Canon SELPHY CP 1300 printer review

This is a review of the canon selphy cp900 printer review 6 by 4-inch postcard prints like you see before you here’s a print that output earlier from this machine it looks exactly like the kind of print you’d get from a lab except it’s in your home.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer review

Canon SELPHY CP1300 printer review

Now this printer is a Wi-Fi device it’s designed to connect to your wireless network after which you can print from pretty much any other device that’s connected to your network so I printed from my laptop from iPads and from very smart phones including my Android galaxy s7 which I’ll show in just a moment now you can’t just print wirelessly you can print directly if you prefer there’s a port here for connecting USB media or a smaller USB port here for directly connecting a compatible camera and if your camera is looking enough to support picked bridge wirelessly then you can print wirelessly direct from the camera to the printer I’ve tried this with various Canon cameras and it works really well alternatively there is of course an SD memory card slot on the front pop your memory card in there choose your print or your image from the screen here and you can output it very easily so there’s lots of options just going to show you now how it works in practice now the first thing you need to do is load your ink spool your ink cartridge on the side here this has got cyan magenta yellow and an overcoat once that’s slotted in the side we can connect the power source now it comes with an AC power supply that I plug in the back there but if you prefer to use this portably you can in fact buy an optional battery pack for it then you open up the slot on the front and you load the paper cartridge now I’ve already put some post card size paper in here and this cartridge will keep the paper protected from dust while you’re not using the printer but as soon as you do want to use it you need to open this flap at the top and slot it in the front then we can power up the printer and have a look at this 3.2 inch screen sadly not so sensitive but you can use it again to select those pictures directly from SD or other media or to go through different printing options you can change the colors you can change the contrast you can crop in you can also print multiple pictures on one sheet and I’ll show you that in just a moment first of all let’s actually see what this is like to print directly from the smartphone so as I say this is connected to my wireless network as is my phone and here is the calendar app now you can print directly using ma Priya from Android phones although I couldn’t get it to fill the paper properly when I tried maybe I need a bit more effort but I don’t really want to waste too many sheets of paper doing this so instead I uninstalled the Canon app and it works absolutely fine I should say also worked absolutely fine printing using air print from an iPad or again using the Canon app for iOS those are free downloads so I’m going to choose photo print here and these are some images I’ve got on my phone I’m going to use this one I think of a I believe it’s a Stella’s jaybird I took a picture this bird with a Canon EOS a TD while I was in Bryce Canyon in the USA this is a very local bird to that part of town as you can see this image has gone to my wireless network and back into the printer and the process has begun the printer has taken some paper through it you can see it pops out the back there so make sure we don’t have anything behind the printer to block that sorry for the flickering on my phone screen by the way that’s because the screen is using a different frequency to the one I’m recording this movie in so you can see that was the yellow ink pass now is doing the magenta or the pink pass and finally very importantly of course for this bird the cyan or light blue now at this point when the print comes out on this run pretty much all those colors are there but they’re final passes for an overcoat and that’s it now it’s a pretty quick process and the print is completely ready to go at this point it’s dry that you know you don’t need to wait for it to to set or or anything that that print is is good now you’ll see that the paper is actually slightly longer than six by four inch it’s got these white boards at the top and bottom this is so the printer can actually pull it through the device but you can also use it to write some notes on if you want a bit like a Polaroid or they’re perforated so you can just cut or tear them off and that works fine you’re left with a standard six by four inch print here’s a few others that I printed out with the CP 1300 this is a portrait shot I took with the sony a7r Mark three I printed that directly from the memory card here is a shot of New York that with a s 6d mark – this was printed wirelessly using pic bridge direct from the camera it’s really nice to be able to do that here’s a shot I took with the Fujifilm X III in this instance I put in the memory card the SD card I should mention that when you do put in the SD memory card the printer basically forgets that it’s a wireless printer and it will concentrate only on what’s in that SD slot so if you do want to wirelessly print afterwards make sure you check that SD card this was taken in Portugal this is with the Fuji X III again and now I mean this is quite a challenging shot to print this is the solar eclipse from 2017 I took this with the EOS ATD and 400 millimeter 5.6 now printed this from Photoshop using my laptop I’ve cropped in a little bit and centered the disc on the center of the picture but this sort of picture has got very very subtle tonal gradations and as you can see it’s the kind of picture that works best with a glossy dye sublimation process which of course is what this printer is this looks way better than any inkjet print that I’ve made of it now I mentioned earlier that you can do multiple pictures per print so that’s what I’ve done here these are pictures all taken with the Fujifilm xe3 and what I did is I inserted the memory card and chose the option you can you can put up to eight which is on a single page if you want or fewer ones and it lets you choose the pictures and it then arranges them it thinks for a while because these are quite high-res shots things for a while and then outputs it outs that’s quite neva no it’s only six by four inch you can really see quite a lot of detail on those now the logical progression if you’re printing multiple images on one sheet of paper is to produce photos for ID purposes for passports and driving licenses so I’m going to show you that now I’ve inserted an SD card on which I’ve got a number of portraits but before we go to the ID session I just want to show you how you actually navigate pictures so this menu here says selecting print so let’s have a look here’s a portrait shot of yours truly and if I go through these images you can see I can preview them on the screen but the screen is quite low resolution it’s not really high enough for me to see whether any of these are perfectly in focus or not which one of those is the ideal shot now you can zoom in fortunately but look how long it takes zooming again and now only now can we really begin to see whether this shot it’s in focus I’m quite happy with that I’m going to do an ID photo with that image but I wish the screen was high resolution as you would find on a modern camera and also that the user interface was as fast I mean if you think about playing back a picture on a camera it’s really really quick to zoom in and out so I think this could do with being a bit more responsive so if I go back to their home menu I can go down to the ID photo section now it gives me a number of options here I’m going to go for the standard layout here this is for standard passport print size photos it’s going to say you happy with that picture well I’ve looked at that one early and remembered the code for it so yes I am now it would just normally print this picture as it is and that’s obviously the wrong sort of shape for an ID photo it needs to be cropped more closely into the face but how close should you go well they help you with some cropping options if I go to the menu here and choose cropping and it takes a couple of seconds for each of these steps but now you can see these guidelines now these are the same sort of things you see when preparing passport photos on other platforms the idea is just to get the chin on the green line and the top of the head on the blue line so I can move that down I can move it up I can zoom in zoom out let’s see that still needs to go a little bit close so it’s getting there I reckon that’s about right I’m gonna move that over there get my head in the middle of the frame so we’ll okay that and then we’ll say yeah I want a six of those on the sheet I’m ready to print so while that goes away let’s kind of conclude what this print is about and this is as good a time as any to mention the price of it you’re looking at about to actually buy the device itself the running cost is obviously very important canon sells a pack of paper and ink for a hundred and eight prints and that crack is about  or about twenty nine pounds which works out at about twenty-seven cents or about twenty-seven pence per print now that’s obviously quite a bit more expensive than you could get at a lab or especially if you’re doing online photo printing some of those volumes are really really cheap we’ve got to think about the convenience factor first of all I’m printing this at home I’m not having to actually go to a lab and if you did you’d find that those cheaper prices generally were for a service that might take a few hours turn around naturally let’s have a look at my ID photos not bad six Gordon’s for your viewing pleasure obviously if you went online you would have to wait for those prints to be delivered and there would be a delivery fee so sometimes when you see a six by four inch print being advertised it’s a five P or five cents of print that sounds fantastically cheap but maybe not so cheap if you then gonna be paying a couple of to get it delivered and also obviously waiting a couple of days for it to arrive so as always it boils down to convenience and how long you’re willing to wait for me I think the selfie CP 1300 is a really really nice printer I’d certainly be happy having one at home here’s a another picture that I printed earlier this is with the sony RX hundred mark to an older camera but Brighton Pier with murmuration looking very nice behind it there I don’t see it as a really good compliment an existing printer I have a color laser printer at home which is great for documents great for invites and that sort of thing terrible for photos if I want to print big photos I go to a lab or an online service I don’t have an inkjet printer at home because I find that they get clogged up far too easily and you know if you’re not using inkjet that much that is the big problem with them however if you’re only doing occasional prints I think a printer like this could be really good so certainly I would be happy to have this in my home as always if you want a lot more detail head on over to camera wraps comm you’ll find a more detailed review with more information there and of course my reviews of every other camera if you like what I do please do subscribe it really really helps and if you really really like what I do and a feeling generous then you can buy me a coffee treat me to a coffee using the link in the description anyway thanks a lot I’ll see you next time bye bye

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