Can you use google classroom on a Chromebook?

Can you use google classroom on a Chromebook?

Can you use google classroom on a Chromebook? Yes, can you can! Google is now making it easy for schools to switch their setup on Online learning easily.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is a laptop that runs ChromeOS, which is Google’s operating system. Chromebooks can be very beneficial in education because they help students complete their school tasks more easily

and quickly with their simple design. In addition, it can also add extra features such as a file.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an app that can be downloaded into Chromebooks and other devices to help create, collect, and grade student work. Google Classroom can also allow teachers to view students’ activity in the class through their shared assignment page as well as track each of their progress

This free web-based platform integrates your G Suite for Education. In addition, time and paper are saved by using Classroom, which makes it easy to create classes and distribute assignments. Lessons are completed in real-time, and teachers can monitor who didn’t work and grade assignments and give feedback.

Can you use google classroom on a Chromebook?

Benefits of Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks are Affordable

The Cost of the Chromebook outranks all the Windows and Macbook laptops. This is because Chromebooks are intentionally designed for users who want low-end hardware at an affordable price and do daily tasks.

And schools and parents are always searching for a device that comes in their budget and helps students study and learn new things.

Chromebooks are simple to use and manage.

They come with a straightforward browser-based interface; no complex applications are present yet have some fantastic features.

In Chromebook, selected apps can be pre-installed, accessible, or restricted using the Google Admin Console to restrict students’ actions during school hours. Furthermore, schools can censor and monitor email and internet material.

If a teacher has difficulty with Chromebooks, help is available online, via email, chat, or phone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

simple and manage

There is a wide range of educational Chromebook apps.

There are numerous educational Chromebook apps available. There is a large selection of apps that are compatible with the “Google Chromebook.” It supports Android apps as well as “Google

Apps for education.” Other programs that will benefit your Classroom can be found on the Google Play store. Three of my favorite Chromebook apps are listed here.

 • Google Classroom:

If you want to manage your digital Classroom, you should utilize Google Classroom. Which allows educators to take virtual classes, plan assignments

• BookWidgets:

BookWidgets is a handy tool for educators; you may construct your interactive exercises and automatically graded assessments. Choose from over 40 digital exercise templates and customize them to fit your needs. Then, create and assign interactive BookWidgets assignments to your students using Google Classroom.

• Google Docs:

If students have to work in groups with a distant learning setup, this technology is valuable. Students can collaborate in the same document0; they can type, see others’ work, and make changes. And teachers can provide immediate feedback. Definitely worth a shot.

Above mentioned Apps are few, and Chrome OS is powered by Android technology, which allows you to download more than 5000 apps. You users can also install learning apps like Khan Academy and much more.

G-Suite For Education

The G Suite for Education is a free app. It comes with your school’s email accounts, the entire product suite, limitless document storage, and video conferencing. So if you have a school and are

eligible for the free G Suite for Education package, you should benefit from it.

Moreover, you can add as many students as you want; you can add all students of your school and provide quality education very organized manner.

Chromebooks are Secure

Chromebooks have unique security features; there is no possibility of unauthorized program installations, changed settings, or infections because they feature built-in security. Of course, that’s also because you can’t download anything anymore. Chromebooks receive updates from Google’s cloud server.

Built to support every student

Built and support

In Chromebook Education, apps and all work is connected with students and teachers user profiles by using a google account. All the lessons a teacher plans or the notes that a student takes are stored in google drive and their progress status. So School administration can keep an eye on everyone’s performance.

Moreover, in school computer labs and classrooms, multiple students can use one Chromebook; without interfering with each other’s privacy. As soon as a user logout its profile from Chromebook, no one can access their data.

Is the Chromebook compatible with other systems?

Yes, Chromebook Software allows you to work on files and docs that have been sent from other systems like Windows and iOS. So you won’t experience any problem in sharing your work.

Will students be affected by eye strain using Chromebooks at school?

The Chromebook model is specifically built for educational use, and the screens are intended to be used frequently throughout the day without impairing students’ vision.

The Chromebook will not be used in every class by the students. Instead, they roam around the school, so they aren’t glued to their screens for long periods of time and their vision is not affected.


Google Chromebooks for schools is an advanced technology device that comes at a meager cost with easy-to-use software and 24/7 customer support. Googles have pre-installed many educational apps like google classroom. It makes learning easy for users by providing apps that can collaborate to do group work. For all those looking for a device capable of doing all the daily tasks, Chromebook is a perfect option.

Moreover, Google is continuously updating its software, and there’ll be more exciting features in the future. So if you are a student, teacher, writer, or some corporate professional, don’t hesitate in getting a Chromebook

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