E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

As you guys can see we’re taking a look at the e win champions series gaming chair now a lot of you  have been asking me to do a chair giveaway pretty much any type of video like this that I’ve done so the folks over at a win agreed to send a chair to one lucky subscriber and I’ll have a link down to a giveaway down below in the description so make sure you guys check that out as well.

Let’s discuss this E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review in details.

E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

But for now let’s go ahead and check out the eun champion series gaming chair so as always I like to start off with construction in design and like I mentioned this is the champion series from II win now looking at the chair overall it is made of a cold cure foam that’s wrapped in a polyurethane leather which is kind of standard fare for most of these gaming chairs now the nice thing about this particular chair is that and all of the contact points that your body is going to be resting on the chair it comes in this breathable perforated leather in a diamond stitched pattern and what that’s kind of designed to do is to help increase breathability and make it so that the spots where your body’s contacting the chair doesn’t get it too hot and that’s gonna kind of minimize the risk of getting swamp blood or just overheating you feeling uncomfortable and chair which can be kind of gross now one thing I’ve noticed as somebody who’s reviewed over 20 gaming chairs now is that when you do have this perforated breathable leather it does make the chair far less spill resistant because naturally those holes and things are gonna soak up anything you spill into the foam in the chair so maybe not the best thing for those of you that are a little bit more clumsy but again you also have to think that if you are sitting in the chair and you have to spill a drink or something most of it’s probably gonna get on you before it gets in the chair but still something to be mindful of the overall feel of the leather is actually pretty nice compared to a few of the other chairs that I’ve tried I would say that the softness of the polyurethane leather on this chair  particularly feels better than a lot of the other ones tend to have a more rigid and sort of slippery feel to them like almost a plasticky feel whereas this one does have a little bit more natural feeling a little bit softer kind of like when you have a leather jacket that’s brand new versus one that’s really been broken in this kind of has that softer more broken in leather feel which is nice but the one thing that’s pretty much standard universally between any gaming chair these days is that it will come with a lumbar pillow and a head or neck pillow and a lot of the times like you guys have seen in any of the reviews that I’ve done I consider almost every single one of the lumbar pillows in these types of chairs to be completely useless they’re awkwardly shaped they’re usually way too wide which results in you having this weird curve in your back and I almost always recommend using them the one from a win is actually I would say one of the top two or three that I’ve seen yet and that’s because it’s incredibly thin which actually does fill the natural curvature of your back much better than some of those speed bumps shaped ones that just really don’t feel all that great and the same polyurethane leather with some of that breathable material as well carries over to the pillows and just makes for a really comfortable pillow that’s a little bit better to position as well thanks to these straps here it’s they hold up a little bit better than some of the cheaper chairs that I have reviewed now one thing to note about the neck pillow is that it’s very small and I would say it’s about 50% of the size of a lot of the I would say the standard size chair that I have reviewed but personally for me I find that I like these pillows to actually fill the void space of behind your neck and not necessarily sit behind your head so in that respect I actually kind of like having a little bit thinner Hilo’s aesthetically one thing I really like about the champions series is that it has this black-on-black profile to it and a lot of times you see these gaming chairs are very in-your-face bright colors and that can be good if you want us to tie into a color theme gaming setup but not everybody wants to have a super flashy dedicated gaming office so maybe you want to have something that looks great in a more professional office setting but also is going to give you comfort for very long-term gaming sessions and that’s one thing that you don’t typically see a ton of options and that more professional look there are quite a few out there but not nearly as many as those super flashy colors and another thing I like is that the even logos again a lot of these chairs logos tend to be very branding heavy because again they’re they’re almost always used by streamers or youtubers and so you’ll have huge branding almost always at the top where your head’s gonna rest on the chair as well as on the back and pretty much all the pillows and I do feel like the even logo is less intrusive and it’s nice and small and not nearly as bad as some of the other ones but of course it is still up there because that’s pretty much standard with any of these chairs so getting into the most important  part now which is obviously the comfort factor of the chair and just how good it feels to use when I put this chair together I’ll admit at first glance I felt like it was just like any other chair I mean I’ve put together over 20 of these chairs now and they really largely go together the exact same way and share a lot of very similar design features and it’s really once you start getting into the nitty-gritty of the features and the types of foam and leathers used where you start to kind of separate the better quality chairs from just your sort of generic or or general chairs out there and this chair especially doesn’t necessarily look like it’s anything that will stand above all the other gaming chairs out there but when you actually sit in it the mixture of that nice diamond pattern with the much softer leather like I mentioned and the type of cold cure foam that they used gives us chair a little bit more squish and just more general comfort feeling out of the box then quite a few chairs that I’ve taken a look at so far I’ve only really had one or two that feel good out of the box most of the time that you need a little breaking in and in particular one of the things that I really like about the champion series it’s just how deep the chair is and how far out the wings come that really hug you into this seat for me personally that’s my favorite part about a racing style gaming chair is how they kind of come up on the sides and really hug you into it especially in the shoulders and so what I like to do is kind of lean into the chair a little bit more keep your back nice and straight and I’ll  have my arms out so that I’m looking straight at the monitor and everything’s kind of nice and economically aligned and this chair really does facilitate that quite a bit it feels really good to use on the body now of course you do have pretty much all the standard features again on the chair as far as all the mechanics of it you do have the rocking you can of course lock it to a certain position if you want it does have the full reclining as well where you can put the chair all the way back and of course sit all the way back up do the old the old PewDiePie thing as well as the ability to raise and lower the piston which is going to be about your standard 4 inches or so of height raiser lowering and you do have the four demesne will armrest will slide forward and back in and out as well as up or down and then at the base of the chair you can widen them and you can take them off altogether as well if you’re somebody that doesn’t really like armrests and the armrests are padded as well which is always nice because sometimes they are hard plastic and that just really doesn’t feel all that good on your arms so  the champion series from e1 performed much better than I was anticipating just based on what I was seeing when you actually get in the chair it’s very soft and comfortable and a lot of times like I said these chairs out of the box really do need to be broken in before you can really feel like you can spend a lot of time in them and that’s not the case with this chair and between my wife and I testing out all the chairs that I’ve gotten over the years we both agreed that this was by far one of the more comfortable chairs that we had gotten and set up and sat in right away now there are a couple of things that I think could be a little bit better and that’s pretty much the case for any chair like I mentioned the head pillow is a little bit small now if you like it to rest behind your neck I think it’s the perfect size but if you’re somebody that likes to have it rest all the way  behind your head I think you’re gonna find that you wish it was a little bit bigger and I do feel like the base of the chair the diameter of it could be a little bit wider just to give it a little bit more stable platform now if you find yourself reclining in it or laying it all the way back then you might feel a little bit unstable but other than that it does perform pretty well but compared to a lot of the other chairs that I have seen usually the base is a little bit wider but anyways guys like it really is a good deal I’ve reviewed chairs and they were not as comfortable as this chair is so I definitely recommend you guys check it out even definitely surprised me with this one and I’m happy to recommend it to you guys well actually for the video guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about this chair and of course don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these even’s champion series chairs.

E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review (Updated Now), I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this chair to help you make a better decision.

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