What is Hard Disk Drive Comprehensive Explanation

What is Hard Disk Drive? The hard disk drive is the largest and main hardware device for storing Operating System, files, media, most software titles and for all type of data storage in a computer.

What is Hard Disk Drive

What is Hard Disk Drive

What else Hard Disk Drive is Called?

Hard Drive, Hard Disk, fixed disk drive, fixed disk, fixed drive, spinning tray, HDD.

Facts about What is Hard Disk Drive

You must know that Microsoft Windows designates in the drive which is C so C dive is sometimes called Hard drive or Primary partition in a computer by default.

But this is not technically correct, but it’s common. Let’s say a computer have multiple drives or partitions and are named as C, D, E which represents the area distribution of a one or more hard drives in the computer. Some types of hard drives are SATA, PATA etc. To manage the hard drive there is a tool in windows called Disk Management and allows you to do plenty of things.

Hard Disk Drive Populr Manufacturers.

Western Digital , Lacie , Seagate , Hitachi, Toshiba

Hard Disk Drive Description

The size of the hard drive can be of a paperback book and not high in weight. For easy mounting, the hard drive contains pre-drilled threaded holes in the sides to fit in 3.5-inch bay of computer base. With an adapter fitting in the 5.25-inch bay is also possible. Hard drive is mounted in a way that theend with the connection faces inside the computer. To connect the hard drive with motherboard a port is available at the back of the hard drive. The type of drive required it’s the type of cable and its included in the purchase package of drive mostly. A power supply proivdes power for connection. There is also an activity light in hard drive which shows the working of the hard drive in different ways.

While having multiple hard drives a jumper at the back of hard drive allows the motherboard to recognize them. Settings may vary from drive to drive according to the manufacturer.

Following guides will help you to start along with yor hard drive

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