Epson EccoTank ET-2750 Reviwe

Epson EccoTank ET-2750 Review

Epson EccoTank ET-2750 Review

view of the Epson expression et 2750 this is an echo tank a year on ink alone we’re gonna do a quick unboxing here we’re gonna see if it looks like okay so here are quick instructions which are probably really always you need this here the driver you know most time I do not install these it really depends on your comfort level if you’re kind of more savvy I would I would tend not to use the installation software because in to install a lot of extra coverage you need all right turn around so package you go some styrofoam here so if you don’t like this okay let’s keep up a package fill and then power and so I want you to fill it up simply power it on the other say wow this thing is light I like that it’s always safe to just start removing these tabs every printer will have these two for shipping reasons to make sure the parks don’t come loose and around so this is saying that this comes open the printer to see Joe getting there placemaking universals if they did that they did there could be a couple different types but this is one of the more common types with two round edges you know this this cover here stays okay so does this only the blue tape should your every move from the inside these structures that we’re trying to show you here is that these little rubber things you probably can replace them but they rotate I can see they’ll rotate and they pop out and I think what they starting to show on these instructions that that should not happen when you open this these these rubber gaskets here should be attached to the top housing and that’s just an airtight cap from here all right here’s black I do topically how it says just kind of put it right over I’m not gonna squeeze or anything just poured it right over hey that you hear going in oh okay here we go that’s actually kind of cool it’s going right there all right black filling up please remaining inca side you will need it later alright so I was gonna take this off now no mess shut down see it doesn’t leak I’m not squeezing it but there is something that there’s some stuff in it but the bottom line is it they are like spill proof now this is yellow and it looks red I’ll just if it looks right on camera eight that’s how much is left after you fill it magenta next this one’s not slow oh there goes took a second for it to start flowing now I don’t know if these are key to a certain color so if you to accidentally put the wrong color or the wrong thing I’m up to stop that little with tanks okay okay my to start is this button racialized into the paddle up until this completes into ten minutes that leaf is a progress bar here but we’re going to come back there and see what happens okay so this is what it looks like after it’s done it some initialization of the ink it does use a little bit said it would I wonder if I should put in the remainder of these bottles I’m gonna do that all right okay so thumbs up here that they give you just enough ink for the printer to initialize itself and then you can go back and take whatever was left in these bottles then that then fills it completely so you have four full tanks here and they claim this is gonna last two years so alright so they reset the ink levels now that we fully filled all the tanks when we set the ink levels start does this button fill tanks up to the proper line which is what we did before so we’re gonna say and as his perceived as this button this is like a confirmation little confused me from the okay and this Dimond but just make sure you note that if you can’t see it well it’s actually even hard to read in person quite honestly okay now it’s asking which one’s did we refill and we’re gonna make sure we check all of them we filled all of them up and then finally reset ink levels reset complete check the status levels above okay it’s printer should be ready to go now let’s load some paper so this printer doesn’t have a paper tray this is a top low here and you know typically I’m not crazy about these because you know printer may be as it is it’s a little bit fatigued the printer looks all nice and swab streamline you know but it’s very rarely gonna look like this because you better probably want it ready to go with paper you’re probably not gonna want to load it each time you go to print so therefore when the papers in it okay yep this is the reality of with print an arrow looks like so when you don’t have a paper tray now it does look like this door closes over it gets a little bit more streamlined there’s a roll over there that’s kind of cool and the other sad reality is that you didn’t want to make sure you output now let’s see if we could output with the paper tray close all right I just want to make sure it’s working right nice women do test copy so actually something in serial came with it dropped on the scan bed here you know you always want to look for where the arrow is on any copier scanner just here which means that’s the top corner don’t assume that everywhere you see glass is what would actually be included in fact even says here Mac’s right here so this edge would never be recorded and saying here it’s a little bit less of an edge but alright so just gonna say it’s to copy here put the paper on since coffee I’m just gonna say okay black and white I’m gonna say color if someone my trust is doing everything in my 30 care is a copy there it is first time ever yep that’s a copy comes out it’s it is uneven here skin so I’m guessing just did a snapshot an open scandalous it was for that really fast and it’s putting you down yeah I ain’t paper tray out so they said this is the other drawback to these formats let me they look a little slick in the store but on the end if you want to use them or the trace have to come out so you know one page is sitting there but you see it it’s not gonna take much so you generally the print is gonna look like this most of the time okay let’s see go a bit more space a lot more space that baby’s pretty good but you could fold it up and you’re not using it okay we’re gonna just go through the Wi-Fi setup really quick here likely this is how you’re gonna be using the printers the Wi-Fi there is an Ethernet port which just on the back of it so you can just plug that in so once I’m at the home page do that the person in the home button here I’m gonna go to the Wi-Fi which is the left one step it okay now there’s two choices here recommended a Wi-Fi direct I’m gonna just go recommended okay this is good information is there okay okay so I’m gonna do the wizard bought your WPS oh I think I had grown ups sorry folks I’m gonna cheat if this works I’m gonna go with that so I’m gonna say okay to proceed it says hold on WPS on the router or software so my routers will be here use an or B system let’s just go here and sync okay I don’t know oh let’s proceed I think that worked so one thing important note here is that once you connect this printer to your network it is fully internet navels at that point it is able to go out and update itself normally you would have to download software and apply the update through a computer I am yet to connect this to a computer I just don’t think this is necessary anymore most computers today are aimed coming with optical drives that once you receive this disk it’s already outdated so if you can always download this and you know if you even need it if you even need it recycle garbage came out and this here’s comes out of the printer a little for a month now and we’re gonna check know about how many pages we printed here but first before I even touch it it’s why I show you what it looks like when I send the print job to it okay I’m gonna send the print job from my phone through the printer you can see the printers will be used at least a day or two you can see okay I just hit the print okay it’s acknowledged it was queuing up and is starting to print print it almost immediately from from receiving the job you’d have the paper tray out so it came flying out on me again burners take up more space than you think okay and now I’m going to cancel this I like that when you cancel it just immediately kills a job and spits it out you’re not waiting so it immediately took that and started printing it immediately and then when I hit the cancel button maybe had to cancel the job that’s really nice like that let’s see how many pages I printed on this thing if it’s gonna tell me how much I printed so far okay first time printing was on July 13th so this is August 22nd so it’s about five weeks we printed 75 pages seven was for black and white 68 color is all the specs here very nice and the type of paper we used okay so given these facts we vintage prints it almost puts its every five pages so far and if you can’t tell what the ink levels look like that’s because they’re pretty much still completely full the black is a tiny bit used just a tiny bit the black this is a review of the Epson 80/20 750 I hope you found that helpful we’re gonna check back on this printer definitely every few months and at the end of a two-year cycle we’re gonna see how much we put into this thing and what the ink levels will look alike and we’ll look at our usage report as well so be sure to subscribe so you get to see when that comes out thanks for watching you

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