Brinell Wood Cases for USB drives

Brinell is a popular company that builds several USB thumb drives, portable mechanical drives as well as solid state drives and turn them into luxurious accessories. They are popular to encase their drives into luxury materials like wood, and carbon fiber. You will notice the SSD with a rigid metal lining with a divot which hides a built-in USB 3.0 connection.

Brinell Wood Cases for USB drives

Brinell Wood Cases for USB drives

If you go for the smaller USB drive then you will end up with a quick-release hideaway USB connector to flip of any tiny button.

A product of this kind and build quality will live longer for the price you are paying for the luxury gadget. The company always try the best to make the hardware feels robust and doesn’t creates the illusion of the durability. Instead the products are well-engineered and nearly invisible panel gaps with top-notch materials that feel great in-hand.

The newest product of the company is the IFA drive that has 3.5″ form factor and comes with a Samsung Evo internal SSD drive which is the best in class and has the higher read/write speeds compared to any USB 3.0 SSD and indeed meets the standards of the limiting speeds.

The company’s most usual product is Brinell Tower that houses a 2,600mAh power brick and a wireless transmitter with USB 3.0 port to create a dual-purpose wireless hard drive and a charger. The device looks like a small USB stick and works with any hard drive that can connect over USB.

THe company operates from North America and offers several capacities like 16GB and 64Gb in affordable prices. It’s SSDs are also of reasonable capacity as well as price making it one of the best manufacturer.

You will find high prices as well but you get the value for what you pay. You will always get a unique drives with resorting gimmicks. They also save you from blowing hundreds of dollars for just luxury things.

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