Brother Laser Printer ( HL-L2390 DW) Review

Brother Laser Printer ( HL-L2390DW) Review

Brother Laser Printer ( HL-L2390DW) Review

Hey folks its Ben I’m here with another box opening kind of we know what’s in it but let’s do a review of it as well here I have a brother HL oh that’s neat HL oh 2390 DW laser printer and what’s cool about this printer is that are you tired of having a desk jet that if you print maybe a hundred pages a year and it being keeps drying out or the color it’s like to replace all the cartridges and you got to do it over here it’s it’s annoying and frustrating especially when you need to print something and it’s dead on you gotta go to town get your cartridges etc laser printers tend not to have that issue they use a dry ink essentially and the drum and they don’t typically dry out so we found this for sale at Staples dot CA I’m sure the states has got similar model as well they sent us a for some furniture we had purchased prior so between it being free shipping we only had to pay tax we end up paying like 106 for delivered to my office door so with that being said let’s open it up and take a look at it it’s got some sweet features I mean how before I open it right here on the box it’s a also has a copier on top so it has a single just like a regular photocopier it comes with a 700-page toner cartridge so for us that’s about 7 years and then it comes with the standard drum when we do go to replace the cartridge they typically come in either 1200 page or three thousand page variants so if we do use it a lot a toner is about so almost the same price as the printer but once again they don’t go bad so the win above this one so let’s open it up and it has of course the unpacking extra instructions right on the top here so that’s fairly cool all your crap and styrofoam so let’s pull all this stuff apart and dig it out stop and read me first sure starter mission itself which I’m going to move the box to the floor and then lift up on to our awesome table that concludes the goodies in the box so let’s open this thing up Power Core tango well there’s the back okay so we’ll go right down the quick set-up guide here so it says remove packing materials and install the drum and cartridge assembly so we’ve gotta peel all these little blue tabs off of the machine I have similar machine at work my brother that works very well so I was slightly biased to that just because it works well and so always nice to work with a woman that you kind of know works this it scans it copies it prints it does not facts however this is the lower-end machine so people don’t anyway nobody faxed so this is where our drum a little technical glitch but I cut it right at the end we caught it so anyway you close the door and to open it of course you pull on the sides next we’ve got to add paper okay so the papers in there there’s that so lo paper and tray connect power cord and turn machine on the cool part about this printer is that it’s Wi-Fi so we can actually completely set it up here so I’m gonna do the power cord and I’ve got so many power outlets in our filming room here that that will be one get in you know a problem store that’s not plastic pieces here you also have to probably and turn it on and there’s a power switch friend that says and hit that and it says using we can select our initial setup all right nice wee things I think so press Menu Nate and up or down to initial set up have initial set up there it is okay down to local language which it’s already there okay for if you have a fax machine which this one doesn’t you can plug it into a phone line but yeah those are for us and configure machine for taxing I don’t care select a device and connect your machine you can connect a local computer or you can hook it up to your Wi-Fi and then you’d use your PC to find it so we’ll go to menu down to network ok down to man ok and then setup wizard ok and on is up searching for SSID Rexie is the one we want isn’t it ok and the network key and I guess I’m gonna be punching out some up and down numbers here so cut back with me and then we’ll do that so we typed in our typed in a password it says connected so press the ok key so now it’s on our Wi-Fi and now we can print or scan using our mobile device or we’ll need to configure this specific printer for our whatever but you want to try printing off your iPad that would be a good demonstration of it so I will grab it and we’ll go from there Oh your iPhone sure so let’s exit out of this by going exit I guess we could make a copy too so I’ll take the most copy thing ever instructions throw it on here and I will hit copy skin opposite copies actually I just press Start yeah there you go that is pretty cool so it works as a copier and we’ll leave it up to your specific devices although you want to try to give it a shot on your phone yeah we’ll do that so hold the phone hold the camera here she probably has an app that does that okay all right so here we go what what is this a PDF mhm okay so we hit the to the send button and okay and we go to print and select printer and it found it just like that that’s stupid and here you hit print yeah gives you the option to do double-sided because this does a double set it is a duplexing printer too so receiving data holy crap that’s winning gorgeous didn’t even have to plug it into a PC that’s fantastic or anything just hopped on the Wi-Fi no way it goes so anywho if you have any comments questions I like that I’ll do a further review after we’ve used it a ton but the users are awesome like that forĀ  gets us in the door and at photocopies it’s only black and white but as someone else had said in a similar video if you’re doing color you’re gonna go to Walmart or you’re gonna go to some other store and do it so this is exactly what we needed in our household and please subscribe to our channel for further updates and we’re gonna catch you guys later

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