and I guess the last function of it like I said it has this AC adapter plug to it so you can plug it in and have it power itself but it additionally can pass through and charge devices using this so effectively you get multiple things in one you don’t have to carry the little USB wall warts around with you anymore something like this you know one little USB device which really is about a third of the size of the the Hutu elite you don’t have to carry this around because this will power two different devices at once and additionally you can either connect it to the existing wireless network or use it to create your own wireless network wherever you are if you’re at a hotel that only provides wired Ethernet for example plug the wire to Ethernet into this you’ve immediately got a wireless access point which is 802 11 BGN with up to 150 megabits per second speeds and it does support wireless encryption on top of it so you can do WPA and I think you can do wpa2 on it so all in all it is a very cool very very useful device and the that comes along with it it looks almost identical to the one that comes with the ravpower device that I mentioned earlier you effectively you get my trip mate instead of my ravpower device where you can manage the stuff that is stored on it you can manage the stuff that’s on your own device you can copy back and forth between them you can also go in and manage the settings on the device it’s on the who to device itself what it’s connecting to the wireless encryption type what wireless or wired network you’re connecting to all sorts of fun stuff like that and so far since I’ve had this I’ve actually been using it at my work because the place that I work they offer Wireless but it’s very very difficult to connect to on Windows or Linux it’s difficult to connect to on iOS if you have an iOS device you have  to get a special profile on the device and on Android it is practically impossible to connect to so having this little guy that I can plug into the wired Ethernet immediately be online with it it’s so useful and the range on it it’s only about 30 feet so it’s not terribly powerful which means that from my desk to basically all the conference rooms I’m regularly going to hit I can have access on my phone or my tablet or laptop or whatever else I want to use and still be a link back to all my files on my desktop very very useful stuff on the other hand when I go to like a conference or an event like I said if I’m in a hotel room that only has wired Ethernet I could use this so that I could keep my devices online without having to use my data but additionally if I just quickly want to be able to backup stuff to an external hard drive or something and I don’t want to bring out my laptop I can just quickly stick a USB Drive in here or a USB hard drive attached to here move stuff over to it and I’m done don’t even have to boot up the laptop so yeah I have not had a whole lot of time to really test the battery life to see how long it’s going to last but like I said it’s a really large at 6,000 milliamp hour battery and from their website from the IndieGoGo site it says that its a Samsung battery if that matters to you I looked at the diagram they showed up the the internal product shots and it looked like a cute little you know about this big battery actually about the size of another battery that I’ve got so it’s possible they’re using the same technology and if so the other battery I’m thinking of is extremely impressive so hopefully this one is just as good if the Samsung battery I would hope that it’s pretty decent anyway but it is very handy for it to be better powered as well because if you you know you’re moving files or something and oh no I’ve got to go right now you just unplug it from the wall and go you could have your little USB adapter on there and just keep going and this will keep providing you wireless internet or wireless access so that you can keep moving files from your device to it or from it to the device so yeah like I said before I don’t know if I even got to this point if this is something that sounds interesting to you head on over to their IndieGoGo campaign they’ve only got about ten days left at this point you can pick up one of these for about they’ve got a thousand of them at that price and I think they’ve only sold about seven of them at that price so far and just to put it sort of in perspective the original houtou on amazon who to trip mate not the elite is get one of these additionally there’s bundles something like you get one of these and a four port USB 3 hub not sure how those two correlate but it is a USB thre hub being made by who to so I don’t knw at the very least you could hook it up through here and share multiple devices through it I’d be really interested to see what the limit of devices is on this you know I know you’re not going to be able to charge bunches of devices at the same time but I wonder if you go beyond storage with this or if you could hook up like a USB SD card reader to it or perhaps look up a USB printer to it and use it as a wireless print server that would be kind of useful to me as well but anyway that’s going to be about all from me for today thanks so much to RAF power and hutu for sending this along definitely been handy for me and I will continue to use it for everyday usage actually and I do highly recommend you go check out their IndieGoGo campaign it is a flexible funding campaign so the absolute worst case scenario they don’t meet their funding goal you still end up with your product and they say the shipping dates supposed to be in April so that’s actually pretty soon so I’ll link to that down in the video description as well as the video over on XDA about the ravpower wireless all-in-one SD card battery thing so

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