Cooler Master SK630 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the all-new Coolermaster SK 630 low profile mechanical gaming keyboards and big mouthful long names aside I want to go ahead and jump into this one so let’s go ahead and take a look at the keyboard starting off as always with construction and design the SK 630 is a low profile 10 keyless mechanical keyboard it also has a full-size variant the SK 650 that’s gonna come in a little bit more expensive.

Cooler Master SK630 Review

Cooler Master SK630

And keep in mind that the flickering you’re seeing is just from the camera and is not visible to the human eye when using the keyboard by now even with a few clips that you’ve seen it’s hard not to notice that this is a gorgeous keyboard the super simplistic design looks ultra clean and the brushed aluminum top plate gives it a classy elegance that I think will make this board look right at home in both gaming and office settings alike as for the construction the board is very lightweight and as a result has quite a bit of flex when really cranking down on the board however this shouldn’t really be much of an issue under normal use aesthetically this is one of the nicest looking boards that I’ve ever seen I know I’ve already said this and not to sound too much like a broken record but it’s just so clean there’s nothing on this board that doesn’t need to be there and the angular designs created by the keycaps and the bright vibrant lighting bouncing off of the backplate just create a really gorgeous ensemble speaking of the lighting the SK 630 uses Cherry MX low profile RGB switches for a full perky sixteen point eight million color RGB experience the keyboard can be completely controlled without the use of software now you can change the lights and set up macros all on the fly on the board or you can download and use cooler masters portal software application which will allow you to fine-tune the macros and select from a whopping 22 different preset lighting effects you can of course also create your own profiles that you can save to the keyboard as well the software like the keyboard is clean and simple and it’s extremely intuitive I appreciate the large amount of lighting presets especially there’s some newer ones that are pretty fresh and unique and I also appreciate that it’s really easy to layer up to four effects the SK series also features a subtle but visually striking LED light strip around the board I love this because most RGB elements this are just so in-your-face and this wraparound lighting is just a soft minimized accent that goes back to that classy design the SK series uses Cherry MX low profile RGB red switches which in my opinion look a little bit brighter than their full-size counterparts I think this is just because the lights have to permeate less plastic bringing the LEDs a little bit closer to the shell of the switch the switches themselves have a nice smooth linear feel and I think they have a little bit less key wobble than the full-size version as well the low-profile switches have a 45 gram actuation force 1.2 millimeter actuation distance and a 3.2 millimeter total travel for about a 30% less distance overall than the full-size Cherry MX red switches and just like any other cherry switch these do have a 50 million keystroke lifespan and of course I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging without a sound test so here’s a quick sound test of the low profile Cherry MX red switch on the SK 630 the key caps are made of ABS plastic and they have a nice clean simple thought I really like the half-height design of the caps because it really allows for the lights to pop which traditionally is difficult to do on a low-profile keyboard also all of the characters are well illuminated which is always a plus the key caps are very slightly contoured which is going to take some getting used to the angular key caps may look really nice but unless you’re used to typing on flat keys they might not feel so nice to use right out of the gate now after using the keyboard for quite a few hours this was less of an issue but it’s still something that Iwanted to point out the SK 630 is a great keyboard for home and office use or even throwing into a laptop bag and working on the go it has a braided USBC cable that is removable for transport which is always appreciated and they also include a nice cloth bag that you can slide the board into to help keep it a little bit more safe on the coolermaster also continues to give us a wired key cap puller which is much better than those cheap plastic ones that can scratch up your key caps because of its minimalistic design I really wasn’t expecting the SK 630 to be bursting at the seams with features you do get the standard media controls via the function key and it does have full n key rollover but seeing the inclusion of these extras really goes a long way in my book and it shows that Coolermaster understands what extras should come with a keyboard overall the SK line is gorgeous and functionally excellent it’s a combination of quality components and thoughtful design that was clearly done by somebody that appreciates keyboards the only real negatives I have with this board are the flat key caps just really aren’t my favorite and the thin nature of the board does make it feel a little bit less solid than a conventional mechanical keyboard still these minor gripes aside the SK 630 is a real positive step for Coolermaster who’s been really putting out great boards over the last few years the boards do come with a price to match however with the SK 630 but if you’re looking for a keyboard that can be right at home in either a gaming or an office setup or even one that you can bring back and forth between the two that I think the SK series is definitely worth taking a look at that’s it for the video guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about the SK 630.

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