Top 4 Cheap SSDs For Gaming


Cheap SSDs For Gaming

These days games are a very important part of our life, from a young kid to an old adult everyone wants to play games on their PC to spend their spare time. The best gaming PC use SSDs as their major boost device.

Best Gaming SSD will improve your gaming experience and the performance of your PC as a whole. By having a big enough SSD, you’ll be relieved from uninstalling your old game while installing a new game.

Here we will give you a close review of the top 4 cheap SSDs for gaming to help you find the best SSD to make your gaming more fun.

However they are all best quality products but  here is our top pick for you . If you don’t have enough time to read the entire review, get a quick view on our top pick

Let’s take a look at all the cheap SSDs for gaming and see which one is ideal for you.

Samsung 850 EVO: It is the cheapest SSD for gaming, it comes with a thermal guard to protect your data from extreme temperatures. It gives you a huge range of capacities to boost up your gaming PC.

Top 4 Cheap SSDs For Gaming

Samsung 850 EVO

Samsung’s 850 EVO series SSD is the cheapest SSD for gaming. It is powered by Samsung V NAND technology to give you improved performance during gaming.

Now you can store more data on a single SSSD. It provides you more storage with more choices, perfect for your requirements. Samsung offers the 850 EVO in a full range of capabilities up to 4TB.

Samsung has designed it in various form factors to fit in different kinds of computers. The 2.5-inch size is perfect for most desktop PCs and laptops, on the other hand  the SATA based M.2 and mSATA are perfect for ultra-slim mobile computing applications.

The Samsung 850 EVO comes with enhanced performance and optimized endurance, with a limited warranty of  5 years.

The Dynamic Thermal Guard and  AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption engine, provide you protection from heat and advanced security solutions and a high level of performance.


This is the best choice for your Gaming PC. Samsung 850 EVO comes with Samsung Magician software to manage and setup your PC for peak SSD performance. It comes with a wide range of capacities and form features to boost your gaming.

Crucial MX500

Crucial MX500 SSD is an affordable SSD for gaming. At this time it is the company’s high-performance SSD storage solution. It offers huge storage to keep and retrieve files securely and immediately.

It is  available in 1TB ,2TB .250GB and 500GB capacities. The 1TB has 360TB and the 2TB has a 700TB, 500GB has 180TB and 250GB comes with 100TB of TBW.

All MX500 drives give the performance Through 560 MB/s sequential read and 510 MB/s sequential write speeds it is increasing the SATA3 interface perfectly. And the random read and write performance is rated at 95,000 and 90,000 IOPS.

The Crucial MX500 featured 2nd generation Micron 3D NAND technology. The 2nd generation 3D NAND chips comes with 64 layers and 256-gigabit component.

The MX500 features an adaptive thermal monitoring as well it makes sure that heat won’t be an issue for you during gaming.

It comes with AES 256 bit hardware-based encryption which keeps your data safe and secure.


Crucial MX500 SSD comes with an exceptional speed which boosts your gaming PC, now you can start your computer in a few seconds. Overall, it is perfect SSD for getting the high speed and fast performance with an easy installation method.

SanDisk 1TB

SanDisk is the cheap SSD for gaming pc. This portable SSD comes with capacities of 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, with up to 550MB/s read and 500 MB/s write speed.

SanDisk is lightweight and pocket-sized SSD you can unplug the supplied cable and pocket it separately.  It comes with a USB-C cord with a USB-A adapter. The cord perfectly fits the drive without any wiggle.

The system support of SanDisk is quite impressive it is formatted with exFAT and will works on both Windows and Mac systems instantly out of the box.

SanDisk is quite safe and secure, it comes with a software already on it you can encrypt your data by fire up SanDisk SecureAccess to create a password.

This external SSD gives protection against the water, dust, and shock and overheating elements in hot and humid climates.


SanDisk portable SSD comes in a stylish, trim size, and durable design. It makes your gaming PC more fast and secure.  It comes with a large capacity range and outstanding features. If you’re an outdoor person then buy it without any second thought you will never get regret.

WD Black 1TB

WD Black is the best cheapest SSD for gaming. It gives you the greatest storage solution for your games by offering large capacities to store your game’s downloadable content.

It gives you the best combination of speed, capacity, and large cache sizes. You can store any type of large multimedia file quickly.

WD Black drive gives you high transfer and read rates of your files with great cache sizes of up to 128MB of DRAM on our high capacity models.

WD Black is equipped with a Vibration Control Technology that allows the disks inside the drive to acclimatize to any vibration conditions that are inside your PC. It gives you increased reliability, data accuracy and performance ultimately.

It features a dual-core processor which offers twice the processing capability as a single-core processor to reduce drive performance for faster read and write speeds, it helps for better loading in games or large multimedia file.


WD Black gives you not only high performance it also comes with high capacity, high reliability, and cutting edge technology which make it ideal and cheapest SSD for gaming.  Altogether, it is the best choice for you to boost your gaming PC with its amazing features.

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