Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

The best motherboard for i7 7700k is the one that is very compatible and well-matched with its processor system. It is better to buy a cost-effective, slightly high-spec, and extendable PC motherboard for the best performance of your system.

If you buy the one that never connects to the processor then it is just like a junk metal piece. If it is compatible with your gaming system then for sure its features are awesome. you must choose a motherboard which comes with moderate price, good qualities and meets your needs.

Let’s have a look at our top-pick!!

According to our how to know, ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex is at the top of the list of the best motherboard for i7 7700k Reddit as it is highly advanced DIMM.2 precipitously mounts M.2 drives for nonstop cooling, whereas AURA Sync RGB lighting and 3D-printing bases deliver limitless personalization.

Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

Let’s have a look at the comparison table for a quick overview!

1 ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex● Generation: 5-Way
● Generation: 7th
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2ASRock Z270 TAICHI● Chipset: Intel Z270
● Generation: 6th and 7th
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3ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero● Chipset Type: Intel Z270
● Generation: 7th
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4 Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H Motherboard● Memory Slots: 4.0
● RAM Memory: DDR4  
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5MSI Pro Series Intel Z270● Generation: 6th  and 7th
● Memory: DDR4-3800+(OC) 
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6MicroATX Motherboard● Maximum Size: 9.6 × 9.6
● Standard Size: 12 × 9.6
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7MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270● Dimensions: 13.78 x 10.63 x 3.11 inches
● RAM Memory Max Size: 64 GB
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Let’s get started…

1.) ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex

It is the best motherboard for i7 7700k Reddit and designed for an exciting performance, the ROG Maximus IX APEX smashes world records with a full collection of onboard overclocking features that include dual BIOS chips and an LN2 mode switch.

Key Features:

  • It is manufactured for 7th generation Intel Core processors to upsurge the connectivity and swiftness with USB 3.1 Type A and Type C connections, vertically riding dual M.2 and Intel Optane Memory compatibility.
  • Its high-class ROG technology energetically enhances vital aspects of your system, based on real-time use and it gives superb CPU performance, unruffled and noiseless fans, unremarkable energy savings, efficient at stabling digital power, and networking settings that are made-to-order for the apps that you are using.
  • It is supreme personalization with ASUS elite AURA Sync RGB lighting with two additional RGB headers and a 3D-printing friendly design. Its Operating System Supports Windows 7 86×64, Windows 8.1 86×64, and Windows 10 86×64.
  • Its record-smashing overclocking design comes with hi-class features like dual BIOS chips, LN2 mode switch, and system headers for water- cooling, thermal sensors, and problem measuring points.
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  • Fast and the bios and tweaking are great
  • It is easy to get fan headers, USB headers, etc
  • Unlimited personalization
  • None


If you are looking at High-quality components, stable overclocking enhancements and for easy BIOS then must go with Asus Rog Maximus IX to make the price well worth considering. This is one of the best z270 motherboards for i7 7700k and makes your life super-quick and ultra-efficient. Get its order and make your life convenient and luxurious.

2.) ASRock Z270 TAICHI

ASRock Z270 TAICHI is one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k and gtx 1070 ASRock’s Z270 Taichi. This motherboard offers a great mix of price, performance, and quality. It’s worth adding to your consideration list.

Key Features:

  • It supports 7th and 6th Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 / and Pentium/Celeron Processors: in 6th Gen Intel CPU supports DDR4 up to 2133 and in 7th Gen Intel CPU supports DDR4 up to 2400.
  • Though it is one of the best CPUs it is not compatible with Intel 8th Gen CPUs but with 6th and 7th generation it works efficiently. This motherboard has a duo of onboard Type-A and Type-C USB 3.1 ports which is built on the back I/O for supportive next-generation USB 3.1 devices and to bring up to 10 Gbps data transmission
  • This one of the best motherboard for i7 7700k gaming contains many features like DDR4 3733+ (OC)*/ 3600(OC)/ 3200(OC)/ 2933(OC)/ 2800(OC)/ 2400**/ 2133.
  • It is a very good motherboard with good aesthetic sense and Wi-Fi. Hardware-wise you essentially get what you pay for. High-quality components, nice design, and three NVME slots. Three internal USB 2.0 headers aren’t too common either these days.
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  • The BIOS is really easy to navigate in.
  • Awesome aesthetics.
  • Wi-Fi built-in.
  • Not Well-matched with Intel 8th Gen CPUs


We surely believe that choosing for the Intel Z270 chipset for Core i7-7700K should be your top-most priority. But, if, in any case, you are not in a situation to go for this motherboard or if you are fair-minded in overclocking your processor then you can purchase any of the B-series or H-series motherboards.

3.) ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero

It is a good motherboard for i7 7700k and works so efficiently with all the other parts of the PC. You can play games and perform your daily basis tasks very superbly without any inconvenience or interruption.

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k and gtx 1070 as it is designed for 7th generation Intel Core processors to take full advantage of connectivity and speed with Dual M.2. Its front panel has USB 3.1 and Intel Optane Memory compatibility.
  • It contains 5-Way Optimization with Auto-Tuning and FanXpert 4 mechanically tailors overclocking profiles to your exclusive build for all-out OC performance and active system cooling.
  • It is unmatched personalization with ASUS high-class AURA Sync RGB lighting and a 3D-printing friendly mount. Its two Patent-pending Safe Slots feature an injection edging process that assimilates metal framing for a sturdier, firmly anchored PCIe slot which is built for heavyweight GPUs.
  • Industry-leading 8-channel HD audio with the ROG high-class SupremeFX S1220. The motherboard is well-suited with Win10 64bit/ Win8.1 64bit/ Win7 32bit&64bit and leads to the efficient working of PCs.
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  • Lighting is Awesome.
  • Great gaming mobo.
  • Very stable, and runs very cool.
  • With a USB short-circuit, the PC cannot boot.


This motherboard is also user friendly, and it comes with everything that you would need to install it. This motherboard also comes with software that you can use to change its core settings with comfort. You can get this software online, or through the CD that is included with the packaging. You can use this software to monitor many different things like the temperature of your motherboard, how much memory is in use, or even how fast your fans are running.

4.) Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H Motherboard

Gigabyte’s motherboard GA-B250M-DS3H is burdened with all new existing features along with the performance and the toughness. With Smart Fan 5, operators can safeguard that their gaming PC can maintain its performance while staying cool.

Key Features:

  • VR needs more performance than Full HD graphics for a firm 90FPS or better and only Gaming PCs can deliver the best VR experience. The Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H Motherboard supports widespread VR Gaming with dynamic graphics.
  • GIGABYTE M.2 solution deals significantly faster storage performance and support for both PCIe and SATA interfaces for M.2 SSD devices. Sulfur compounds in the air can infiltrate minute onboard resistors by creating chemical change and causing these regulators to open or short.
  • It operates with 6th & 7th Gen Intel Core Processors It comes with a dual-channel non-ECC unbuffered DDR4 with 4 slots, 2-way crossfire multi-graphics support, and an M.2 SSD slot. Something that you should keep in mind is that since this motherboard is equipped with a B250 chipset, you can’t overclock it. However, there is zero power throttling and the M.2 NVME SSDs can be easily overclocked flawlessly to 3200 MHz
  • The motherboard also contains 4 fan outputs that will let your new build to be kept cool. It functions very efficiently without any worries about overheating. This remarkable motherboard is also on the lesser end of the scale when it comes to energy consumption. So it is perfect if you are looking for a reliable and durable motherboard that consumes less energy but works efficiently.
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  • Hi-quality VR Gaming Experience
  • Anti-Sulfur Regulator
  • Quicker Storage with NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 2280
  • The PCI-Express x16 lock makes removing a dual-slot card very difficult.


If you are a person who is new to building computers or are just looking for a good motherboard, the GIGABYTE GA-B250-HD3 is a solid starting point. Not only is it an affordable motherboard compared to other motherboards but it is also durable and has many different qualities that you would look for. Just grab it to make you’re daily routine super cool.

5.) MSI Pro Series Intel Z270

MSI Z270-A PRO is constructed with the quality you can trust on with top performance and clever business solutions. Engineered to please even the most demanding professional, this motherboard will apt any PC. It makes your life cooler and supports your business with super stable, consistent, and enduring performance.

Key Features:

  • It is built on years of experience in building motherboards devoted to giving gamers true Hi-Fi sound. Audio Boost has established itself into a high-quality audio unit, contributes to a clear advantage over your adversaries when gaming. It traces your competitors with your eyes closed using Audio Boost.
  • It enhances the trace and fully segregates the memory circuitry and ensures the perfect steadiness and performance, so you never have to worry about your system booming. The technical development of DDR4 Boost allows for more steadfastness at higher memory speeds when it is compared to other brands.
  • It is one of the best motherboards for Intel i7 7700k as it comes with new technological marvel fetches game-changing performance to memory and storage devices. It allows OPTANE caching to lift your storage devices for an even quicker system!
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  • It stays cool while gaming.
  • X-boost your USB performance.
  • It increases constancy with elevated memory layout.
  • Sometimes it takes endless restart loops.


When this motherboard is enabled, its X-Boost maximizes your devices for even better transfer of speed. It can give up to a 30% increase in USB performance and saves a lot of time when transferring data. This handy and lightweight tool is very convenient to use. It automatically detects and enhances the USB devices and connects them to your system like a pro. It is one of the good motherboards for the i7 7700k indeed. So do not delay, it won’t let you disappoint ever.

6.) MicroATX Motherboard

It supports 6th generation Intel Core processors and it is one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k and gtx 1070. It is a smaller printed circuit board that you can get with mATX motherboards.

Key Features:

  • What you have never understood about your computer is that it is frightened to death of water, H2O, stickiness, or whatever you would like to name it. And even though you do not see the water, actually there may be lots of unnecessary moist in the Air killing your motherboard mutely and gradually.
  • No, your motherboard doesn’t melt when in contact with water like the great witch of the West, but it dies of short circuit. Fortunately, ASRock has a new High solidity Glass Fabric PCB design that decreases the Gaps between the PCB layers to defend the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by dampness.
  • The happy news is that most of the boards of this size have at least two M.2 slots but it’s more awesome that here you can get four or five on some of the most premium ATX parts.
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  • Small size.
  • Efficient for gaming.
  • Very convenient and good at cooling.
  • You’ll have fewer PCIe slots.


This motherboard is the backbone of your PC. Micro-ATX is a superb option for those people who are looking for convenience and a comfortable daily routine. The small size of the MATX lets the motherboard fit into smaller cases. It takes up less room in whichever space it may be in and it can even be fit into a larger case, too if the person chooses so.

7.) MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270

It supports 7th and 6th Gen Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket and it is one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k gaming.

Key Features:

  • This exceptional board is paired with an Intel i7 7700K, 32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum SE 3200mhz Memory which makes it one of the best motherboards for i7 7700k Reddit. It contains EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid and Corsair H115i, Intel 600p 512gb NVMe Drive; superb, and suitable. This motherboard comes in very secure and superb packing.  Its packaging contains everything which is required to build.
  • Everything plugged in and booted into UEFI is flawless. Its layout is very outstanding and it contains fan headers, SATA ports, and M.2 slots, etc. which makes it very pleasant.  Driver and software installs are flawless and so far everything plays nicely together.
  • You can get all technical and sound in a very smart way. The fact is that this motherboard is the sweet spot between offering “EVERYTHING” at a reasonable price. It is sure that you can debate other MB but trying to locate MB for this price and these ultra-features will be splitting hairs. It is hard to beat its Multi GPU, M2, 6x USB 3.1 Gen1, and Turbo U.2 Triple Turbo M2 water cooling pump fan support that makes it stable and delivers its good potential for cooling and heavy functioning.

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  • Awesome and very stable overclocking potential.
  • MSI Utility Software works wonders.
  • RGB Lighting Layout.
  • Fan control within the UEFI is spotty.


If you are trying to shop for a motherboard which is based on almost classy and luxurious features then must go with this above-mentioned motherboard. You can play your favorite games via this motherboard.  This board has been a pleasure to install and the BIOS is comfy to work with and it gives no issues so far. So do not hesitate to order it!

Buyer’s Guide!

Some points are referred below to guide you for selecting a motherboard for your PC. Must consider them for your convenience.

Compatibility Guide:

Before buying a motherboard, the first and foremost checklist must be on your compatibility with the system. If it can work along with your processor then go ahead to check the rest of the features.

RAM Slots:

A game runs superbly with more RAM as it uses heavy and strong Gigabytes out of your Random Access Memory to match the graphics memory requirements. High-end games always require more memory to load and play games without any interruption. You should also look for expandable RAM capacity before choosing your motherboard as it is so better to get quad-channel RAMs with color coding and with good RAM capacity.

Cooling and Heatsinks:

ٖٖٖFor gaming or for your daily projects you need a fan for giving a cooling effect to your PC, especially in overclocking modes. When the gaming area for longer period system components heat up suddenly and cause a noisy roar inside. It is better to get yourself a big and good cooling fan; noiseless and swift.

Power Connectors:

Power connectors are alike arteries and veins in a motherboard. The best one of all is ATX power connectors which comes with 24-pin modulation for providing sufficient power supply. All you require to pick a make a factor that assists more pins and additional functions when external components are linked to it. There are micro- and mini- ATX power connectors that differ by referring to the number of pins and expansion slots of the motherboard.

So, whenever you want to buy a motherboard you must consider the above-mentioned points for accurate selection. This guideline suggests some key points which you must consider for picking the suitable product up by saving your time, money, and energy, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What motherboards are compatible with Intel i7 7700k?

Following are some motherboards which are compatible with Intel i7 7700k:

ASRock Z170 Pro4/D3

ASRock Z170 Pro4S

ASRock Z170 Pro4

ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1

What chipset is the i7 7700k? Is i7 7700k compatible with z390?    

The Core i7-7700K is both backward and forwards-compatible with  i7 7700k. You can give a shot to the 6th-generation core into a new Z270 motherboard. You can also pair a 7th-generation chip with the big Z170. No, the 7700K will not work with that motherboard as the Z390 (and Z370) boards. It only supports 8th and 9th gen CPUs. You can get a Z270 for that CPU.

 How good is the i7 7700k?

The i7-7700K is the most powerful desktop processor.  It is Intel’s new “Kaby Lake” generation and it is the direct successor to the Skylake 6700K.  This new model gives you an advantage from higher clock speeds. It improves graphics performance and a slightly more proficient architecture.

 Is the i7 7700k still good in 2019? How long will an i7 7700k last?

AMD also contains its much-discussed Ryzen 2nd Generation due for 2019. It is marking two highly anticipated CPU launches. All of this is relevant, the i7-7700K is still a fully capable performer motherboard. An i7 7700kl likely lasts for 5 years.

Is i7 6700 still good?

Yes, the i7 6700 is very suitable for modern games. If you already have one, it will keep up with even high-end GPUs without creating a bottleneck. It works very efficiently and makes your experience ultra-cool.

Is an i7 better than an i5? Why is i7 7700k so expensive?

Intel Core i7 processors generally have quicker base clock speeds, or in other words, it has more Ghz; a higher number means better performance.

The i7–7700K is not in production anymore, so it could be the case that some sellers have left-over prices.

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