Can I Use a Drawing Tablet with a Chromebook?

Can I Use a Drawing Tablet with a Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook and you’re thinking if I can use a drawing tablet with a chrome book, then you’re in the right place. Chrome books are easy to carry, lightweight, and they’re perfect for you if you’re someone who needs a drawing tablet all the time. They are very convenient and adaptable and are very suitable for regular travelers.

A drawing tablet gives you expected drawing consideration and is very useful if you want to create complex shapes. If you are a digital artist who owns a Chromebook, you must first find out if the drawing tablet is well suited to your machine. This article will clear all Chromebook users’ queries about drawing tablets.

Compatibility of Drawing Tablet with Chromebook

Most of the best drawing tablets do not offer compatibility with Chromebooks without drivers. That way, if you have a drawing tablet, it won’t work to its full potential unless you install drivers for it. While you can simply use the drawing tablet by solely plugging it into your Chromebook’s USB slot, you won’t be able to draw with sensitivity to pressure.

If you are a graphic designer or a professional artist, obviously you will not be able to sustain without drawing pressure sensitivity. Sensitivity to pressure allows you to vary the width of your lines. This is done by putting different numbers of pressure on the tablet surface. When you apply light, a thin line will appear in contrast. The higher the pressure sensitivity the drawing tablet is provided with, the more you will be able to differentiate the shape of your lines. If you want to take advantage of a drawing tablet, you need to make sure that the software maintains this trait. You will need to install drivers if you want to make it even better.

Drivers for Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets are recognized for the pressure sensitivity of their pen. This ensures that tough projects and challenging are easily handled. If you can’t use this quality then owning a drawing tablet is purposeless. To be sensitive to this pressure, you need to install a synchronized driver on your computer. Drawing tablet manufacturers have different types of drivers that you will see when you visit the website and look in the driver’s part.

Drawing Tablet Options for Chrome book

When you go to the market to purchase a drawing tablet for a Chromebook, you have fewer options. The Chromebook is one of those models that offer pen support. Even if your Chrome book has local pen support, it will be limited so you won’t be competent to use it with each brand of tablet. Lenovo, Acer, and Asus are few chrome book tablet brands that offer support of native pen. If you’ve been here and insist on using a drawing tablet with a Chrome book, we suggest looking for a cheaper one. This is a very affordable tablet and it will help you to meet your drawing needs with the help of Chrome book. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t spend too much on a drawing tablet that won’t allow you to use pressure sensitivity for drawing.

So you can do all the small tasks easily by using the drawing tablet. Never make the mistake of buying a drawing tablet from XP Pen or Huion. They do not support Chrome OS at all but they offer cheap drawing tablet features. These drawing tablets are only compatible with Mac and Window systems.

Should I buy a Chromebook specifically for drawing?

An answer is a definitely no. Drawing tablets with Chromebooks is not an easy task. Even though manufacturers and developers are working hard, you will still have to deal with a lot of technical issues with this combination. An easy option is to always go with the Windows or Mac platform. Even if you go for a Chromebook that supports native pen, it will have a lot of restrictions, and the apps you want to use will have a lot of complications. You will be able to draw with Chromebooks that have pen support but they will be released with processing power and you will not be able to do professional things with them.

So, you shouldn’t buy a Chromebook specifically for drawing, but if drawing is a secondary or even a third thing, you can go for a Chromebook. You can only go for this option if you want to practice some drawing skills or give it to your children for drawing and fun.

Use a drawing tablet with a Chromebook

When you plug the drawing tablet into the Chromebook slot, it will start working but it will not work to its full potential. The drawing tablet will only function as a mouse and will not work as a drawing tablet.

You should not use a drawing tablet with a Chromebook for the following reasons:

Confined RAM

The Chromebook has a lightweight design and is affordable. A Chromebook has an average of 4 GB of RAM, which is too small to handle graphics programs. Limited RAM is the main reason why most programs do not work properly on Chromebooks. As such, most drawing tablet manufacturers do not support Chromebox due to low RAM.

Pressure sensitivity

If you plug your drawing tablet into a Chromebook and start using it, it will work but without the sensitivity of pressure. So, if you need pressure sensitivity for drawing, you have to leave the Chromebook option as it will not allow you.

If you already have a Chromebook and you want to draw using a drawing tablet, you should check out some Wacom tablets that are compatible with Chromebooks. However, if you haven’t bought a Chromebook yet, and you want to use it with your drawing tablet. You have even better options to use with your drawing tablet as the Chromebook will not let you down. Even a laptop comes with a drawing tablet because you can do complex graphics designing work on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Do graphics tablets work with Chromebooks?

The answer, for now, is no. At least not in a way that enables them to be used. You can plug them into a Chrome book and use its pen to navigate the screen as Chrome OS detects the x and y points of the pen pointer, but you only need to touch the screen directly or use the mouse. Would be better than Graphics tablets have what is called “pressure sensitivity” which allows you to apply different levels of pressure to the tablet using a pen-like you would with a real pencil.

This will help you to get lighter or deeper lines, which can be as thin or thick as a real pencil mark. This allows you to mimic physical drawing mediums like pencil and paper and get similar results. Tablet makers do not easily create drivers for Chrome OS.

You may be able to use the Linux container on your Chrome book to install the Linux Wacom Project and transfer software drivers to Linux software such as Gimp or Krita for pressure sensitivity. it’s definitely not for non-technical users who just want to buy a Chromebook for themselves and their kids to express themselves creatively and quickly.

Which drawing app is best?

There are lots of apps on the Google Play Store for sketching, drawing, painting, and more, but they’re not created equal. Everyone has their own preferences and each has a slightly different set of tools. My recommendations here will be based on some best apps, but I will make sure about the most popular and commonly used ones.

Art Flow

It is a great sketch application. This is an imitation of most of the features used in Windows PC with Photoshop for sketching and painting. It has a smart size and thickness slider for layers, layer adjustment, color wheel, h, your pencil or brush, and the whole layout feels very familiar but easy. ArtFlow and Unlimited Painter can also open and edit Photoshop document files (PSDs). After using Photoshop for many years, it felt like a natural fit.

Sketchbook Pro

It is another app with similar functionality and provided by Autodesk. If you’re looking for hand-painted or acrylic art, clever shapes, or just a round piece of software, you’ll want to check out Unlimited Painter. Google has gone to great lengths to partner with the developer of this app to deliver promotional ads with Chrombook. While these are among the best, there are thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store.


An incredible, new app that uses smart shapes and has a huge collection of brushes, not to mention really cool color wheel animation. If you are a parent, many children like to use MediBang to make mobile phones or cartoon-style pieces, although this app is not used exclusively by this age group.

Many of these apps, especially Artflow, allow you to store your drawings in the cloud with Google Drive to keep you safe. This makes it easier to find out when and where to get a new Chromebook. For those who are thinking of rejecting Palm, this is a feature that relies heavily on the Chrome OS and not so much on the pen, but many of these apps provide ‘pen the only mode’ so you Drag your screen without lifting. As a tool, make additional markings where you don’t want it.

Final verdict

Drawing Tablet is a great gadget that is a lot of fun to use. This innovation has changed the way artists perform their work. With a drawing tablet, it takes less time and effort to create a canvas. However, if you have a Chromebook and are looking for a compatible drawing book, there is nothing on the market right now.

Chrome OS is the operating system introduced by Google and has Google Chrome web browser as the interface. As such, most Chrome OS devices only support web applications and are unable to install tablet drawing drivers such as Wacom. Depending on the model of Chromebook you have, you may be able to get help with a limited pen to photograph some of Wacom’s older tablets. Older Wacom tablets will allow you to be attracted but you will still not be able to use pressure sensitivity, touch input, and tablet express.


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