Do smart TVs have Bluetooth

Do smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Do smart TVs have Bluetooth? The sweet and simple answer to your question is “YES”. A smart TV is a standard television set with built-in Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features that allow users to stream music and videos, surf the web, and view images. Smart TVs are the result of the technical fusion of computers, televisions, and digital media players.

What does Bluetooth do?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that eliminates wires by sharing data over a short distance using a radio frequency. Bluetooth allows you to share documents and other multimedia on Smart Tv by connecting it with your mobile device.

If you can’t tolerate the sight of too many cords spread around in the name of a TV setup, Bluetooth is the option for you. Wires can be unpleasant just by looking at them that’s why many people always ask, do smart tvs have bluetooth?. However, in this age of smart tv, you may get TVs that don’t require you to go through the extensive setup procedure of connecting too many cables to get the TV to operate.

Now you can use Bluetooth headphones while watching television at night without disturbing other family members or play your favourite movie from your mobile phone by the comfort of the couch. This also helps you to connect a wireless keyboard, mouse or Bluetooth speaker to make your workstation large and comforting for the eyes.

Do all new smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Not all smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled; most people have the perception that all smart TVs have Bluetooth, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The majority of smart TVs with built-in functions are in the mid-to-high-end range.

Nonetheless, the Bluetooth versions of these various smart TV devices will differ. For example, compared to high-end smart TVs, the Bluetooth version in mid-range Bluetooth tv is frequently lower, like mid-range smart TVs only offer audio connectivity like Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Still, they won’t allow you to display videos directly. At the same time, high-end smart TVs with Bluetooth will enable you to connect all sorts of Multimedia setups and enjoy movies and videos.

How do I know if my smart TV has Bluetooth?

It is always good to check instead of assuming about Bluetooth enabled smart tv. There are multiple ways through which you can check; the tricks are:

  •  The simplest way is to look for a Bluetooth logo on a smart tv box; if the smart tv has Bluetooth capabilities, then indeed, you’ll find a logo on it along with little detail about the Bluetooth version.
  • The second way is to look at the Bluetooth logo on the smart tv remote control; the Bluetooth device usually has a logo.
  • In-network or connectivity section of smart tv setting, you’ll see Bluetooth option if smart tv has Bluetooth capability.

How do I connect Bluetooth devices to a smart TV?

How do I connect Bluetooth devices to a smart TV

To connect any Bluetooth device with smart tv is a matter of following 2-3 simple steps; let’s dive in:

  • First of all, turn on the Bluetooth option of a device that you want to connect like a smartphone or Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity option of your smart Tv by through settingshere. You’ll see a list of all the nearby Bluetooth devices; it should contain the name of your device (smartphone, wireless Keyboard or external speakers)
  • Select device, here pair option arises; few smart remote also has pair button, press that button or click the pair option. Sometimes it demands a pin code or password; enter it. Now you are good to go!

Do you need a smart TV to use your Bluetooth headset?

Not necessarily; you need to have a TV with Bluetooth technology to connect your Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth device like external speakers or wireless Keyboard. You’ll be shocked even a few Samsung smart TVs don’t have Bluetooth connections because they have other wireless networks.

But what if your smart TV doesn’t have Bluetooth? Will you spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new smart tv or spend a few on getting a Bluetooth adapter?

A Bluetooth transmitter and receiver connects to a USB port and allows Bluetooth mouse, keyboards, and other Bluetooth devices to be used. It’s also known as a “Bluetooth dongle.”

While buying Bluetooth adapters, it is good to make sure the dongle has both transmitter and receiver; some particular purpose dongles don’t have a receiver or transmitter. For example, if you only want a Bluetooth adapter for external speakers, a transmitter is needed, but you need a receiver to use a mic. There are excellent products available in the market at a reasonably good price that provides complete Bluetooth integration.

List of few Best Bluetooth adapters:

1Mii Miilink Bluetooth 5.0 

The 1Mii ML300 has everything we’re looking for in a portable Bluetooth transmitter: a 10-hour battery life, support for the aptX Low Latency Bluetooth codec (to improve audio and video sync), and the ability to couple to two sets of headphones at the same time. In addition, the ML300 is tiny and light enough to go to the gym or on a trip, and it includes everything you need to connect to your audio source 1Mii.

B03 Long Range Bluetooth 5.0 

If you’re seeking a more permanent solution to wirelessly broadcast audio from your TV or other home audio device, the 1Mii B03 is the way to go. The B03 supports aptX Low Latency, multi-device pairing, and a receiver mode, just likethe ML300. When coupled with aptX Low Latency headphones, it offers the lowest latency (aka lag) of any transmitter we’ve tested, which helps to minimize lip-sync difficulties while watching TV.

The transmitter sends audio to a soundbar (or other external speakers), and you may use the transmitter to broadcast the Bluetooth signal while watching TV. Unfortunately, the 1Mii B03 is a little bigger than the ML300 and doesn’t have a battery.

Avantree Oasis Plus

The Avantree Oasis Plus is the ideal audio companion for a small space or a home. It has an Optical RCA 3.5 mm audio connection and a low latency, making it suitable for PC and TV speakers where long-range wireless transmission and uninterrupted audio are required.

It Plus turns your television or music streaming into wireless devices and allows you to share information. In addition, it can be used as a receiving device to connect to your home audio via Bluetooth and wirelessly listen to music from any of your devices.

Can I stream videos along with audio with a smart tv Bluetooth device?

Yes, you can stream videos with smart tv Bluetooth, but for this, you’ll need a Bluetooth box that plugs into your television’s HDMI connector. HDMI connectors support both video and audio.

All receivers and transmitters do not support video material. So if the Bluetooth device you’re considering connects to the 3.5 mm audio jack or the white and red RCA stereo audio jacks, it won’t be able to stream video.

Ensure you’re using an HDMI port if you want to stream audio and video through transmitter. HDMI boxes are undoubtedly a little expensive than audio Bluetooth adapters, but their Bluetooth capabilities are fantastic in entertainment and time saving while making connections. You can easily connect your smart phone with Bluetooth tv and stream any video on your mobile without any remote control; you have to use your phone.

Some Best HDMI Connectors:

Nyrius Aries Pro

The Nyrius Aries Pro consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter resembles a large thumb drive, but instead of a USB connector, it has an HDMI connector.

It’s an excellent way to send info to your TV without using a wireless connection. It’s beneficial in some scenarios, such as when you wish to send data wirelessly from a gaming console as long as you’re comfortable with a 1,080p visual connection.

The image quality provided by the Aries Pro was generally sharp and colourful, similar to what you’d get from an HDMI cable. Pixel peepers may notice the occasional irregularity in image quality, but these occurrences are rare.

ScreenBeam Mini2 

If you are looking for an inexpensive HDMI adapter, then this should be your choice. The Mini2 is small and significant for in-home use, you can share enjoyable material with family or travel.

When the Mini2 wireless receiver is plugged into the HDMI port on your big screen, it offers a dedicated wireless connection that eliminates crashing, lag periods, and choppy or freezing video while maintaining full HD display quality and minimal latency. In addition, up to full 1080p30 HD video and high-definition audio are supported.

What devices can you pair to your Samsung Smart TVs?

Samsung is the most reliable brand when it comes to smart Tv. Samsung tv’s Bluetooth capabilities are exceptional; it comes with the latest Bluetooth cards that provide a strong connection, connect all external Bluetooth devices comfortably, and work without any lag. In addition, the display is crisp, and the audio quality is impressive.

Like all the smart TVs, Samsung tv also connects other devices than just speakers and headphones. So, for example, you can connect the following devices:

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Latest smart TVs come with mobile and tablet connectivity options; by this, you can use your smart devices as a remote control. For this, you have to download a specific app, Google Playstore or the Apple App Store, to control your tv.

To use your device as a remote control for your TV, switch on your Bluetooth, launch the designated app, and pair your Smart TV with it.

But there is a twist that not all Smart TVs support Bluetooth remote control apps. Some manufacturers require that you connect your phone to the same wireless network as your Smart TV.

Keyboard and Mouse

Bluetooth enabled Keyboard and mouse can easily be connected with smart TVs. There is a power button on these devices; press it, and their Bluetooth signals become enabled.

Use TV settings to connect to connect Bluetooth enabled keyboard or mouse, just you have to click on device name and press pair option

Headphones and Mics

These are two Bluetooth enabled devices that people connect with smart tv to watch their favourite movie or do facetime with distant friends and family. There are very easy to join, and different tv brands offer almost the same procedure with minute changes; you can check their user manual for this purpose.

Generally, you have to enable Bluetooth connection of both your smart tv and Bluetooth enabled headphones, then go in tv settings, look for the headphone device name, and select through remote control. After that, your headphone will be automatically connected.

Which smart TV has a Bluetooth option?

Do smart TVs have Bluetooth? It is one of the most asked questions by someone who loves to use Bluetooth enabled devices very much. Then it’s good to look for smart tv that has Bluetooth built-in rather than looking for additional devices and dongles to connect external Bluetooth devices. Here are some Bluetooth built smart TVs:

Electing Smart Mirror TV

SAMSUNG 43-inch Class Crystal

Sony X80J TV

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class

 Skyworth S3G 32-Inch 720P HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 43″ UHD Smart Android TV

 LG 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Samsung 65’’ Curve 4K/UHD Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all smart TVs Bluetooth?

No, not all smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled; many come with a hotspot option to connect with external smartphones and other devices, but external devices like Bluetooth headsets, keyboards, and mouse demand Bluetooth. You can enable Bluetooth by using adapters and an HDMI Bluetooth transmitter. Although, few products are mentioned above, do consider them to have a Bluetooth feature in your smart TV.

Do most smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Yes, most smart TVs have Bluetooth. Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony produce android tv that enables Bluetooth with many built-in apps and Google play store to use smart tv as per your needs.

Can I install Bluetooth on my smart TV?

Yes, you can install Bluetooth on your smart tv, but you also have to connect some additional hardware (any Bluetooth audio or HDMI adapter). This will connect Bluetooth on TV, and you can connect with any other Bluetooth compatible device.


Bluetooth is excellent technology, and it has revolutionized how we use television and entertain ourselves through movies. However, neither of us like too many cables lying on the ground. It gives a somewhat unpleasant look. Many products are available in the market that uses wireless technology to connect, and they are pretty efficient.

Those who love to have wireless devices always ask do smart tvs have Bluetooth, and they try to find Bluetooth built-in smart tv and in the case, if their smart tv doesn’t have Bluetooth built, then they look for ways through which old Tv can be converted into smart Bluetooth tv by using external adapters.

Above mentioned products can easily cater needs of everyone, do check it and choose what suits you the most. But I’ll suggest you go televisions with Bluetooth instead of saving money with some low budget television than spending on an external device. And sometimes it gets difficult to find compatible bluetooth adapter.

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