BUDGET Gaming Mouse – Redragon Centrophorus Review

the Red Dragons Santro phorus is a very low priced budget mouse, I take an in-depth look to find out if this mouse is worth your consideration for gaming on a budget buying budget peripherals is always a bit of a mixed bag.

Redragon Centrophorus Review

Redragon Centrophorus Review

Sometimes you get a product that really impresses you like when I reviewed the tomoko I 500 and other times you get exactly what you would expect for the price now if you remember just a little while ago I already reviewed the red dragon karora keyboard which I wasn’t really impressed with but to be entirely fair it really was just a keyboard with all that said I decided to give red dragon another shot so let’s take a look at the red dragon central phorus mouse so let’s take a look at this thing this mouse comes in a plastic box which kind of surprised me it’s a pretty nice touch for such an inexpensive Mouse the mouse has a pretty nice ergonomic design which for me was very comfortable when using a palm grip but a little less so when using a claw grip I have really long fingers though so that’s probably why my first impression is that this thing feels solid and has a really nice looking design this mouse has red backlighting which does a really nice job of accentuating the aggressive design of this mouse this is a 6 button mouse with 2000 dpi with its optical sensor this mouse features a braided USB cable that ends at a gold plated USB connector at this point if you hadn’t told me what this Mouse cost I would have guessed at least to top it all off this mouse also has 8 weights that you can customize for the perfect feel this is a feature usually reserved for high-end gaming mice so I was completely blown away when I saw this this mouse also comes with an 18 month warranty which is pretty insane considering what you pay to get this mouse all of the buttons are very responsive and have a nice light click to them all while feeling very solid in their construction like always I did a sound test for you guys so you can hear it for yourself I test drove this mouse by playing a few games of overwatch I did this test out of the box with no adjustments in game or to the mouse again this mouse really surprised me it performed flawlessly it was a little different getting used to this over my Death Adder which I’ve used for years but that would have happened with any other Mouse performance-wise this mouse worked just as good as any plus Mouse that I’d used I am really really impressed well there you have it guys this little mouse from red dragon came in at and at that price point really how much could we actually expect from it but to be honest with you the build quality and the amount of features that they packed into this Mouse far exceeds something of the quality Mouse .

In this Redragon Centrophorus Review (Updated Article), you can find out that what are the pros and cons of this product that allows you to make a better decision of your money.

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