Canon TR – 8520 Review

Canon TR8520 Review

Canon TR8520 Review

You took what is going on Brandon here with another printer video today we’ve got the Canon tr-85 20 we’re going to be unboxing setting up and reviewing this printer today so stay tuned through the whole duration of the video because I am going to be providing a lot of different information for you throughout the video and the main resource I’m gonna leave for you right now in the description below is after you watch this video or in between wherever you want to do it I’m going to leave a link in the description below for the Canon tr-85 20 it is on sale so I would highly recommend that you go down there click on the link in the description below and go ahead and get your cannons here 8520 if you are deciding to buy it also make sure to LIKE and subscribe to my channel if you found this video helpful so without further adieu let’s go ahead and get right into the video all right so just a really quick note here you should have all your manuals and all the other paperwork but then just make sure that in the box you’re gonna have your printer of course and you’re gonna have a box just like this where you’re gonna actually this printer comes with an Ethernet cable it looks like I have not seen that in the past 10 printers that I have reviewed got your power cable and then you’ve got your 10 ink cartridges all right so I’m gonna continue all right so this is how your printer is going to look once you’ve got a completely unboxed and you see here that you’ve got kind of a matte black going on here and you’ve got a lot of different features I’m gonna go into but let me go ahead and turn this guy on really quick cable is gonna be on the back right there in the corner all right so one of the main things you’re going to want to remove when you are unboxing this printer is this piece of tape there alright so we are gonna go ahead and continue with the setup so this is going to be a touchscreen and use a larger screen than most of the Canon printers that are on the market right now we’re just gonna go ahead and go through the all the instructions and now we are going to install our ink cartridges alright so the next thing I want to do is you’re gonna want to unwrap your your ink and you’re gonna go ahead and install it alright so what you’re gonna want to do first is of course make sure the printer is on you’re gonna go ahead and lift the top of the printer just like that and your printhead should come right to the middle right here okay next you’re gonna want to take off these orange flaps on the front of the ink cartridges and start installing them one by one I always like to start off with the black ink cartridge so you’re gonna go ahead and as you see there you have all of your colors marked off for the different ink cartridges so you’re gonna go ahead slide it just like this lay it flat and just click it right down in there so that’s cartridge one and you can see it there that it is picking it up I’m gonna go ahead and take off the let the rest of these orange flaps and start installing the rest of them okay so we have an additional black cartridge which is gonna go right in here I’m gonna slide that right in picked it up and next I’m going to put on yellow magenta and cyan perfect so they’re gonna go ahead and close the prop the cartridges are going to settle in place and it’s going to tell you that the following cartridges were installed and you’re gonna want to go ahead and load up some blank a blank sheet of paper all right so this is a part of the install you are printing out a page just like this you’re gonna place that page right up here and as you can see it’s being scanned all right and then you’re gonna go ahead and continue with the process all right so and this is where you can start to connect it to your wireless connection and that’s it you are done that is the setup again you have a touch screen here everything is very very much modern and new to me a printer that does not have a touchscreen is very difficult for me to give it a high rating on best printers tech comm which is my website now just really quickly I do provide remanufactured ink and I’m gonna include a link in the description below for some remanufactured ink for this printer so that over during the duration of you owning this printer you are going to be able toeach time potentially so when I include that link in the description below but it is also going to be on my website now really quickly here we’re gonna see you have a lot of different options you got your wireless option here you’ve got your settings here which is gonna be very important you can check out how much ink you have do your maintenance and the rest of your settings and then of course you’ve got a home button here where you can just go back to it all you don’t have any physical buttons except for the power button and so that is going to be something that is very helpful now one interesting thing about this printer is I would say that this is a printer that I specifically would say and it does also mention and the specifications that you can print bit this card’s from this printer and of course photos you’ve got your SD slot right there and you’ve got two paper clips so you’ve got any bottom paper tray and you’ve got a top paper tray or a rather a back paper tray so you’ve got both of these this one slides right out just like that and of course you also have for faxing and for copying you’ve got your top paper tray so you got a back top and bottom paper tray that is something that on this printer I am gonna give this printer right now because I see all the things that has I see the functionality of it I have reviewed other printers and I am going to give this printer a four point nine stars and that is going to be a first for best printers tech rate rating from best printers tech I just already see the potential here it has every single thing that you need it’s a home and office printer is it’s robust but it’s also got the good really good photo quality your ability to really just print business cards here which is something that it’s a small detail that really it’s something that is possible with this printer you’ve got your top paper tray which I find absolutely essential you’ve got your touch screen here which to me is vital and 20:19 and you’ve got the affordability it is a down from $199 it is now $99 you can do your wireless printing you’ve got directly from your Canon camera which is a huge plus you’re talking about HD video photos if you need to print those out that is something that this printer can do so the quality gets an A+ the affordability gets an A+ the usability gets an A+ just overall for what it is this printer is going to be the best value it has the best functionality for out of all of the other Canon printers and HP printers that I have reviewed so right here right now before even going into much more detail I’m giving it a four point nine stars if you want any more details any more specifications for this printer I’m gonna leave a link in the description below for you to purchase it but also on that same page you’re gonna find a lot of different information about this printer alright so usability functionality the speed on this the printing speed is not super fast but it is a a regular speed like most of these canons usually are so that’s not something I’m really factoring in here but just throwing that out there of course you’ve got a lot of different functionality here and of course when you want to once you’re done at the end of the day close everything up and it’s really a nice small economical looking printer that you can just store at your home office but when you do need all this different functionality in a matter of seconds you will be ready to do whatever it is that you need to do get your paper trail swell up here okay it looks amazing has a lot of functionality 4.9 stars best printers first time since we’ve started doing these reviews that we give a printer 4.9 stars this quickly usually I need to be convinced and I need to really look at the printer a lot of specifications this printer beats all of those other ones this is gonna be the top printer that I recommend highly recommend alright so you heard it here first 4.9 stars I gave that rating very quickly I just buying a experience and I kind of saw all the specifications beforehand as well as kind of just looking at the printer once I unboxed it and I see right away that this is a very much a robust but also quality type of printer that has a lot of functionality that is at a good price that is why I gave my rating you can find that rating and you can find my written review on my website best printers tech comm as I have mentioned leaving a link in the description below for this printer for the printer ink from my website and also if you are getting all of these different products I’m going to recommend that you get I’m going to recommend that you get Amazon Prime so you can get your products quickly and I’m linking you of course to but that is gonna allow you to get your products get your product very quickly and it’s gonna be a free trial for you it’s a free trial so you can sign up if you don’t want it after 30 days you can cancel but I always recommend that you do that I hope all of this information was really helpful to you if you have any questions at all of course comment below and of course this is a new YouTube channel it’s a up-and-coming YouTube channel best printers if you would like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel of course hit the bell icon so that you can get more videos just like this of me reviewing different printers and also showing you how to fix the printers if it ever comes to that point where you have to fix this printer I am going to show you how to fix it so please use the links in the description below as a resource for you use my website as a resource as well I’m always going to find you the cheapest ink and the best printers so this is Brandon with best printers thank you for watching and until next time

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