Best PS4 Headsets under $100

Best PS4 Headsets under $100

A PS4 headset is a gaming gadget and it is very important when you play a game with your friend or competitive. The advantage of a good PS4 headset is you can enhance your gaming experience immersively over other players.

There are many manufacturers that make headset for PS4 and we have selected top 11 best headset for PlayStation 4 and they all under 100$. If the console costs of a PS4 around 300$, Then what,s the point of getting 250$ PS4 headset. Commonly, the performance report of a 100$ headset PS4 is flawless and you can’t find a huge difference between one and a 200$ headset.

Best PS4 Headsets under $100

Before you choose a PS4 headset for gaming you need to know the main factors and criteria. A PS4 headset can be too different with wired or wireless, surround sound, stereo and much more features you need to know before making a purchase.

1.Headset with 3.5mm jack-analog headset

Commonly the most popular and traditional analog headset uses a 3.5mm audio jack to transmit sound to the headset. A headset with 3.5mm audio jack is also known as a very reliable connector type. Pro gamers choose a wired headset over wireless because, It,s reliability and compatibility are better than the wireless headset. You can easily use 3.5mm headset with everything like your smartphone, PC and much more.

2.Headset with USB or optical connection-Digital headset

Integrated digital to analog converter(DAC).It’s like the new standard for a new headset. Many manufacturers make a headset with a USB or optical connection. There are many people who believe these headsets offer a better sound quality than other headsets.

Wireless headsets

If you feel limited by a wired headset, there is a solution to plug a transmitter into your PS4 device. A wireless headset is a great choice if you sit far away from your PS4 device. You need to charge your headset just a few hours and make your headset heavier and less comfortable.

Stereo or surround sound?

7.1 surrounded sound headsets are mostly available at the price of 100$, And if you need it well it will definitely enhance your gaming experience. Especially, If you play competitive games then you need a surround sound headset to immerse in your game fully.


All the headsets are not expensive than 100$ But if you are looking for a quality headset with features and low price range of 70-100$ you got low quality and you’re missing some good features.

1. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II is a great headset for any gaming devices including PS4. This is an all-time favorite when it comes to gaming. The cool feature of this headset is the 53mm neodymium magnets drivers that provide High-quality audio. The frequency response range of 15-25kkhz which is much greater than standard 20-20kHz.You can fully immerse in your game with his 7.1 surround sound. This is the best choice if your budget is 100$.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5 is the same as Arctis 7 which is one of the best all-time headsets. The difference between Arctis 5 and Arctis 7 is that Arctis 5 is wired and it also has RGB illumination. You can get USB and Analogue with both. Anyhow if you’re looking for a new and modern up to date headset for gaming than the Arctis 5 is the best choice for you.

3. Razer Kraken Pro 2

Razer Kraken 2 is a popular gaming accessory that manufacturer with quality and compatibility. It,s made with classy shape and features. It is a stereo headset with 7.1 surround sound.

4. HyperX Cloud Stinger

Kingston HyperX Cloud II is a great option for who can’t afford the top 3 headsets in this article. The cool feature of this headset is 50mm directional drivers that provide high-quality audio. It is a cheap headset because it’s made of hard plastic.

5. Logitech G933 Artemis

Logitech is a popular manufacturer of gaming accessory. They have a good reputation of manufacturing speaker but the G933 Artemis has everything a gamer wants it has 7.1 surround sound, quality audio, and noise-canceling microphone. Because the price range of this headset is 100$ so you can only get a wired version of this headset.

6. Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

If you don’t want to buy third party manufacturer headset than the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset is the best choice. It has a stylish look with 7.1 surround sound and outstanding audio quality.

7. Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50

If you want to buy a cheap and most basic headset than Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50 is a great choice. The audio level is awesome if you use this headset for gaming.

8. T19 Over-Ear Gamer Headphones

T19 Over-Ear Gamer Headphone is a metal or stainless steel frame gadget. This is made not so well by the popular manufacturer but it has new features and super audio. To be honest this headset showed great performance and the bass is very clear and deep. The price range of this headset is under 100$.

9. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Stealth 400

If you’re looking for a wireless headset under 100$ than Turtle Beach – Ear Force Stealth 400 offers with a battery life of 15 hours and it is good for long gaming sessions. The advantage of a wireless headset is you can freely sit so far from your gaming console. But wired headsets provide high-quality audio and surround sound instead of wireless.

10. ATRO Gaming A40 TR

Astro A40 is the most popular gaming headset. It has a beautiful stylish look with new features. surround sound and audio quality is superb. To be honest Everything about this headset it’s a premium deal for you.

11. Logitech G231

Logitech G231 is a very basic and good headset. It has no many features but good audio and a modern look. Everything about Logitech G231 is the very basic and simple headset for you.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to find yourself and choose a perfect PS4 headset. And you got an idea about what to look in PS4 headset.

All the headsets are compatible with the PS4 console and will work flawlessly. If you want a wireless or wired headset with 7.1 surround sound then you can pick one from our top 10 list.

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