Buffalo Launches New USB 2.0 Hard Drives

Buffalo technology is proud to announce the new storage with the DriveStation of external hard drives. This hard drives comes in different capacities like 80GB (HD-HB80U2), 120GB (HD-HB120U2), 160GB (HD-HB160U2) and 250GB (HD-HB250U2).

This hard drive is the best option for large files like photos, music and other files that takes large space and drain lot of resources. This plug and play drive makes use of the resources and increases the performance with the protecting valuable files.

Buffalo Launches New USB 2.0 Hard Drives

Buffalo Launches New USB 2.0 Hard Drives

The DriveStation is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh and supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 as well. Right out of the box it comes pre-formatted and ready to use. The included backup utility allows users to customize backup scheduling for ultimate data protection and the drive preservation. The product offers silent protection and cools internal components.

The DriveStation comes with a Auto Power-on features which associate the power of the attached computes and automatically provides the power to the computer. The power-saving shutdown feature is very helpful as it allows the users to schedule the power-off capabilities. These drives run at 7200rpm and the sleek design can fit easily into palm and bags.

The DriveStation is the best option to use as a backup drive and the price is much affordable.

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