Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard Review Pressure Sensitive

Hey guys I am back with another keyboard review video for you know today we’re taking a look at cooler masters newest flagship keyboard the much-anticipated MK 850 now it was a pretty big fan of the previous MK 750 so I have really high hopes for this keyboard so with that let’s go ahead and jump into the review.

Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard Review

Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard Review

Starting as always with construction and design the cooler master MK 850 is a hundred and nine key
mechanical keyboard with an exposed switch design the keys float over a really nice-looking brushed aluminum top plate that’s contoured on the sides which I think looks nice but it does increase the footprint of the keyboard which is a fairly large keyboard already in terms of quality the MK 850 is fairly weighty and it feels solidly built and there’s a minimal amount of flex when really mashing down on the keys the MK 850 comes with a magnetic detachable padded wrist rest that’s wrapped in a polyurethane leather I particularly like that the wrist rest comes out of the board a good distance meaning that it will easily accommodate any hand size far too often I find that short wrist rests leave my wrist just sitting on the desk surface because my hands are too big so it’s always nice to see when they’re a good size magnets attach firmly and the polyurethane leather is nice and soft to the touch making it feel really nice to use there’s only some minimalistic branding on the keyboard which is the Coolermaster logo on the function key and a non-intrusive Coolermaster logo on the wrist rest and besides I think the hexagon logo actually looks kind of cool anyway so I don’t really mind seeing it here the MK 850 has full sixteen point eight million color perky RGB and can be controlled either on the fly by using a combination of function keys or configured more in detail by using the keyboards companion software and if you notice some flickering in the lights that’s just from the camera and it’s not something that you’ll notice with the human eye the software has a very clean and user-friendly interface and you can use it to easily create your own custom profiles Coolermaster has always offered a really good amount of preset lighting effects and in this case there are an absolute ton to choose from and the software allows you to layer up to four preset effects they even have a preset to play snake right on the keyboard which is pretty darn cool the software also allows you to create macros bind keys and manage up to four custom profiles you can use it to configure the aim pad settings which I’ll get to a little bit later in the video as well much like the Mk 750 the MK 850 has a light bar that wraps around the front insides of the keyboard the MK 850 s however is a substantial improvement over the somewhat under pronounced bar of the MK 750 the only negative for me here is that it gets covered up by the wrist rest another thing when it comes to the lighting is because there’s no LED indicators the respective keys won’t be lit on the keyboard unless they’re activated which can kind of break up the aesthetic of the RGB lighting having an unlit key can be kind of distracting so keep that in mind if you find it bothersome the MK 850 uses Cherry MX red switches now this is kind of a bummer for me personally because I like tactile switches and I think it’s gonna be disappointing for those of you that like clicky switches as well the reason it’s only offered in red switches has to do with the aim pad technology that I’m going to get to a little bit later in the video still gripes aside Cherry MX which is still proved to be a solid switch and the clear switch bodies pair really well with the floating key design and create a nice aesthetic as is customary on the channel here is a quick sound test of those cherry MX Reds the key caps on the MK 850 are made of ABS plastic and they have a nice clean minimalistic font all of the keys are well illuminated clearly defining the characters and all of the secondary characters are lit as well the cable on the MK 850 is detachable which is always nice and it consists of a braided gold plated USB seat cable the underside of the keyboard has five rubberized pads and two rubberized extendable legs to keep the keyboard from moving around on the desk there’s also a three Channel cable routing system under the board just to help manage the cables a little bit in terms of extras Coolermaster continues to pack it in with the MK 850 included with the box is the padded wrist rest that we talked about earlier a wired key cap puller which is always nice and 18 purple pbt key caps which are enough to cover all the macro keys and all of the aim pad key is that our cue wer ASD and f I always like seeing a healthy amount of quality extras it just adds to the overall value of the product and makes it seem like the company is really thinking about the user getting into the features of the board there are a set of five dedicated macro keys on the left side of the board that I touched on earlier there’s also a set of dedicated media keys at the top center of the board to the left of those keys are two programmable scroll wheels which by default controls the volume and the brightness of the LED lighting but you can change all this in the software there’s also two USB pass-through ports on the back of the board which is really convenient for plugging in all kinds of things from headsets to mice now I’ve touched on the aim pad tech a couple of times in this video but now let’s get into exactly what that is aim pad is an analogue pressure sensitive control for the movement keys  in this keyboard and it works on the qwe Ras D and F keys it works by using the power of light to sense how far down the key is at any given time now this is similar to what you’ll see in the routing one but the Cherry switches offer it at a full four millimeter range compared to the flare tech switches in the wounding one offering at a 2.1 millimeter range giving you more dynamic options for your inputs overall this input method works pretty well and for certain games going to be much more noticeable than others it’s a nice evolution from the simple binary on andoff inputs that were used to and it functions similar to how a joystick on a controller works where it moves faster the farther down you depress it it’sdefinitely a cool addition I don’t know how much it’s gonna be used by PC gamers who are used to having normal keyboard controls for years but if you take the time to get used to it I could see it being beneficial on certain types of games now you can fine tune the aim padcontrols in the software or on the fly with the buttons that are located just above the number pad my only real negatives with this board are that the light bar in the front gets covered up by the wrist rest and just the overall large and busy look of the keyboard and depending on your switch preference the limitation of only having Reds could be a minus as well unfortunately the positives largely outweigh the negatives of the MK 850 it has a great assortment of quality extras the aim pad tech is pretty neat and the software is clean intuitive the MK 850 is certainly commanding a premie price there’s a ton of value to be had with the MK 850 and it’s clear that Coolermaster is continuing to up their keyboard game now I feel like this is probably gonna be a pretty polarizing keyboard either by switch choice or by the overall aesthetic but if it’s one that tickles your fancy you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a quality experience well that’s it for the video guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about the MK 850 do you agree with what I had to say or maybe you’ve got your own opinion you can write that down in the comments below of course you can give this video a like if you enjoyed it and show your support and if you’re new here I’d love to see you subscribe so I’ve got a lot more videos like this coming for you in the near future and you can also follow me on twitter at brain bean gaming to stay up to date with what’s going on with the channel as well as participate in some exclusive Twitter giveaway so that I have going on in the very near future well that’s it for the video guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one

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