Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the new coarser t95 platinum mechanical gaming keyboard of course there has really been on top of their game for the last few years putting out better and better keyboards and I’m really hoping that this k95 platinum is no exception so without any further ado let’s go ahead and just take a look at the keyboard.

Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Review

starting with the keyboards overall construction and design you can see the Corsair kept the brushed aluminum backplate that has been the standard since the original k70 the k95 offers the backplate in two colors for the Cherry MX speed version you can get it in silver or black however the Cherry MX brown version only comes in black the brushed aluminum backplate gives the keyboard a much more professional look than your typical gaming keyboard and while it is smudge and fingerprint proof the small grooves can accumulate dust over time the k95 platinum is rock solid the funny thing is that the keyboard initially surprised me with how light it is but even cranking down on the keys I couldn’t get the keyboard to flex the K 95 Platinum has six dedicated textured macro keys on the left side of the board that can be programmed in the q software one of my biggest complaints about the K 70 was the lack of macro keys so when I saw the K 95 platinum was going to include a row of macro keys I was really excited after getting my hands on the keyboard I liked the textured macro keys a lot more than I thought I would as the contoured sides make for easy recognition of the keys speaking of textured key caps the K 95 platinum also comes with two textured sets of key caps and a key cap puller you get a set of WASD for games like first-person shooters and a set of QW ERDF keys for MOBAs I always like the Corsair included these keys with their keyboards it just adds to the value plus I think all mechanical keyboards should come with a key cap puller taking a look around the keyboard you can see that you get a row of dedicated media keys as well as a nice textured metal volume scroll wheel I consider dedicated media keys to be sort of a non-essential luxury in a gaming keyboard it’s definitely not the first thing I look for but when you’re paying a premium price like a lot of today’s mechanical gaming keyboards cost it is something I would expect to see thrown in you also have buttons on the left side of the board for swapping between three on board profiles adjusting the three brightness settings and a Windows lock mode for gaming as an added bonus all of these buttons are RGB as well the k95 Platinum does of course have sixteen point eight million color RGB illumination that can be controlled via Corsairs cue software one bonus of the k95 platinum is the addition of onboard memory so you can save up to three profiles directly on the keyboard meaning you can take your keyboard with you and still have your lighting profile to bring the k95 srgb to the next level Corsair added a light bar on top of the keyboard which has 19 individual lighting zones it’s really a neat feature to be sure but I also see it being a bit of a distraction especially when having it reflect off of your monitor for example the clear Cherry MX RGB switch casings of course accentuate the lighting thanks to the exposed switch design of course there’s mechanical keyboards I’ve always admired the aesthetics of course there’ s mechanical keyboards they really do look beautiful and making the Corsairs logo RGB illuminated with multiple zones as well is a really nice touch keeping with the all premium theme going on here the k95 platinum uses genuine Cherry MX switches there’s a reason Cherry MX switches are considered the industry standard for quality the amount of testing and quality control that goes into their production is astounding the k95 platinum comes with one of two switched varieties the Cherry MX brown for a tactile option and the Cherry MX speed for a linear option I do see the lack of offering the blue switch a bit of a disadvantage because a lot of people like the clicky switches and the RGB Cherry MX would just have clear switch casings that look really nice with the exposed switch design on the board I chose to get Mike a 95 platinum in the Cherry MX brown because it’s my favorite switch and just so you guys can get a quick idea of how it sounds here is a quick sound test the key caps on the k95 platinum are not my favorite Corsair has been using the same bold font on their keyboards for the last few keyboard releases I can see why they use it the large bold lettering allows for more of the RGB lights to shine through but for me personally I do prefer a little bit more of a simplistic font after using it for a while though for me at least I did start to get used to it and you can always order yourself a set of Cherry MX compatible key caps and swap them out all the secondary functions on the key caps are illuminated which I always appreciate even if they are a little bit dimmer than the primary character and lastly the space bar is textured with the same diamond plate pattern that’s on all of their textured key caps and that’s kind of what I would have liked to seen here with the space bar I don’t really like the textured space bar so I wish they would have included it as a swappable textured space bar to give us the option like they do with the other keys in terms of extras you do get USB pass-through which I always appreciate and in this case the placement of the pass-through is really good I much prefer it when the pass-through is located on the back of the board another change to the k95 platinum is the magnetic dual sided wrist rest like the name implies the detachable wrist rest has a magnetic pad that’s textured on one side and smooth on the other to switch it out all you have to do is simply flip it over the magnets are plenty strong making it so that the pad won’t move around or fall off during you the cable on the k95 platinum is pretty sick and bifurcates into two smaller cables with USB connectors I’ve said this before but Corsairs USB connectors are too big and bulky for my taste you don’t need big flashy USB connectors just keep them small and simple the LED indicators are some of my favorites that I’ve seen on any keyboard they’re nice and minimalistic and they just add to the clean look of the keyboard looking at the underside of the keyboard now Corsair has added a cable management routing system designed for use with things like a headset so that you don’t have to have it routed around your keyboard or coming in at an awkward angle I especially like this addition because with the USB pass-through located on the back of the board that makes it really convenient to plug your headset in and then simply route it through the middle of the keyboard the underside of the keyboard also has four very large rubberized pads in two rubberized extendable legs to keep the keyboard in place during the removable wrist rest also has two of these pads on there as well overall the k95 platinum is just about as premium as a guess on the negative side the Fonz not the best and the coarser q software isn’t as intuitive as Razer synapse but the sheer amount of features you get in this keyboard and the all top of the line components from the genuine Cherry MX switches to the brushed aluminum backplate make the k95 platinum and exceptional keyboard that I can’t recommend enough it’s quite the investment for a keyboard but with a lot of gaming keyboards today anyways I think if your budget can swing it the k95 platinum packs plenty of value for the extra well that’s just the video guys as always give this video a like if you enjoyed it to show your support and be sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re new here because I’ve got a lot more videos coming your way in the near future you can also follow me on twitter at brain being gaming and as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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