Brother MFC-L2740DW Multi Function Laser Printer Review

Hi, everyone, this is Dave from geek Android’s and welcomes to my review of this brother multi-function laser printer this is the MFC l27 40 DW now before I give you a product demonstration and also guide around the printer itself let’s run through some of the main specifications.

Brother MFC-L2740DW Multi Function Laser Printer Review

Brother MFC-L2740DW Multi-Function Laser Printer Review

This particular device will actually print scan copy or factual devices and when you’re printing it prints in a single color up to 30 pages per minute now has got a 250 sheet paper tray down the bottom here which you can adjust the various sizes I’ve currently got some a4 paper already installed in there and we’ve also got a manual feed paper slot as well inside there is a fax machine so if you still want a fax document you can when you’re actually printing you can actually print up to 1200 dpi and you’ve also got a scanning function you can scan single sheets by placing them on the glass scanning bed here or indeed you can actually feed multiple sheets of paper through up to 35 pages can sit in this automatic document feeder and they can either be scanned or copied and it will actually scan up to 19,000 200 dots per inch now regards to the actual performance of this I already mentioned it has 30 pages per minute and it’s also got a really good processor inside which helps with that speed a 266 megahertz processor in here 64 megabytes of RAM and connectivity is really good as well you can connect this to your network via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable or to a single computer via USB the languages inside so it will actually handle PCL and PostScript languages there’s a two-sided copy and scan function as well there’s a six point 8 centimeter touchscreen display which I’ll show you a little bit closer later on and this is Windows and Mac compatible now currently I’ve got this connected to my Mac Pro I’m going to print a document I’m going to print it 20 times just to show you how fast this actually processes the document and completes the 20 pages so I’ve just sent the data to the printer the actual display has changed it says receiving and now it’s starting to print the first page of that run of 20 and you’ll see very very quick in printing these documents now watch this is completing the 20 pages I will just take these out and show you it actually produces very clear and clean text very crisp around the letters absolutely superb job of printing this type of document it will handle graphics as well well that’s not really designed to but anything like business documents are absolutely fine on this particular printer so that’s finished printing the 20 documents already and I think that is superb when it comes to performance very very quick indeed now we can of course copy documents as well I’m just going to take one of these printouts place it on the scanner bed and actually show you the copy function so I’m going to tap on copy on the touchscreen I can set the number of documents so for this one we just do five copies and we can tap on start and this actually scans the document and then it’s going to print it at the same speed so we’re still achieving the thirty pages per minute so again a very quick performance by this particular printer and very good quality as well working from that scanning bed now regards to the actual consumables this uses a single color black toner cartridge and you can get various different toner cartridges at various prices you can get one that actually has a yield of 1200 pages and you get one of those inside the box and that comes out around about the  mark then you can step things up to a two thousand six hundred page yield cartridge and that’s going to cost you around about or you can get a combination drum cartridge which has a yield of 12,000 pages and that’s going to cost you around about so that’s the most cost effective solution so now let’s take a closer look at the touch screen and the menu system now before I show you the touch screen and the menu system I just want to show you where the manual paper feed trays and it’s just here just above the main 250 sheet tray and then just above this we’ve got the paper exit and there’s a little flap we can pull out and this is really useful for if you’re printing or copying in high volumes it stops the paper falling out the front of printer then we’ve obviously got the touch screen just here but to the right hand side we’ve got some physical controls we’ve got the main power on/off button we’ve also got a little symbol here for Wi-Fi and this lights up in blue when it’s connected to a wireless network we’ve got a numeric keypad that’s used for the fax machine or dialing in a certain number of copies we’ve also got a back button a home button and also an X and the X is used for actually canceling the operation that’s in use so if you’re copying you can actually stop copying by hitting that button so let’s tap the home button and then we have a closer look at this touch screen and also the menu system now it’s worth noting that this isn’t a capacitive touchscreen it is a resistive touchscreen so rather than pressing it with your fingers it’s best to do it with your nail we’ve got options here for fax copy and scan we can go across one section and we’ve got options for scanning to the web so we can scan to the cloud something like Dropbox for example we’ve also got access to apps we’ve got a secure means area we’ve also got a two-in-one ID copy which just basically makes two copies of the ID back in front onto a single sheet of paper and then if we go into settings we can actually access things like the amount of toner that’s left the tray settings network settings Wi-Fi direct and indeed all settings and in all settings this is for the general setup the fax machine setup Network printing reports and the machine info and initial setup now if at any stage we want to go back one we can actually use the back button or if you want to go all the way back to the home screen we can tap the home button we can add shortcuts to the screen as well we can get direct access to the amount of toner that’s left and it also displays the current date and time I must point out you that for the purposes of this review the date is actually incorrectly set I’m recording this the middle of May so that’s basically the main menu options if we go into one of the options for example with a copy option here we can actually select the number of copies we make but you’ll also notice that the numeric keypad is lit up and this means that these buttons can be used for dialing an exact number so perhaps we want to do 74 copies of something and then we would tap the start button to start those copies going we go back one section we can also go into scan and it’s here we’ve got options for scanning so we can scan to a file or we can scan a picture into a graphics application or we can scan to email for example for an email attachment or we can even scan to an FTP server so we’ve got lots of options here we go with a backhoe way back over to the left we can also scan the document to our computer as a file and we can also scan a document and convert it into a text file using optical character recognition so again absolutely loads of options available it’s a very easy menu to understand very well laid out with plenty of functionality so I’m sure you’ll agree that if you’re looking for a very cost effective multifunction single color laser printer the brother MFC ln t 740 DW really does fit the bill this is really economic to run very compact and it just works superbly either in a wireless situation or indeed wired to your network so that’s it for this video I hope you found it useful if you’ve got any questions please do leave them in the comment section please do hit like on this video really does help me and I will see you all in the next video

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