Best PS4 Cooling Fans Ultimate Guide

if you’re short of time take a quick look at the top-rated PS4 cooling fans.

Do you know that playing the game continuously on your PS4 can be dangerous for your PlayStation?

Yes, it can, and all you have to do to keep your gaming experience smooth is to just get a best PS4 cooling fan.

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That said, I have shortlisted some top-rated cooling fans which you can buy right now depending on your choice. Well, there are hundreds of them in the market but no one has time to go through all of them.

Let’s get started with this list of awesome cooling fans for your PS4.

In case you are short on time, The cooling fan I recommend is Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan because it has dual cooler fans, a dual charging station, and a space-saving design, plus a reasonable price tag.



Best PS4 Cooling Fans

  • LED Indicator

  • Dual Charging

  • Fast Charging

  • Voltage Protection

  • Dual Charging

  • Dual Cooling Fan

  • Controller Sharing Docks

  • 3 USB | HUB Ports

  • Dual Cooling Fan

  • Controller Charger

  • Charging Indicator

  • 3 USB | HUB Ports

  • Dual Cooling Fan

  • Two Charging Port

  • Independent Speed Switch

  • 3 HUB Ports

  • Dual Cooling Fan

  • 2 Charging Port

  • Independent Speed Switch

  • 3 HUB Ports

  • Dual Cooling Fans

  • 2 Controller Chargings

  • Vertical Stand+Slim Chip

  • Dual Big Fans + 3 Small

  • Both Manual & Auto Modes

  • Easy Installation

 Our Top 3 PS4 Cooling Fans 

Here comes the list of the best PS4 cooling fans.

1. Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Dual Charging Station Review

No products found.

This cooling fan has a great appearance and lightweight design. The whole package comes with two fans, that relieve you from worrying about overheating.

The best part about this cooling fan is that it boasts a dual charging station or mounts for your PlayStation 4 controllers so nothing to worry about the controller losing battery and you can charge both controllers at the same time.

The unique vertical design saves a lot of space. The rear contains a non-slip mat which makes sure that the fan sits nicely on your console and never falls or slips.

But that’s not all…

The package brings 8 brand-new thumbsticks. Furthermore, the Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand comes with an 18-month warranty.

Overall, Zacro fits perfectly with PS4 but not with Slim or Pro and it will also get a slight noise with dual cooling fans.

No products found.

  • Charge extra controller while playing with other one
  • Keeps the system cool
  • Additional USB ports
  • Bit heavy
  • Fans are little noisy
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2. Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Review

The Ortz is a multipurpose cooling fan that comes with a vertical orientation that makes it easy to fit compared to the horizontal orientation. The dual cooling fans not only keep the PS4 cool but the pointy edges give your PlayStation a nice and compact look.

Furthermore, Ortz boasts a dual charging setup to charge both controllers, 2 hubs, and 1 USB port. The charging station doesn’t require any long wires for charging and connecting with PS4.

As you can charge both of your controllers at the same time, make sure to put the PlayStation at standby mode, otherwise, your PS4 will lose its power.

The best part? The cooling fans make no sound while working.

There’s no instructions manual which some consumers will find difficult to set it up. But you only have to connect the built-in USB cord with your PS4 and that’s all.

2,524 Reviews
Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan [Keeps System Cool] Playstation Controller Charging Station...
  • THE #1 MOST ELEGANT, USABLE AND RELIABLE ON-THE- GO PS4 STAND – do you want to rid your gaming...
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Fans are quite silent
  • Built-in USB cord
  • No instruction manual for setup

3. Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan (Updated Version) Review

This updated version comes with four charging stations at both ends of the stand making it comfortable to charge your controllers.

This restructured version boasts some extra cool features compared to its predecessor. The unique design makes sure the controllers are being charged safely without the danger of falling off. The 4 additional ports make it easy to connect other accessories to avoid the clutter of cables on your gaming console.

There are two cooling fans inside the stand to maximize the cooling effect. You might hear the noise caused by these fans so you can turn them of periodically using the power button located at the front.

The extra features result in extra weight which is no surprise at all. Although the LEd light feature was a good one, few gamers reported about the sharp LED light pierced their eyes.

Overall, this is the best cooling fan with updated features and a solid investment of your money.

24 Reviews
Ortz PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station for Playstation 4, PS4 Accessories, PS4 Vertical Stand with Dual...
  • USE A MULTIFUNCTIONAL VERTICAL STAND - are you looking for a charging station for your PS4/PS4...
  • COOL DOWN YOUR CONSOLE WITH AN UPGRADED COOLING SYSTEM - are you worried about your PS4 console...
  • KEEP YOUR CONSOLE AND CONTROLLERS IN A UNIQUE STAND - are you looking for a way to hold your gadgets...
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ITS HIGH-COMPATIBILITY WITH PS4 CONSOLES - are you looking for a cooling and...
  • Quiet Cooling fans
  • Great built-up and design
  • Both Controllers can be charge at once
  • Fans are no that much powerful
  • PS4 is unable to fit in stand

4. Amir PS4 Cooler, PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Review

Amir is a vertical stand cooling fan with dual fans. The unique design with anti-slip rubber pads located at the bottom of the stand is helpful to avoid falling off the gaming console.

The best thing about this cooling fan is that it brings 4 brand-new cover caps for your controllers. The dual charging station allows you to charge both controllers at the same time. Furthermore, it boasts 2 hub ports and 1 USB port.

Furthermore, The customer support service is impressive and the long guarantee makes it an ideal choice for your PS.

Overall, Amir is a time-saving PS4 compatible cooler that comes with a 12-month warranty of replacement in case it’s performance is subpar.

54 Reviews
AMIR Vertical Cooler Charging Station for PS4, Cooling Fan Stand, with 14 Game Disc Storage, Dual...
  • 【2 CONTROLLER CHARGING STATIONS 】2 build in charging ports are designed for PS4 controller. They...
  • 【GAME DISC STORAGE 】Constructed with 14 slot Game disc storage area, you can easily store your...
  • 【ALL-IN-ONE PACK】Including PS4 Console Vertical Stand + 2 Cooling Fans + 2 Controller Charging...
  • 【UNIQUE APPEARANCE】 Fashionable and unique appearance of rocket shape for the vertical stand...
  • Dual Fans
  • 14 slot gaming disc storage
  • Multifunctional (can also connect to tablet)
  • None really

5. Amir PS4 Cooler, Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Review

This is an innovative, and improved version of Amir PlayStation that comes with some unique and diverse features. It has a unique design and 14 slots allowing you to place all of your gaming discs and DVDs. Furthermore, the stand allows you to put your DVDs in a perpendicular and upright position. So you have a clear display of your all gaming DVDs and can choose your favorite one easily from the organized setup.

Similarly, it inherits all the features of its predecessor like dual charging stations, dual cooling fans, and hub ports. The fan runs at 3000 RPM. The triangular-shaped corners and the diverse appearance in black color make it elegant.

26,591 Reviews
PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station for Playstation 4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro, OIVO PS4 Pro Vertical Stand with...
  • Multi-functional Design for Regular PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Console: Cooling & storage your...
  • LED Indicators & Fast Charging Speed: Let you know the charging status at a glance, the red...
  • Upgraded Cooling System: Turn on the fan, and Cooling down your Playstation 4 console efficiently,...
  • Compatible with PS4/Slim/Pro Console: Put your Playstation 4 Consols on the cooling stand, more...
  • Dual fans run at 3000 RPM
  • 14 slot gaming disc storage
  • Multifunctional (can also connect to tablet and other Devices)
  • None really

6. Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Review

The Kootek vertical stand cooling fan comes with dual fans spinning at 3000 RPM to give a nice cooling effect with less noise. It’s loaded with two charging ports for controllers and 3 USB ports.

It is similar to an Amir cooling fan that brings 14-slots for storing DVDs in a single place. But it has an exceptional grip which makes it stabilize to stand the PS4 firm. The 2 LED light indicators display the status of charging.

It’s only compatible with PS4 not with Pro and slim. A downside with this cooling fan is that buttons need to be pushed for a certain amount of time to start working.

6,848 Reviews
Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim/Regular PlayStation 4, Controllers Charging...
  • All-In-One: console vertical stand for PS4 slim/regular PS4+ cooler+ dualshock charging station+ USB...
  • Features 2 built-in fans keep your game console cool and calm, no more overheating after long hours...
  • It is space saving that allows game console to be used safely in a vertical position.
  • Charging station with 2 charger ports to charge both of your game controllers simultaneously; Note:...
  • High Performance
  • Good return of investment
  • Can Charge both controllers simultaneously
  • Fans are little noisy

7. Miboo PS4 Cooling Fan Review

Miboo is a better class cooling fan that comes with 5 fans and uses 3 different styles to cool down your gaming console. You can set your preferences for cooling and speed. Similarly, depending on the gaming mode like light sessions or hardcore, the cooling style and speed vary according to that which makes it the best quality and high-end cooling fan.

Although it uses 5 fans still makes no noise at all. All the fans vary in size with two larger and three smaller ones. So you can simply use the button to adjust the speed like on, turbo and auto. Turbo is for high-speed mode, and auto goes into automatic mode depending on your gaming style.

Overall, Miboo is a high-quality dynamic cooling fan with 5 fans and several cooling styles that is totally worth for the small price tag. The extraordinary and effective cooling features make it a magnificent product.

121 Reviews
Miboo PS4 Cooling Fan External Cooler Fan for Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Gaming Console by Miboo
  • Cool down your PlayStation 4 hardware and make sure its dustless
  • Five fans and three different cooling modes:Normal speed for decent gaming.Turbo speed for really...
  • Automatic mode cooler turns on when your PlayStation 4 gets hot and turns down when it gets cool...
  • Works smooth and quiet
  • 5 fans to cool system down
  • Noise free Performance
  • Single functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a cooling fan for PS4?

I would say yes because a cooling fan is not that expensive and it actually helps in keeping your device’s heat level low. But PS4 can also work fine without it

Can I use a fan to cool my PS4?

Yes, a room fan be used to cool PS4 but it is not that effective as a specially designed cooling fan for PS4

Can a PS4 work without a fan?

PS4 can work without fans. But I don’t suggest using PS4 if its fan is broken, this may heat up your device a level where it can catch. PS4 should be shut down before overheating

How do I keep my PS4 cool?

There are few tips to keep your PS4 Cool and work well

  • Keep PS4 in some open place and above ground.
  • Keep dust out of vents by cleaning it with compressed air
  • If possible, use a PS4 wall mount
  • Sometimes Dust is the cause of heat, try to use a dust cover

Why is PS4 fan so loud?

The loudness of PS4 is because of the presence of dust in its fans. If you keep PS4 in vertical position of dust can gets removed decreasing noise level of fan.


That’s all for this post. Hopefully, we have covered every aspect for you. Keep visiting our blog for more informative Tech Articles.

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