Black Projector Screen vs White Which is Better

Black Projector Screen vs White Which is Better

In today’s day and age when technology is reaching new heights, every day there is some new gadget launching making our lives easier and experiences memorable. One thing that has become most essential in recent times is a screen. There is almost absolutely nothing we can do without a screen. Be it a mobile screen, an LED TV, or a projector screen; it is crucial for work, entertainment, or even when we want to relax.

One screen that can fulfill all our requirements is a projection screen. Want to have a gaming session with your friends, a movie night with family, or even a binge-watching marathon on Netflix! It is highly necessary for an office boardroom and classrooms as well or else, where would you give presentations and get lectures from?! Even having it in your home for daily use, transforms the room into an impressive space.

For a better experience, we always opt for the best and in these modern times thankfully we have options to choose from. Gone are the times when we only had one projector screen type which was white. We have been using white screens for as long as we can remember; in cinemas, classrooms, offices but why go for the standard anymore? Or the black one is more efficient. It may not seem like a big deal to choose a color for your projector but it sure does make a big difference. So let’s have a comparison of Black Projector Screen vs White Which is Better and make it easier for you to see if you need an upgrade or not.


Color or picture quality as we may call it is the fundamental most quality to consider when looking for a projection screen. Popular opinion is that black projection screens give better color and picture quality as compared to white projection screens as it also offers ‘ALR’ (Ambient Light Rejection) meaning it cancels out the ambient light from the surrounding and does not allow it to interfere with projector light that falls over the screen; hence, providing clear and better quality images.

Due to the ALR quality of black projection screens, it can be used in well-lit spaces and there is no need to darken the room while white screens do not cancel the ambient light which is why it cannot give good quality projection until we switch off the lights and draw curtains. When black screens give such good quality results in bright spaces imagine the quality it would give in a dark space.

Check out this video for a demo of ALR in black projector screens.



As you know, we don’t wear black in the blistering sun rather we go for light colors like white because it reflects the light and black has the tendency to absorb it. Here white projector screen has an advantage over the black projector screen because similarly, white projector screens reflect the light falling over the screen due to which a person might be standing at anywhere in the room and at any angle he would be able to see whatever is happening on the screen whereas to be able to view the black screen the viewer must ensure that he has planned the seating arrangement, screen height and projector’s position proportionately.

This being an advantage for the white projector screen, it also is a big disadvantage. The light that is reflected from the screen brightens the entire room and if you are trying to create a dark home cinema environment it is not possible even in a dark room.


Great contrast is everything. As previously discussed, the white projector screen bounces the light and surroundings become brighter which is why the images appear to be lighter or dimmer while the black projector screen absorbs the surrounding light and gives better contrast. Darker images appear to be clearer on it as compared to the white screens and the experience is extraordinary and more enjoyable.


Ever since we have been using projector screens we have seen white screens everywhere which is why they are our go-to when we think of projector screens. Amazon offers them in sizes that vary from 50’’ to 300’’, in a wide range of product qualities, and in many brands that may suit different consumers with different needs and budgets.

The black projector screens were introduced a couple of years back which is why they are not very popular. As they are not in high demand from the consumers they are not available in a very wide range. Lesser brands make them according to their consumer needs as compared to the white projector screens.


White projector screens being standard for commercial use like cinemas or other public places. It also comes in an acoustic transparent version that enables to place the speaker behind the screen. These are made of a woven material that does not allow the light to pass but lets the sound pass through it without being distorted. The speakers are placed out of the sight and it seems like the sound is coming from the picture itself. Even though these modified versions are a little costly than regular ones, but it’s only available in white projector screens.

Black screen technology innovators are working to create affordable black screens and bring more innovation but so far the acoustic transparent version has not been introduced in black projector screens.


If we compare the prices of white projector screens v/s black projector screens, evidently white projector screens are much pocket friendly because as discussed previously; they are available in different qualities due to which their prices start with as low as $20 and can go as high as the quality of the screen improves.

Black projector screens are pretty expensive as compared to white screens. These are preferred mostly by gaming enthusiasts, movie buffs; in general, the people who want an enhanced experience. The black screens give better results, have a better quality which is why they have higher prices and are not very economical for the regular masses. A selected number of brands make them and their prices start from nearly a $100 and go up as high as the better quality you want.



  • Screen can be viewed from any angle
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Varied range of qualities as per the need
  • Available with special features
  • Available in different price ranges
  • Pocket friendly


  • Cannot cancel ambient light
  • Can’t give good projection until used in dark space
  • Reflects light that brightens even the dark space
  • Contrast is not good because of reflected light


  • Offers ambient light rejection
  • Provides clearer and better image quality
  • Can be used in well lit spaces
  • Minimize boot timE


  • Screen can only be viewed at a particular range
  • Does not have many options to choose from
  • Not available with special features yet
  • Not very economical



Now comes the main question! What colored projector screen to buy?

The answer depends highly upon the buyer’s personal preference, here are some points that can help you decide. As they are not affable for commercial use like offices or educational institutions black projector screens highly attract the people who want to have an upgraded experience with great picture quality and a theater feel. People like streamers, YouTubers, gaming enthusiasts, and cinephiles who are willing to spend a little more for a better experience can go for black screens.

  • If you have ambient light in the space you are putting up the screen go for the black screen
  • Black screen is the best option if you want uncompromised picture quality
  • If you are creating a home theatre experience and you have any light source from the LED setup or an AV system the black screen would handle it with ease

White screens have the biggest advantage by offering different price ranges. If you are on a budget and experience does not matter to you much you can go for white projector screens. It will give a wide range of qualities depending on how much you would want to spend. If you’re buying for commercial use white screen is the way to go.

  • If you want to go easy on the pocket go for the white screen that you can afford
  • If you have several viewers and seating arrangement can be compromised white screen will save you
  • If you want to place speakers behind your screen, white screens have a wide range to cater to this need as well

Black and white projector screens are easily available on Amazon worldwide. You can buy the one that suits better to your need.

Click on the link to check out projector screens.


  • Don’t underestimate the value of a good quality product. Be it a black or a white projection screen, a good quality screen will give a good quality result.
  • If you buy an expensive projector and a low-quality screen thinking the projector will do the job, that screen will affect the projector’s capability and vice versa.
  • Always choose the size of the projection screen based on the dimension of the room you are trying to set it up in.

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