Ducky One 2 Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard Review

Hey what’s going on I am back with another mechanical keyboard review for you today we’re gonna be taking a look at the really popular ducky 1 2 mini, now if you guys are unfamiliar with ducky they are a company that is known for delivering superior quality and they’re kind of teetering right now on the enthusiast side. But they’re definitely becoming more mainstream and so with that, I wanted to bring you guys my review of the ducky one-too-many

Ducky One 2 Mini 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky One 2 Mini 60 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Starting as always with construction and design the ducky 1 2 mini is a sleek compact 60% keyboard it’s comprised of a two-toned plastic casing that has a fingerprint-resistant top cover and a glossy white casing on the bottom.

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I like this two-toned look because it gives the board a little touch of personality. Aesthetically the board is super clean with its petite bezel design that takes up as little space on your desk as possible.

There is a little bit of branding on the backside of the board there’s the logo for ducky and the one for the 1/2 mini which is pretty standard for ducky keyboards. The nice thing about it is that it’s on the back side making it non-intrusive while still being able to show off that you have a genuine ducky product.

The 60-percent layout can be used in a variety of applications and it’s great for minimalists who just want a nice clean setup or for people who want a solid work keyboard on the go.

For a keyboard measuring roughly twelve inches by four inches it’s surprisingly weighty which speaks to the quality of ducky keyboards the board feels rock-solid in offers almost zero flex even when really mashing down on the keys in terms of lighting the ducky one too many does have full perky RGB lighting which is controlled directly on the keyboard.

This could be a plus or minus depending on how much you like to customize your lighting, it’s certainly easier to do this with a companion software that has a nice and easy graphic interface. But on the other hand not having the burden of software running in the background is certainly appealing to some users.

This is kind of a bummer for me though as the one-too-many can’t take advantage of the up-and-coming Razer synapse support for the RGB control like the one to RGB can.

Thankfully, the one to many does come with a healthy amount of lighting presets that look pretty good and simply by pressing ctrl alt and then tapping T you can cycle between the board’s preset lighting effects.

You can also customize your own lighting layout but it will take you a little while as you have to individually program each key the lights themselves look great though and these smooth animations and vibrant lighting fully permeate all the keycaps.

The plastic casing does limit the visibility of the clear switches on the sides a little bit but the white backplate underneath the switches really makes up for this and does a great job of reflecting the light around for a really full-bodied RGB experience.

The one-too-many is available in Cherry MX blue red brown speed and silent switches and genuine Terry switches just speak for themselves now sure recently there have been some more superior switches circulating around the community for a little while,

But the tried and trued Cherry switches are always a good bet and offering them in a wide variety of options ensures that there’s a switch type for any preference cherry switches are guaranteed to last up to 50 million keystrokes and still perform like they were brand new, so you can be sure that they’re gonna last you a really long time.

I got my one-to-many with Cherry MX brown switches and clip the stabilizers on the board feels super solid and there’s no annoying rattling in the space bar.

The overall typing experience is super crisp on the one to many and it feels really good the keycaps on the one to many are made of double shot PBT plastic for better longevity and an overall higher-quality feel the font is clean and simple much like the board itself and all of the secondary characters are illuminated.

But the functions on the side of the keys are not which would have been kind of a nice touch the underside of the board has four rubberized pads to keep the board from moving around on your desk, and coupled with the weight of this little board they do a really great job at keeping it from moving around.

The 2 step extendable legs offer three different positions to help you get a comfortable angle and these legs are also rubberized as well the one to many sports a removable USB type-c cable that’s on the top-left side of the board.

Now I think it would have been nice to offer ports on both sides that way you could kind of help with the management of your cables, but I do appreciate that they are using a USB type-c cable the cable itself is a simple rubber cable which I do think in a Board of this quality it would have been nice to have a little bit higher quality material.

Still, it’s something that’s easily swapped out for a nicer one in terms of extras the 1/2 mini does have a full and key rollover on the underside of the board there are four dip switches for changing the positions of the function keys or alternate layouts of the keyboard.

For example, the board also comes with a wired keycap puller which is always nice and ducky throws in a set of 10 PBT colored accent keycaps with their keyboards.

Now, these caps sets are thrown in randomly and they can be either red yellow blue or green with the 1 2 minis as you guys can see the red keycaps.

But it should be noted that these are the same keycap sets that can be thrown in with other ducky keyboards so they’re gonna contain a few caps that aren’t compatible with the one to many.

Still, it’s a nice addition to add a little bit of flair and personality to the board and I like the randomness of the colored caps because it does make the board a little bit more unique as not everybody is gonna have the same accent keycaps and even though there are four choices it’s still kind of neat and not everybody’s gonna have the same exact looking board.

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Ducky is currently offering their boards also with a limited edition year the dog space bar which looks pretty sick. Now on the downside of this the mini space bar doesn’t have three LEDs in it like the shine seven or the one to RGB which does make the year of the dog space bar not quite light up.

As well as on the other boards but still it is a really cool accent piece to the board one really cool feature of this board is that by using the power of the function keys this board is a fully functioning keyboard. Meaning that you can still use all the keys on a regular sized keyboard and even get full use of the mouse as well if I had to nitpick and say one thing that I really wish the board came with would be some kind of carrying case.

Now I’m not gonna knock it because it doesn’t come with one because I think it’s important to review a product for what it is but I would recommend getting yourself some kind of carrying case to protect the board if you’re gonna be taking it with you on the go which this keyboard really is perfect for.

To sum it all up the only real negatives I have with this board are the lack of the option to use software for customization. If you’re into that sort of thing and the rather dinky rubberized cable and really all of those are pretty minor gripes.

The one too many just radiate quality, its construction is superb and the overall look and aesthetics are really good. The one-too-many isn’t so easy to get your hands on unfortunately right now mechanical keyboards comm.

I think that’s a very fair price for a board of this quality which could be a little bit inflated right now due to the demand and that is certainly a price that’s a little bit steeper if you’re into minimalistic aesthetics or simply want an amazing travel board for doing work on the go.

The one – mini is sure to give you guys a really great experience

That’s all for this post. Hopefully, we have covered every aspect for you. Keep visiting our blog for more informative Tech Articles.

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