Corsair K95 Platinum VS Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Comparison

Today we’re going to be taking a look at two of the newest most highly sought after gaming keyboards on the market.

I’m talking about the Corsair k95 platinum in the Razer BlackWidow chroma v2 and we have a lot to cover in this one so without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Corsair K95 Platinum VS Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Comparison

Corsair K95 Platinum VS Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Comparison

Let’s go ahead and just take a look at the keyboard starting with the keyboards construction and design you can immediately see some differences in the aesthetics of both keyboards the k95 platinum uses an exposed switch design while the Black Widow v2 has a plastic top cover both keyboards are quite sturdy offering little to no flex even when mashing down on the keys fold they’re quite weighty although the Black Widow v2 does weigh a little more and both keyboards are also smudge resistant since the launch of the or nada Razer has been including wrist rests with their keyboards which has been a welcomed addition they continued this trend by offering the same pillowy padded wrist rest that came with you our nada with the B to the K 95 platinum also makes changes the Corsair stride into wrist rest design by adding a reversible magnetic wrist rest one side is textured while the other is smooth and to change it you simply just lift up one side flip it over and it attaches with strong magnets to the pads so that it doesn’t go anywhere during you the Corsair k95 platinum uses genuine Cherry MX switches which are rated to last 50 million keystrokes the cherry switches are well known to be the industry standard for quality this is because they’re extremely strict manufacturing tolerances and the ridiculous amount of testing that they do there’s a really great video from Linus tech tips where they take a tour of the cherry factory and look at everything that goes into manufacturing these switches it’s really impressive and I’ll leave a link down in the description below because I think anybody that’s into keyboards should definitely check that video out on the other hand the Black Widow b2 uses razor’s own mechanical gaming switches razer switches have been the subject of a lot of scrutiny over the years thankfully Razer has up their game recently and now produces a much higher quality switch which are now rated at 80 million keys ROK’s razor switches are designed with a slightly shorter actuation distance and reset point to make them more geared towards gaming the b2 is available in Razer green orange and the new yellow switch the k95 platinum on the other hand is only available in Cherry MX brown and speed which means that if you’re considering one of these keyboards and you want a clicky switch Razer is going to be the only option I think Corsair made a big mistake in not offering the Cherry MX blue in the k95 platinum as for the quality of the switches I really like Razer switches and I do believe they’ve gotten a lot better and I can confidently recommend their keyboards but there’s just no denying the insane amount of quality you get from Cherry one thing that is worth noting is the stabilizers on the k95 platinum aren’t as good as the ones on the b2 particularly with the space bar if you listen closely on the sound test I’m about to show you you can hear the rattling sound of the space bar which is by far the worst offender even though the switches are different in this sound test it doesn’t really make much of a difference for what I’m trying to show you here after installing some earrings on the space bar I did notice a little bit of improvement moving on to the key caps the Black Widow v2 uses a nice minimalistic font in place of Razer signature blocky font while the k95 platinum uses corsair standard bold lettering and you also get a textured space bar that I’m just not a huge fan of raising made a pretty smart move changing their font and I think a lot of people agree with me about the font on the Corsair just not being the best and at the same time I get why they use this larger font because it really allows a lot more light to shine through and accentuate the RGB as much as I like razor’s minimalistic font they still don’t have the secondary characters on the keys illuminated which just seems like a huge mistake for a high-end keyboard as for the lighting let’s start by taking a look at the software’s that’s actually control the light Corsair cue software has improved a lot since the earlier days of the k70 RGB and is a great deal easier to use than before it still feels like it has a way to go though to be really intuitive however for users who want to get really serious with customization it does offer you our tools to the advanced user Razer synapse on the other hand doesn’t give you as many options for customizing your own profiles but is extremely intuitive and after learning the software you can still create some pretty elaborate effects synapse also works directly with some games like overwatch for example allowing the lights to be controlled by your actions in the game for a more interactive experience as for the colors on the keyboards the v2 like all razer keyboard has a much more neon tint to the leds well the k95 has colors that are a little less vibrant but are a lot richer in hue coarser skew and razer synapse are the current top two lighting software’s out there in my opinion but I still think synapse takes the cake for its ease of use and game integration as photolysis themselves these keyboard use a very different aesthetic the black widow b2 uses a top cover that keeps the lights directed up at the user the lighting really pops thanks to the white backplate behind the switches that reflects the light and gives you that nice lightbox effect around the keys there’s also an illuminated Razer logo but it does get covered up when the wrist rest is attached the k95 platinum uses an exposed switch design and when you pair that with the clear switch casings of the RGB Cherry MX switches it makes for a really nice aesthetic I also think having the media Keys RGB as well as a nice touch and the Corsair logo was also illuminated and as I mentioned before the light bar at the top of the keyboard is a really cool accent to any lighting profile as an added plus you can also save up to three profiles directly under the keyboard memory so that you could take your profiles with you to go play it like a land cafe for example both keyboards are well illuminated in their own way the Razer is definitely a better option for those who like RGB lighting but don’t want to overdo it with super flashy distracting lights while the k95 platinum is an RGB fans dream allowing you to put on some really spectacular light show in terms of extras both keyboards do have dedicated macro keys the Black Widow v2 has a row of 5 while the k95 platinum has 6 the k95 platinum skis are also textured to allow for easier use when reaching from the left side of the board they also both have USB pass-through while the v2 has their past report on the right side of the board which really isn’t my favorite placement because the cord can get in the way of your mouth the K 95 s has much better placement located right on the back of the board this placement is great for use with things like a mouse or a headset especially when you look at the cable routing system under the k95 platinum it’s a really cool design meant to allow for you to have your headset cord come right through the center of your keyboard this means no more awkward headset cable getting caught on things or running over or around your peripherals unfortunately the v2 does not have a cable routing system like the k95 the k95 Platinum does have full and key rollover while the Black Widow v2 only has ten key rollover while you don’t really need more than ten it’s always nice to have a full n key rollover when you’re paying top-dollar one edge of the v2 does have though is that it also includes an audio pass-through located right next to USB on the right side is a dual use 3.5 millimeter audio jack packing in the value the k95 comes with two sets of textured key caps and a key cap puller they include a set of WASD for your first-person shooters and qwe RDF that you can swap out when playing their respective genres the k95 platinum also comes with dedicated media keys and a metal textured volume scroll wheel and buttons for swapping profiles adjusting brightness and a windows lock mode the b2 unfortunately does not have any of these features but it does come with a neat little chroma switch tester that comes in whichever variety of switch you purchase for your keyboard the b2 does give you media controls brightness setting and a gaming mode via the function key both keyboards have pretty thick braided cables because of the USB pass-through which does split into two USB connectors with the V 2 also having the 3.5 millimeter audio connector as well I think that the design of the K 95 platinum is the perfect blend of a professional look while still being true to the more gamer centric style there’s plenty of RGB to be had thanks to the light bar logo and clear switch casings of the RGB Cherry MX switches even though this keyboard does come in inĀ  I do believe the Corsair has put enough value into the board to make it worth the price the Black Widow v2 on the other hand is all business using a more stealthy all-black look paired with the white back plate under the switches for nice vibrant lighting the plastic top cover keeps the light focused up at the user which is good for minimizing distractions when gaming the V 2 is really just all about augmenting the gaming experience the much improved switches perform well and the synapse software is intuitive and syncs with certain games for spectacular real time effects and if you’re trying to decide which one of these keyboards deserves your hard earned cash it really is just a matter of deciding what’s more important to you the k95 loses quality and with its premium materials and loads of extras you just have to settle with the bold font in the somewhat ratalie space bar while the v2 is more about gaming performance than flashy extras synapse is great with its integrated game support and you do get a comfortable wrist rest but not much else in the way of extras of course the high-end price tag of the k95 platinum could certainly play a factor in your decision but with the b2 I really think the extra for the k95 extras are definitely worth well that’s it to the video guys let me know in the comments section down below which one of these keyboards you think is the better pick and consider giving this video a like if you enjoyed it show your support and really help if you enjoyed this video consider subscribing to the channel because I’ve got a lot more videos just like this one coming for you in the very near future you can also follow me on twitter at brain bean gaming to stay up to date with what’s going on with the channel well that’s it guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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