Deer Hunter Gaming Chair Review – Cheap

hey what’s going on guys its brain bean here again but today we’re doing another chair review and I’ve know I’ve done quite a few of these on the channel but most of the chairs that I’ve reviewed have come in anywhere between  and I realized that that can be pretty expensive and so I wanted to do another chair review that’s gonna be a little bit more budget-friendly one to compare how it really falls into place compared to some of those more high-end chairs.

Deer Hunter Gaming Chair Review

Deer Hunter Gaming Chair Review

And also just to see if you really can get a pretty good gaming chair for under 200 so today we’re taking a look at the deer hunter gaming chairs now these can be had on  depending on the color and style that you choose so let’s go ahead and just take a look at this thing and we can see if it’s worth the money or maybe you should really save up your cash and go for one of the more higher-end chairs that’s out on the market so starting as always with construction and design the chair itself is kind of your standard racing style gaming chair at first glance it’s got some pretty nice aggressive styling as far as the lines in the chair it’s not just kind of a flat panel it’s got the little stitching accents here with like this little triangle pattern also got some nice colored accents as well you know one thing I would like to see that you do find on more higher-end model chairs is that a lot of times the stitching in the chair will actually reflect the color to accent on the leatherette that they have here and that’s not really the case on this one but really it’s a minor detail it’s not a huge deal or a deal breaker or  anything like that it is wrapped in a pleather material it is spill resistant and it does feel pretty soft to the touch and you can see as far as branding goes on this chair you do have the single Deerhunter logo stitched into the top and then when you flip the chair around to the backside you don’t have any branding or anything like that there and you’ll also as we’ll look at here in a minute when we get to the actual pillows there is some branding stitched into the pillows as  well but as far as a lot of gaming chairs go this is actually one that is the least branding heavy that I’ve seen a lot of times those logos can be really intrusive and if you’re streaming or you know you just have a nice aesthetic look to your setup sometimes having all those logos can really sort of get in the way and look kind of tacky so that is one thing I’m gonna give them a point for here on this chair is just that a lot of that over styling isn’t really present and while aesthetics is great and typically we see now with computers it’s not like the old days where you had just LED fans and lights that were only offered and say red or green or blue with RGB being as big as it is now you find setups with all different kind of color accents and so one of the great things about the Deerhunter chairs that I did like is that they’re offered in a ton of different colors and even some two-tone designs and at this price point that’s really not something you find very often and even some of the higher-end chairs really aren’t offered in a bunch of different color styles so that’s another thing that Deerhunter has going for them but aesthetics is great and everything but it needs to be comfortable to sit in and as I sit in the chair I can tell you that it is a fairly comfortable chair and compared to even some of the  range chairs that I’ve reviewed it feels about the same I would say the cushion as I’m sitting on it here underneath me in the actual seat it does feel like it could use a little bit more cushion you know I would say for about 3 to 4 hours of gaming at a time it’s probably not going to be that bad but for anyone that really marathons or their games I could see that being something where you would probably end up throwing a pillow underneath or something like that just to kind of give you a little bit more softer cushion the backrest on the chair though is actually pretty nice and I do like it when these types of chairs sort of hug you into the seat a little bit and as the wings kind of come off to its side here they do kind of support my shoulders and I sleep and the wings of the chair here while they are a little bit narrow they are pretty comfortable and that’s another thing about this chair too is that it is sort of a smaller chair and so I wouldn’t really recommend it for anybody more than say 6 1 and 250 pounds or so I think you probably want to move up to a little bit bigger chair because this one’s definitely not really made to accommodate sort of a wider frame it is a pretty narrow chair so that’s something to keep in mind as well now another test that I have developed sort of over reviewing a bunch of different gaming chairs is a test to basically see if the cushion is thick enough to prevent you from phew the frame underneath the chair because you do kind of run into that issue with some of the more inexpensive chairs now I can’t tell you in this chair just in squeezing the frame around you can easily feel where that steel frame inside the chair is but the one test that I always do with these chairs is to just put my knee into it and just put all my weight on it and see if I can feel the metal bars underneath the seat and with this chair by putting my knee into it it goes straight down through and I can immediately feel the metal underneath now of course when you’re sitting on it that’s not really going to be the case but it is a good way to measure kind of how thick and supportive the padding is now towards in the back of the chair here it definitely feels like there’s barely any padding maybe an inch or so and as you get farther out it does get a little bit thicker so at least your legs do feel like you know they aren’t going to be supportive you’re not going to be cutting off circulation or anything like that but kind of farther back where your butt’s gonna be sitting I could definitely see like I said before getting a little bit sore and like pretty much all gaming chairs you can recline this chair back pretty much to the point where you’re upside down in the case of this chair you just pull the little lever on the right side and off you go and you can do this I’m basically upside down I don’t know why you would need to lean this far back it’s kind of a miracle that the chair house it flipped over I mean it’s not even touching the ground even though it probably looks like it does in the shot but I’m basically hanging upside down right now I’m looking fat I don’t know why you would need to flip this far upside down unless you’re trying to do like some teeter Hang Ups type stuff and decompress your spine but yeah you can do this help another thing worth mentioning is the armrest now a lot of times on these budget-friendly chairs the armrests really tend to be not that great and deer hunters armrests kind of fall right in between now a lot of times on the more inexpensive ones they tend to be just hard plastic and there’s not a lot of options on deer hunters they do have a nice concave shape to them so your arm does rest naturally in them and it’s fairly comfortable they’re also kind of squishy padding to them that I wouldn’t say that it’s super soft or plush but it is better than having a hard plastic armrest now as far as being able to articulate them pretty much all you can do is move them up and move them down I also don’t slide super easily but obviously they’re gonna lock into place they’ve got a couple different stops there so you can find a pretty good position for them and you can also bring out the width as well but you do have to unscrew it underneath the chair as is the case with pretty much every gaming chair I’ve reviewed they pretty much all come with a pair of pillows and the deer  hunter obviously is no exception here you do get the head and neck pillow it kind of goes over the top it’s got the little elastic strap and this one actually has a little buckle as well and you also get the lumbar pillow with a pair of straps here that runs through the top and kind of comes through the  bottom now I’m not really a huge fan of the method of having to use the straps to secure it to the chair because they’re kind of uncomfortable if they rub against your back and they typically don’t stay in place very well and I’ve said and pretty much every chair that I review that I find the lumbar pillows to be pretty much useless and that’s pretty much the case here with the Deerhunter  one as well it’s also very narrow normally they’re a little bit wider I do like that this one isn’t as deep because a lot of times they push out your back way too much it’s just really uncomfortable but again with the head pillow a lot of times I actually will use these because it is kind of comfortable to rest your head back and if you play like I do where you kind of lean back in your seat a lot of the times while you’re playing it is nice to have something there to kind of support your head but the Deerhunter again like the lumbar pillow it’s a very small head and neck pillow and also it actually has  a little zipper here to look at the padding inside the mine for one doesn’t even have the tab for the zipper that’s just not even on there it looks like it broke off but if you open the thing up it’s pretty much just some cotton padding in there looks like something you’d find like in a like $1 teddy bear somewhere so really not the best quality it’s not going to be a memory foam or something like that does get the job done I mean after all we’re just sitting there gaming and a lot of times coming from a normal office chair you’re not gonna have a pillow behind your head so somethings better than nothing there but just keep that in mind looking at the underside of the chair now one thing I really wanted to point out to you guys is that the base of the chair here that the Castor’s sit on is all plastic so and while it is a really thick and sturdy plastic I could see that maybe bowing some overtime it’s not nearly as premium as having like a whole metal kind of steel base for the chair the Castor’s as well are pretty much  primarily plastic don’t really feel that premium at all and if you’re on carpet or something like that I don’t really see it being that big of an issue  because you’re not going to be rolling around anyways but on a hardwood floor or tile or something like that I mean they may break on you or you know might not necessarily roll all that great also the piston on the chair really only has about two inches or so a movement and so if you wanted to really have a lot of dynamic range and positioning this chair exactly how you want it or you have a higher desk may not really be that great of an option for you so overall to kind of circle back to my initial question at the beginning of the video is this chair worth it compared to some of the more premium options out there it is a good option I would say for you know younger kids or let’s say young adults pretty much you know maybe teenagers and below would be great because it’s a smaller size the Nok we’re gonna require as much cushion it does have a lot of great color options and also you don’t have to worry about it costing a ton of money if it’s gonna get kind of beat up and stuff like that you know you don’t want to necessarily spend on an ultra premium chair with premium upholstery if it’s gonna get spilled on and stuff like that also you know for a budget-friendly chair it’s not bad but it does get dangerously close to some of the other chairs out there that I’ve done reviews of on this channel that come between let’s say two hundred two hundred and fifty dollars something like maybe op seat or two sorro’s chair as well do have a little bit more premium feel in the range so if you can save up another might not be a bad idea to at least take a look at those but if you know you really aren’t comfortable going above this may not be a bad option for you especially if you can find it on sale on Amazon well that’s it for the video guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about this chair do you think that it is worth the price and it’s a good budget-friendly option or would you personally save up and go for something that is a little bit more high-end of course.

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