Cooler Master CK550 Review

hey what’s going on guys it’s brain being here again today we’re gonna be taking a look at another mechanical gaming keyboard this one comes to us from Coolermaster it’s their new CK 550 so let’s go ahead and check this thing out before we begin the actual review.

Let’s discuss Cooler Master CK550 Review in further details.

Cooler Master CK550 Review

Cooler Master CK550 Review

I just want to point out you’re gonna notice some flickering in the lights now this is just from my camera and not visible to the human eye so starting as always with construction and design the CK 550 kind of has this really nice minimalistic look to it it’s a standard hundred and four key keyboard layout and it has this nice brushed aluminum backplate that runs the entire length of the board and even runs over the sides a little bit as well and the nice thing about that is pretty much anywhere in the room that you’re looking at it from or if you’re farther away on the side you’ll still see that so if you’re going for a nice classy clean minimalistic look to your desk setup it’ll really help that kind of pop and accentuate no matter where people are looking at your setup from I also like that the keyboard is pretty much void of any branding and especially in gaming keyboards and gaming accessories a lot of times those edgy kind of designed logos are way intrusive and in-your-face and on this board it’s nice the only thing that you’ll see is on the function key they’ve got that sort of hexagonal Coolermaster logos sticking out right there other than that though there’s absolutely no Coolermaster branding on the board which is cool the board itself as far as build quality goes it’s lighter than it looks but as far as mashing down on the keys to see if there’s any key wobble they’re really not that much to speak of and I would say that it’s it’s negligible it’s not enough to make the board feel cheap or anything like that the underside of the board has two extendable legs that are rubberized as well as a couple of rubberized pads underneath they’re not very big or bulky ones though so I imagine if you’re really trying to push this thing around your desk it will slide just a little bit some other things to mention because this board is fairly plain it does not have any dedicated macro or media keys it does not have a wrist rest that comes with it basically the only thing that you’re going to get in the box with this keyboard is the CK 550 and a wired key cap puller now the switches on this guy are gaturro on switches which are very highly regarded and this is actually the first time that I’ve been able to get my hand on some gatherin switches now I know from kind of being active in the keyboard scene in that sort of thing that people do tend to like gather on and recommend them and this board came with the red switches and I’ll have to say that compared to cherry Reds or razor yellows or pretty much any other linear switch that I’ve tried they’re buttery smooth they feel really nice don’t have a lot of key wobble so I’d have to say that kind of the talk about get around switches has definitely got something to it there and this board is available in gatherin red blue and brown switches so you do get some options there as well and of course I wouldn’t leave you guys hanging without a sound test so here’s a quick sound test of the Gator on reds on the CK 550 now the key caps are abs key cap so nothing super fancy there does have a nice plain and simple font to it all the secondary characters are nicely illuminated which you guys know is something that I always like to see and they do have just a regular smooth texture to them so I actually prefer that especially on ABS key caps because I find that the kind of textured ones feel a little bit cheaper than the nice polished smooth ones do as for the lighting on the keyboard it does come with full / key RGB illumination one interesting thing about this board though is it does not use any software so you can do all the customization all on the keyboard and I would say that normally there’s some pros and cons there because not having extra software on your computer of course is going to take up less memory it’s not going to bloat up the computer that sort of thing but it also makes customizing your layout and getting the exact lighting profile that you want kind of a pain in the butt because you’re having to go through all those keys and cycle through and find exactly the way you want it but I will say to their credit this board comes with 16 preset different lighting  effects which is a lot more than even some top-tier software’s give you access to right out of the box so that is nice and I would say that if you’re someone that’s not super keen on coming up really elaborate custom effects and you just want something that’s gonna look nice this board is gonna give you plenty of options that I’m sure there’s gonna be something there for you you can’t of course create the custom lighting effects on this board but it’s gonna take some some work I mean it’s not easy to sit there with the keys and get it all worked out it’s kind of confusing other than that though overall this is a really solid board it’s got good switches a really nice clean aesthetic and it does feel like it has a good level of quality to it I mean it’s a solid keyboard only a couple of negatives that I would say as the cable is not braided it’s just a simple rubber cable now if you’re not gonna be moving the keyboard around that much or unplugging it to take it to lands or things like that aside from the cosmetic difference between a braided cable it’s really not going to matter all that much it’s not really gonna get that much abuse anyways guys overall considering the switch options that you  get the quality Gadar on switches with a nice clean design of course if you’re after something with a little bit more features it might not be the board for you but if you just want a quality clean minimalistic board it’s at least worth taking a look at but there is a lot of competition around this price point so definitely do your research and find something that’s gonna be right for you but this is definitely not a bad board well that’s if there were you guys let me know those comments down below what you think about the CK 550 and feel free to leave some suggestions as to which products 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