Cooler Master MK750 vs MK850 Keyboard Comparison

This is a head-to-head comparison between the MK 850 and the MK 750 to kind of show you what the changes are and for those of you that might already have a 750 and be looking to upgrade or maybe you just want to know if it’s worth the extra money if you’re looking at picking up a new keyboard. We’re gonna do a quick comparison to determine what’s new with the MK 850.

Cooler Master MK750 vs MK850 Keyboard Comparison

Cooler Master MK750 vs MK850 Keyboard Comparison

Let’s see the comparison in details.

Design Difference

Starting with just the overall aesthetics and design you can already tell by going from the 750 to the 850 that things changed a pretty good amount. So the MK 750 has sort of a more minimalistic design, the footprint of the keyboard is fairly small and the backplate is made of just a nice matte aluminum and the keyboard itself is no bigger than it has to be. it’s just a regular small minimalistic design.

When we move over to the MK 850 it does have this really beautiful brushed aluminum backplate that I think looks really nice but you can immediately notice that the keyboard has a much more aggressive look to it. The footprint of the keyboard is much larger than the MK 750 and it has these sort of contoured sides to it that while they do look cool and sort of give it some angular personality.

It does make the actual footprint of the keyboard much bigger. Now the MK 850 is heavier than the MK 750 as well but in terms of flex, they’re both about the same.

Wrist Rest

Now moving on to the wrist rest now both of these keyboards do come with a pretty nice padded magnetic wrist rest but the wrist rest in the MK 750 is a good deal smaller than the one on the 850. The most noticeable difference is that the MK 750’s wrist rest is about an inch thinner than the MK 850’s.

Now, this is important if you guys have big hands or long fingers because you’ll find that when you use a pretty narrow wrist rest you may not even be able to have your hands rest or your wrist rest on that wrist rest depending on how long your fingers are and with the 850 it largely reduces that problem.

Now, for me personally, I found that the MK 750’s wrist rest was just far too small for my hands and the MK 850s just felt much nicer and another thing that’s worth mentioning is the magnets on the 750 s wrist rests are a good amount weaker than the 850s as well.

If you pick up the MK 750 the wrist rest will just fall off if you pick up the MK 850 s the magnets will actually stay attached and you can pick it up all as one solid piece.

Lighting Difference

In terms of lighting both keyboards are fairly similar they do both feature a wraparound light bar that goes down the sides as well as the keyboard.

Now, my gripe here with both of these keyboards is that if you do have the wrist rest attached you can’t see that light bar at the front of the keyboard which is kind of a bummer.

But overall, the number of preset lighting effects and those sort of things are pretty much the same as the software is mostly identical you can do a little bit more with the 850 as far as the amount of preset effects and layering the effects goes.

But in terms of the overall brightness and permeability of the lighting, they both use Cherry MX RGB switches so you’re still going to get pretty much the same lighting experience.

Now the wraparound light bars on the MK 850 are a little bit more vibrant you’ll notice that on the 750 they’re kind of dim and under pronounced and unless you’re really looking for it especially on the front you may not even really notice it’s there on the 850. Though you do get a little bit more pronounced look it’s a little bit more vibrant and you can certainly see it from anywhere around the room when you’re looking at the desk.

Switches Difference

Now speaking of the switches, I mentioned these both use Cherry MX RGB switches but it’s important to talk about the difference in the switch types that are offered in each board the MK 750 is available in Cherry MX blues brown and red. So it’s great that you get a switch type for everybody whether it’s clicky or linear or tactile.

And when you come over to the 850 one of my biggest disappointments with this board, in particular, was that it’s only offered in Cherry MX red switches. Now the reason for that is because the 850 comes with cooler masters new aim pad technology which essentially works like an analog keyboard, where you can basically have it be pressure-sensitive and so the farther down need to press a key will essentially work as a joystick and so as you depress that key down a little bit it will move your character forward and so if you press it down a little bit you’ll move slowly and the farther down you press it will sort of accelerate from there.

That’s great for things like racing games or battle Royales or things where pinpoint control is important. Here’s the full review of the 850 where we go into the aim pad technology a little bit more but the main reason for the Cherry MX Reds is that because it’s a linear switch it just sorts of facilitates that type of technology better.

So, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get cherry MX blues or Browns on the MK 850.


Now in terms of extras, there are quite a bit more extras packed into the MK 850 now one thing cooler masters always been really good about is including a good amount of extras with their keyboards.

The MK 750 comes with 9 PBT purple keycaps you get a set for the Aero cluster for WASD and for the Escape key you also get a nice wired keycap puller which is something I’ve always appreciated that Coolermaster does because they don’t scratch up the keys as those crappy plastic ones do and it’s just a nice thing to include.

Because it can’t cost them that much more to throw this in the box and I really wish that a lot more companies did include nicer key cap pullers and again you also get the magnetically detachable wrist rest and so it’s a decent amount of healthy extras that come with the 715.

Now when we move over to the 850 obviously you get the much bigger beefier wrist rest you get 18 PBT key caps you’ll get a set for the Aero cluster and the Escape key just like with the 750 but you’ll also get a set for a qwe Ras D and F which are all of the aim pad enabled keys.

Similarly, you’ll also get a set for the 5 dedicated macro keys on the left side of the board which is another extra that you get with the 850 is the set of 5 dedicated macro keys that you won’t find with the MK 750.

Media Keys

Now both of these keyboards do have dedicated media keys the 750 is going to have a set of RGB enabled media keys just above the number pad.

On the 850 there’s actually a dedicated set of media keys at the top center of the board. Now the 850 also offers two programmable metal scroll wheels up at the top they default to volume control and brightness control the brightness control one for me feels a little bit gimmicky because it’s not a smooth transition between the brightness.

And you still do feel kind of the steps to it but there are no tactile steps to kind of let you know as you’re scrolling it when you actually use it. Now if you reprogram these then it would be kind of nice and advantageous especially if you use it for you know photo editing or things like that to play with sliders.

It would be kind of nice and above the number pad on the 850 is actually your aim pad on the fly control so you can set the sensitivity for the pressure of the keys on the fly and that is why you don’t have Media Keys over the number pad on the 850.

Lastly, the MK 850 gives you two USB pass-throughs in the back of the board that the MK 750 does not have.

So talking about the overall price of both keyboards the MK 750 depending on the switch type the MK 850 is definitely sort of gear to be the flagship product that’s coming in at a very premium price.

Now I don’t necessarily think that 850 because it is a very quality keyboard but it’s certainly worth considering.

All of these things when trying to choose a keyboard because if you don’t necessarily think you’re gonna take advantage of the aim pad technology or maybe you don’t necessarily need all of the flashy extras the MK 750 is a very high-quality keyboard that you may see.

And so you know they’re both great keyboards and it’s a matter of deciding if the features that come in the 850 warrant the and so with that you know hopefully you guys will be able to make a decision but anyways, guys, that’s it for my quick comparison between the MK 750 and the MK 850 if I left anything out please let me know down in the comments below and while you’re down there if you enjoyed this article, show some support by sharing it.

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