best overhead projector

best overhead projector

best overhead projector

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Corddry media I’m out here with Chris from that home theater dude out in Texas we’re gonna be doing an unboxing of the 50 50 60 50 40 50 and a shootout and give you a little bit of our personal take on these products and let you know you know what you might want to buy so stay tuned the question we’ve all been wondering 50 50 60 50 or 40 50 today we’re gonna find out that home theater dude has been analyzing and over analyzing making sure he’s getting the absolute best value so without a doubt we’re gonna know so basically right now what we’re gonna do is do the unboxing these things and the cool thing is is one of the use actually I’m gonna be taking home with me so whichever one I like the most is the one that I’m going to be buying today so my Epson did before these days are just really really numbered so if you guys have predictions go ahead and leave them down below in the comments and then we’ll go ahead and see if you’re right hopefully some of you guys get it right I might be able to do a giveaway or something alright so one big difference here guys between these units on the sixty fifty and the forty fifty they come with a back cover they’re black versus white they also come with a free mount from cheap which is included and a bulb oh they’re cheap yes their Gina and the bulb is pretty offensive these are like three and fifty bucks so it’s a value not to forget about also comes with a three year warranty versus a one year warranty that’s also important gives you a little peace of mind here’s the bulb you get about five thousand hours on these guys three to five years depending on usage so you’re going to need one of these eventually unless you’re one of those guys like us that upgraded every here which most people don’t you’ll be using that bulb this is the mount right here and I guess I’ll pull it out so you guys can take a look at it it’s a tension based mount nothing really special about it I really like the strong fine adjust mount over this you guys see me using my videos all the time it actually is a gearbox in it but this does the trick and it’s specifically designed for this unit yeah that’s actually really cool because I have some of some people in the actual home theater community and they were basically telling me because I have an omni mount projector mount for mine and I wanted something that if I bump it it’s not going to take the actual picture out of frame because sometimes if I’m changing HDMIs or something or doing an update of the actual projector you have to touch it and if you touch it you might move so we might cut everything so they were telling me out about the cheap mounts I mean even if you just slam a door sometimes yeah yeah so what you get at the box of the Epson 5050 is going to be their remote which is I’m looking at it right now and I can already tell one button back and definitely tell us different from the 50 40 so brand-new remote actually looks a little more so let’s go ahead and see if we can show you guys the difference on that same batteries comes with the same batteries we have an HDR button down here aspect ratio down here and then pretty much all the rest of them look basically the same you can still get the lens memory with lens 1 & 2 and you can adjust those I think it has a lot of these have 10 presets but they look exactly the same adjust for a frame of reference let me grab my other one and I’ll hold it up at the same time so the 60 50 I’ll have that too but lens memory on all these so this is mine and basically look all the same except for this one probably has some like ketchup or barbecue sauce in it or something but yeah they they look very very similar and this one has an HDR button and there’s a reason for that HDR button especially because with the brand new ones especially the it has a lot more of the cells and I’ll go ahead and show you guys in a second probably I can just be talking while I’m actually gonna show you guys but there’s different cells of the 4k format for case 60 frames a second 4k 24 frames a second and what the 50 40 and the 40 50 only two of those cells are actually populated with HD are all the rest year con content can be STR format so it’s gonna show that color space even if you try to max out your player like if you have you know your a 4k blu-ray player you have your Panasonic or whatever it is if you put the Mac settings on it like 4 4 4 color space with 4k s 60 Hertz they’re gonna get SD our format and and some of these projectors yeah that’s key yeah very important to power cord in this guy same power cord has a little clip okay so there’s a little Quick Start Guide in here as well guys on both units as well as registration it’s important that you’re purchasing from an authorized reseller if you don’t and something goes wrong with these units your upgrade 100% man because oh I mean these things aren’t cheap so if you want to go ahead and risk getting a deal on something from like you know secondhand or you know a shady website or even even though well-developed website some of these people aren’t actual actual authorized retailers and you can run into problems with that especially whenever it comes to your actual warranty it’s important that you check out the list on the manufacturers website regardless of what home theater product you’re purchasing because there is a lot of that going on wels knockoffs and things like that okay so this is the forty fifty this is the fifty fifty we’re talking born a thousand to one contrast believe it’s twenty eight three hundred lumens and 2600 limits here million to one contrast this in between this one and the previous model is your erection have increased abilities is actually a refined processor there’s three processors that were updated with the 50/50 version that just came out and from the people that I’ve talked to it’s a huge difference over the fifty forty but I wanted to go ahead and get my testimony on that before started you know spouting out all kinds of different stuff so that you guys know that it’s actual truth yeah and he has a 50 40 here that we may shoot out probably will shoot out but I also posted one on our channel of the 50 40 in the 50 50 so these are the units go ahead and do like a little panorama up close view of both units just to show and then we’ll move on to some other cool info for you guys [Music] just a little correction guys I’ve been shooting out a lot of projectors recently this is actually 2,400 lumens 2,600 lumens and 200,000 won a million-to-one contrast was a little off there earlier yeah and I was just reasoning with that as well I mean like the pros pro cinema versions were meant to be in a dedicated home theater they’re supposed to be in a light controlled environment that’s why they’re black I’m not these right here are the home cinema versions these you know you can pop them anywhere you can put it in a dark room you can put them in your living room you can put it in your kitchen your bathroom it doesn’t really matter because I mean these were made to be that specific reason for that reason so they’re white and I think that the contrast ratio between this one it will shine I mean just because it’s only two hundred two hundred thousand one yeah just because it’s only two hundred thousand to one doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worse or better you know than this one because in that darkroom environment you’re not gonna really notice the difference in between that if you put this in your living room you may notice the difference in between that this is a great projector so guys so don’t let the the contrast turn you away from it check out our channel I’ve done demos after we’ve completed theaters at least probably six with this it’s still a beautiful image we’re gonna see today exactly how it performs next to this guy but the biggest difference is this is pro this is consumer grade one year three year warranty you can buy this anywhere obviously you can buy my buddy here exact but these you have to go to someone that’s an authorized installer of this actual projector so you can’t actually just go to the you know Walmart and pick this thing up it’s not gonna work that way yeah there’s a reason for that well let’s get this party started alright getting these puppies powered up the showdown [Music] let the games begin okay guys we are hooking these up right now and I just want to notate one thing the 40-50 only has one HDMI port that is Steve’s to be 2.2 and it’s doing 24 frames frames per second max the 50/50 has both HDMI ports that do DHCP to point to you there they’re both a full 18 gig pork but this does 60 frames per second so this is gonna be an SDR HD are all the way across it’s one thing to note – alright guys check it out first thing you see as soon as we plug these guys in got them aligned in focus is look at the black bars I’m sure we’re gonna upload this and the highest resolution possible but we’re gonna give you like our take on it if you can’t see on your phone or whatever device you’re looking at look at the black levels over here in the bars extremely dark down here more of like a gray up here which also reflects in the imaging but you can clearly see that the 50/50 is a much brighter image and producing a lot better contrast 40 40 is not a bad image though what do you think Chris I think the HDR just right out of the box the colors look great on the forty forty or the forty fifty I that which immediately caught my attention but whenever looking at the overall picture of the 50/50 and like seriously we have just turned these things on the projectors are cold I mean they haven’t had a chance to warm up they’re not calibrated they’re out of the box performance so I mean just to see just a night and day difference just right now even just getting into the actual thing itself and the cool thing is is if you guys want to go ahead and go to watch this video because we’re gonna be doing like a lot of the same shots do you guys want to go ahead and watch his video he’s recording on a different camera than I am and if you guys wanna watch my video I mean you’re already watching it so but I mean like we’re both on different cameras and I really think that the actual difference will come through actually in video but I mean the best thing with these videos is you guys come to these things to hear our testimony in our reviews forum so I think that could help out as well so let’s go ahead and do some more scenes with these hooked up hey so just real quick so let’s go ahead and talk about how this is actually hooked up so I have my 4k blu-ray player playing the 4k Avengers going into my Denon the Denon then spits out both of the same both of the same signals through both of their outputs so I have each dedicated line going through a fiber HDMI cable and these are the ruie Pro fiber hdmi cables yeah I mean I really believe in 4k or fiber cables especially if you want to have a longer run it’s really gonna help you guys out but let’s go ahead and jump in a little more of these comparisons to do a really good job of a and B type of consideration in between the fifty fifty and the forty fifty [Music] yeah I would say for the cost difference it’s definitely worth it you can see a huge difference [Music] yeah all right guys this is a still shot and I’m gonna kind of get it up close so that you guys can really tell the difference here my body’s gonna get in front of the image but you should be able to see pretty clearly even on your your phone because this one’s pretty bright right here so honestly pump with us from this angle look pretty good just like you can really see up in and like right here yeah it’s seriously every single time I keep looking at this there are some things that the 40 50 or better ads or some things that the 50 50 your bed rat alright so apparently we have way too much content to go ahead and get this into a lungis video so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna break this down on a two video series maybe more than that who knows it depends on my buddy’s time constraints but basically what we’re gonna do is we’re going and as he do here really appreciate you guys for watching if you guys want to go ahead and check out dream media home theaters this guy’s back right here really cool guy go ahead and Bend Azir about any of the stuff that you guys see here and highly recommend that you guys go ahead and check them out yeah I’ll do my best to answer your questions guys we are extremely busy right now so if I can’t get back to immediately just be patient we are doing our best to keep up we have nationwide free shipping on all these products and a low price guarantee thank you for watching make sure you subscribe down below and give us a big thumbs up this time Zach and Chris alright guys check out next time

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