Canon Pixma iP110 Review

canon pixma ip110 review

Wireless technology is becoming more prevalent, and printers are no exception. The Canon Pixma iP110 is a few years old, which means it’s a less expensive but still effective wireless printing choice. In this Canon Pixma iP110 Review, our experts have done thorough research to let you know all of the details in case you’re planning to purchase it.

The Canon Pixma IP110 is an average portable printer that gives you an average printing speed and paper handling plus a high quality in printing photos. It easily connects wirelessly to mobile and computer devices. Canon Pixma iP110 can serve if you need something portable or simply compact just be prepared to pay a premium for the convenience of printing from any place.


You’ll be surprised to learn that the iP110’s compact size (12.7 by 7.3 by 2.5 inches) weighs nearly five pounds when you pick it up. The fact that so much weight is jammed into such a small printer. While this site does not allow you to carry this gadget in your laptop bag, it does allow you to carry it in your backpack. The finest aspect is that this device is also quite long-lasting.

The iP110’s auto sheet feeder can handle about 50 sheets at a time, but depending on the paperweight you’re using, you might want to put less in its paper tray. It’s quite rare, however, that you’ll need to print more than 50 sheets at a time while on the road, regardless of your industry.

This device’s control panel is quite basic. There are some simple buttons on it, but no LED or LCD panels. Canon has included an automated turn-on option, which is a fantastic addition. This implies that when you send a print to this device, it will instantly turn on and begin printing. Full HD Movie Printing, Creative Park, and My Image Garden are among the software programs included with the Canon Pixma iP110.

Setup Process

Plugging in the power wire and installing the ink cartridges are the sole physical requirements for the Pixma. The print head cover may be opened with the printer tray open, which automatically pushes the ink to the center, allowing easy access to the cartridges. Installing ink cartridges is as simple as inserting them backward and gently pressing the ‘push’ button on the front of the cartridge. With a push-button release, removing them is virtually as simple. If low ink is detected in either the color or black ink cartridge slots, warning lights blink.

Via a network access point, you can connect the printer to your network in your home or office using traditional Wi-Fi. While on the go, use Access-Point mode to connect your laptop, phone, or tablet to the printer wirelessly and without a cable.


On the Canon Pixma iP110, print speed is a mixed bag. For its size class, its print speed is excellent. The printer is capable of printing 20 monochrome pages per minute (ppm), but only 14 color pages per minute (ppm). It prints at a rate of roughly 2 pages per minute, which is fast for its price range; it is somewhat faster than the Epson WorkForce WF-110. In short, it’s adequate for its price and size category, but investing more money gets you much better results.

Print Quality

Black-and-white documents printed at a maximum DPI of 600600 are always sharp and very legible. If you ever need a hard copy of a photo, the printer’s color photo resolution of 96002400 DPI comes in handy.

When printing papers that are merely text, we experimented with several font styles, sizes, and formatting. The written and colored text had excellent clarity. Ink smudge and readability were never an issue for us. Documents and spreadsheets with a lot of color and highlights had a propensity to curl the edges of the paper, which is usual.


The Canon Pixma iP110’s print quality is the single most disappointing feature. It eats up ink cartridges, which are only good for 191 pages when using black ink, and even less when using color ink, and even less when printing full-color pages.

Discussing Canon IP110’s price per page, you can expect to pay roughly 40.5 cents for each page printed. However, this price only applies to genuine or OEM cartridges. If you use generic cartridges, your cost per page will reduce to 31.7 cents, which is still quite high. Inkjet printers are notorious for their high operating costs. The operating cost rises above the average when mobility and great output quality are added.

Talking about the Canon Pixma IP110 ink system, it has a 5-ink system. As a result, you’ll have one multicolor cartridge with black, yellow, magenta, and cyan inks and one pigment black ink cartridge. Unfortunately, this approach wastes ink since if one of the colors in a multicolor cartridge runs out, the entire cartridge must be changed.

Key Features

A variety of mobile platforms and third-party services are supported by the Canon Pixma iP110. Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are two examples. The gadget also supports Canon Pixma Printing Solutions, which enables Evernote, Photobucket, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, and Google Drive access.

There aren’t many better alternatives for printing pictures on the move than the Canon Pixma iP110. The most you can expect when printing text with this device is laser quality.

Connectivity is something that mobile devices require, and the Canon Pixma iP110 does not disappoint. The iP110 may connect to your printing device through USB 2.0 or Wi-Fi, which is referred as to as “infrastructure” mode.


With one notable exception: the software, the Canon Pixma has aged admirably. The supplementary Canon software bundle that comes with the camera is hopelessly outdated.

The Canon QuickMenu adds an inconvenient L-shaped bar to the lower corner of the desktop, as well as a slideshow of images in the upper corner.

My Image Garden is the other key PC software component, which organizes all identified images into a calendar for simple browsing. In principle, this makes it simple to find photos from years ago, however, scrolling takes a long time because the software takes a long time to load pictures.

Photo repair, enhancement, and filters, as well as collage creation, are all included in the software – essential tools if you don’t have any dedicated photo-editing software.


It’s fine for most commercial needs, especially if you stick to 10- and 12-point sizes, but it’s not ideal for printing large amounts of text at smaller sizes. The graphics aren’t quite up to pace. It’ll suffice for most internal corporate needs. If you don’t have a critical eye, you might even consider it acceptable enough for PowerPoint handouts and the like.

After Canon Pixma iP110 Review, we’ve concluded that you’ll have a hard time finding a more flexible portable printer than the Canon iP110. However, you will be charged exorbitantly.




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