best home theater projector under 200

best home theater projector under 200

best home theater projector under 200

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impressions on these two projectors right here the Ben qht 5550 as well as the Epson 50/50 UB and so let’s just give a quick overview of each projector before we hit to the on screen tests and performance and shootout so the Ben qht 5550 is a 4k HDR DLP projector it’s a true 4k projector meaning that it produces 8.3 million pixels on the screen the Epson 50-50 UB is Epsons latest projector you be standing for ultra black and it certainly does do a great job at that this is a 1080 x 2 LCD shifter meanings it produces four point one five million pixels on the screen both of these projectors accept 18 gigabits per second HDMI and interestingly enough this Epson right here this is epson’s first in its home cinema series including the Epson 40 10 Epson 4000 Epson 50 40 that can do 18 gigabits per second meaning that it can do 4k HDR at 60 frames per second which I know a lot of gamers will enjoy I’ve reviewed the HD 55 50 and the colors on this are fantastic so with the Ben qht 55 50 very high level summary of what I really like about this projector is it is a very very sharp 4k image the focus uniformity of the lens is fantastic it’s producing like I said before 8.3 million pixels on screen now whether or not you can tell at your seating distance compared to a four million pixel projector will be a little bit subjective but I’ll kind of talk about this a little bit more in the video is I could tell the difference in sharpness between these two D Ben qht 5550 the colors on this out of the box I fill are second to none for a DLP projector what you’re going to get with that is very smooth motion handling this can do frame interpolation in 4k which the Epson 50-50 UB cannot do and a few other things that the HT 5550 has it does have a dynamic iris just like the 50-50 UB it does 100% of the DCI p3 color space coverage I think the Epson 50/50 you be when calibrated can go above that so both of these projectors handle color very good and so I think that anyone looking for each of these colors going to be great on both I would say out of box color you can be the judge of that on screen as we do this shootout but I believe that the HT 5550 is going to be a bit better out of the box just no fuss ready to go now the Epson 50-50 UB I’ve had this projector now for just over a month and this has a lot going for it I really enjoyed gaming on this projector the input lag on the Epson 5050 is twenty six milliseconds compared to fifty eight milliseconds on the HT 55 fifty fifty eight milliseconds isn’t going to ruin a gaming experience for most so for casual gamers I think that they’ll be just fine if they prefer the HD 55 50 overall but for those looking for that cutting edge or that competitive edge the 26 milliseconds of input lag on the Epson 5050 is really nice a couple other things that the Epson 5050 has going for it is its overall brightness now calibrated brightness is going to be about the same for these two projectors but this does have about 500 lumens extra Headroom the best bright image on this HT 55 50 is right around 1400 1500 lumens on the HT 55 50 the BenQ for the Epson you’re looking right around 1800 to 1900 lumens now it’s not a huge difference but I think that extra Headroom of brightness can come in handy another thing that the Epson 50-50 has going for it is its contrast in overall black levels again the HT 5550 it’s got that DLP technology and black levels are never going to be a strength of DLP but with the Epson 5050 it’s the Epson 5050 you be right you be standing for ultra black and so they focus on their proprietary ultra black technology on the panels within this LCD projector that produce very good native as well as dynamic contrast on the Epson 50/50 now at the end of the day none of that really matters unless it translates to on-screen performance and so what I wanted to do with this video is do a set up here and this is just kind of how I set up I had to mount the Epson on the top and then on the BenQ on the bottom just to get the the lens lined up just right so for the shootout what I’ve done is I’ve set both of these projectors firing at the same time I have engineered these counterbalanced rigid foam masks with velvet see that ingenuity right there so I set it out to go further away from the lens and so there’d be a little bit cleaner line if I set that right up against the lens it would be really fuzzy and so I’ve set those up half on half on each to be able to get that split screen experience to show you side-by-side how these projectors are performing I’m using a dual output Denon 6300 receiver to do this and so I’m super excited to go on screen with this setup the Ben Q is going to be on the left and the Epson is going to be on the right and so what I hope to do I’m going to go through a few different scenarios talk about some pros and cons on each of these and I’m gonna use some material from Jacob and Katie Schwartz this is a great Costa Rica 4k video on YouTube I’ll dive into some 4k HDR material and then we will get out of here and you guys can decide whether or not these two projectors are gonna work for you all right so this is a video done by Jacob and Katie Schwartz and it’s gonna be my first shootout video and this video it’s 4k 60 this is playing off of the shield TV so it’s not an HDR it’s an SDR color space but I think that the extra Headroom that the expanded color gamut of HDR will give a better idea even an SDR of how these two projectors handle color and so I want to press play and both of these projectors are in their modes that I feel are in there like best right out of the box modes the Ben Q is on the left the Epson is on the right Ben Q is in cinema mode rec.709 seven OMA mode and the Epson 50/50 is in natural mode and so what I’m seeing immediately with the Epson is the Epson I think will have a little bit more pop the brightness is pretty similar but I feel that the brightness is lending to a little bit more pop as well as the color on the Epson is a little bit more saturated I think that’s what they were going for they’re going for brightness and pop to my eye on screen the Epson it’s a good image right I think that comparin twenties – I think that the probably most natural comparison to these two would be an iPhone versus a Samsung phone where the iPhone is gonna be the actual screen is gonna be a little bit more like the Ben q very natural focused on color accuracy where the Samsung is a little bit more focused on that pop that color saturation and you know to my eye both are very very good so I’m gonna let this play for just little bit longer and chime in if there’s anything that I see here now one thing you’ll notice and this has a little bit to do with the input lag is that difference in input lag that roughly 30 or so milliseconds where the epson has 26 milliseconds of input lag and the BenQ has about 58 milliseconds of imply you’ll actually see the Epson display a couple of frames in advance of the the Ben Q so on this on my screen there that went really dark there I’m gonna go back to that and I’m going to lock exposure and so give you guys a better idea of what I’m seeing here so let’s go exposure lock so not by a huge margin but you know the blacks on that seem like right below the rocks was a little bit better on the epson compared to the ben qht 55 50 now one thing that I was really surprised about with the BenQ is its brightness I mean I wasn’t expecting the HT 5550 to fill up my 160 inch screen and be as bright as it is and I think that it did a phenomenal job there with the brightness I’m gonna go back to this image right here I think that was actually a really good scene to talk about sharpness ona here we go all right so on this on this image right here I don’t know if you can see that but there’s two two spots where this is focused on so right here you can it’s kind of hard to zoom in but you can see the individual pixels on this there’s another scene where I would want to show it as well but on the the Epson there’s this it’s kind of a screen door effect right and so you can see the pixels I’m sitting about 12 feet away from my hundred and sixteen inch screen this is my immersion setup here so again here both projectors I think are putting out a very really good image so my overall thought after seeing that video is that the Epson is going to have a more color saturated image I think that if we were to put a color meter on that image it’s going to be probably a little bit heavy and and heavy hitting on the reds and greens I think out of the box there’s been some measurements done on the HT 5550 where it’s just pretty much almost spot-on and it’s cinema mode out of the box so both can be tweaked to your liking though but again this is just out of the box settings alright let’s dive into another color mode alright so on this scene I thought this was a really good scene to show off some of the sharpness I took a screenshot of this because the part where it’s focused isn’t on the eye but this right here this is the EPS inside and this is the BenQ side and I just want to show you you can see here how the Epson you can see that screen door effect you can see the pixelation I’ll throw up a screenshot of this as well that I did and it’s pretty telling I mean the BenQ you just cannot resolve pixels I mean it’s so sharp and some people will notice that some people want I notice it especially when there’s text on the screen I mean sitting from 12 feet away on my 160 inch screen I can’t tell you that yes I can see individual pixels but I think our eyes are accustomed to how these screens resolve find detail and for me when the BenQ shows that I if I were to have that BenQ slide over and take over the form edge the way it resolves finer detail is just better now just like on the scene with the sunset and the beach the Epson had better black levels in contrast and so there’s going to be pros and cons with each of these projectors which one’s important to you that’s for you to decide so at the end of this video I want to wrap up and go to the next video here all I feel like the been cute oh my I had better color the Epson in its natural mode out-of-the-box was I mean if that was gonna be the only picture I saw it filled up the whole screen I would probably say wow these colors are amazing and and they they are there they are oversaturated but without a reference side-by-side I don’t think that anyone would say yeah these are oversaturated I think that it puts out a really good image I would just say that out of the box color accuracy of the Ben qht 550 550 where they actually do the factory calibration really shines through here where you have a very natural color accurate and there on the left on the right you have really good image that has some popping over color saturation but overall really really nice image as well alright so on the menu screen I thought that this is B this would be a good opportunity to show you where you might see the sharpness difference even sitting from a normal distance and so again on the left we have the HT 5550 from Ben Q on the right the Epson the Ben Q is the text is very crisp and to me it looks very sharp from where I’m sitting and then let’s go over to something on there so you can see here it’s I mean there’s not too bad of convergence I actually went through and aligned the panels on this there’s a little bit of convergence initially but I think it’s not too bad now but you can see those those pixels and so if that’s gonna bother you that’s there so so overall sharpness winner I would say is Ben Q with its 4k eight point three million pixel on-screen image alright so I’m going to be playing a scene from Thor Ragnarok and so again Ben Q on the Left epson on the right now one thing that kind of bugs me about the Epson is that it doesn’t automatically switch over into preferred HDR settings mode so the Ben Q is auto tone mapping where the Epson kind of has is Warren Jewish pays to it and you know I think that if the whole screen was to be filled with the the Epson image I think it would be fine but overall the the BenQ with its Auto tone mapping I think does a little bit better of a job there so on this scene it’s kind of hard to resolve too big of a difference between the side-by-side I think that both are doing a pretty good job with shadow detail you saw that with the smoke going by that the gradation the color accuracy and how it handles the the gradation is very good so I mean the fact is here is that you probably can’t tell on the screen the YouTube video that we’re watching right now a difference but and I honestly I can’t tell a huge difference on the screen either so this scene is a pretty hard scene for a lot of projectors to do an HDR simply because of the warmth of the image the Reds the oranges so the left I’ve noticed that I mean again this is leaving the Epson and natural mode it didn’t switch it just left the settings of the same it did kick into HDR but all those settings of brightness contrast the color is all being left in its natural mode and that’s the one thing that again just just drives me bonkers about the Epson is that and let me put it this way I want to pause and just explain this and tell you what I’m talking about so the think of it this way so let’s say that you have on a projector you have a mode that you prefer to watch TV with you have a mode that you’d prefer to watch SDR material not tidy people who raise and then you have a mode with your own color settings that you’d want to watch HDR material with the Epson doesn’t switch over to your preferred HDR mode automatically where pretty much every other manufacturer nowadays does this so on the BenQ if HDR material starts applying it automatically switches over into a mode called HDR 10 which saves your color settings your brightness contrast all of those settings that you prefer and honestly it actually has a lot of those done for you out of the box whereas the epson if you have a natural mode it leaves it in natural mode if you have it in bright cinema mode it leaves it in bright cinema mode and it doesn’t kick over to those preferred settings and then what you’ll see here is a lot because of that natural all their modes are really engineered and made for SDR material except with the exception of maybe did old cinema and what that means is that you’re not getting the full experience out of the box where there’s been a lot of scenes where the BenQ has produced a more true red like with the lava some of the lava where the epson is is orange but letterboxes i don’t know if you can see that on the iphone the the epson has a little bit more of a dark darker letterbox then the the BenQ i don’t think either of them are distracting the Epson is just gonna have better contrast overall so that’s a really good showcase of shadow detail both I feel do do very well in this regard I would say that the Auto tone mapping and just Auto kicking into the HDR mode on the BenQ I like that there are some instances where the black levels in contrast on the Epson are leveraged in the scene as well you can see like I said on the last scene as well the Epson is actually frame or two ahead of the Ben Q due to the faster input lag all right so let’s go to an outdoor scene so on this one both projectors I feel handle the highlights pretty well I feel like the the tone mapping on and actually the the cloud details probably a little bit better on the BenQ color is is good on both of those I think that the bronze tones show up a little bit better in the Asgardian architecture and the Ben Q and then the overall brightness on the Epson it’s probably just a little bit better on the right but let’s go ahead and play a couple scenes here so flesh tones are are good on both I feel like the BenQ image is a touch warm which i think is a bad thing you can see in the gravel there the little bit darker detail contrasts in the gravel on the bank you all right now so sports again Ben Q on the left Epson on the right with ambient light on I’m actually gonna fire up the back half of my theater so you can see here now I’ve got some good ambient light this is lights on at about 75% brightness and it’s actually pretty bright in here you know both projectors perform well I think that with the Epson you have more Headroom so the Epson with you have the ability to go into a bright cinema mode so I’ll throw it into bright cinema mode which is probably the mode that I might be watching sports and it’s going to give you a brighter image so if you did have like a sports viewing party or something like that it’s gonna be brighter colors still actually pretty darn good but you know the Ben cues no slouch as it relates to brightness as well you know I think that at 1400 calibrated lumens the Ben Q or not calibrated it’s it’s the best bright setting it does a pretty darn good job and in the Epson you know between these two for sports viewing if I were to choose between these two for sports viewing and I’d probably choose the Epson just because it does have that extra brightness Headroom but in no way shape or form of sports viewing I would say a con for the Ben qht 5550 so so here’s a good one this is Pacific Rim this is playing 4k HDR again Ben Q is on the left Epson is on the right pretty much split right down the middle of the screen Epson is about a frame ahead of the BenQ due to its faster input lag so that’s why you’re seeing the delay on the two sides of the screen so overall I think that it’s like I said before I think that with the Behnke this is like just an oversaturated scene as it is with colors I mean if you’re looking at color accuracy or the scene you’re in the wrong place this is more about like pop contrast color action they both perform very well here if I’m being honest I think that even with the BenQ not having the as good of native contrast as the epson with content actually on the screen the perceived contrast on both images is about the same but the Epson when it does get to a dark scene it is better than the BenQ at dark scene black levels interestingly this movie was shot in DC I to K so it’s actually being presented or I guess upscaled the 4k in the medium as well so neither projector really has an advantage in detail since the medium is actually 2k this is the corniest part fooled I do like this part though this is really good art direction right here right when he gives the good old-fashioned slice so I’d say again with both of these protectors out of the box the colors out of the box are better on the bank you now the Epson you can get them there but out of the box as well as the Auto tone mapping for the the Ben key I mean the dotto tone mapping is just so nice you don’t have to touch the settings on the Ben Q you just don’t it just looks good no matter what movie you pop it in now the Epson it does look very good when you get it set right but I do find myself fiddling with the settings just a little bit more than I do only Ben Q which is you know not very much alright so overall as I’m doing a shoot out I’d I mean not not too in-depth of a shoot out here but I just wanted to give you guys a taste of what it’s like to own and use these two projectors and if I’m being 100% honest here I think that for those considering either I think that the owners of both will be very very happy the HT 55 15 from Ben Q I would say that where it has a leg up on the Epson 50/50 is the sharpness where it is actually producing a true 4k 8.3 million pixel image the motion handling things like sports fast acting fast moving action on the screens is going to be better on the Ben qht 55 50 not that I think you really notice that much on the Epson but DLP is just know known to have better motion handling than LCD the other thing that you will I think really like on the HD 55 50 is the color just out of box color these things come factory calibrated and so out of box color that natural very very pleasing to the eye image I think is going to be very good on the Epson where the Epson has a leg up and an event in a few areas is brightness I think the brightness on the Epson is going to give people who have ambient light that are dealing with or the placement this does have a little bit better placement flexibility where you can actually do it from the remote whereas the motorized lens so you have the extra brightness Headroom the contrast and black levels are really nice on the Epson and that’s definitely advantage over the BenQ I think that the other area where the Epson has a leg up is the input lag you know where you’re having 26 milliseconds of lag compared to the 58 milliseconds so if you know 4k gaming is important to you that’s where the Epson 5050 does really well however the fact that this is a 1080 times to shifter I know it’s not going to matter to a lot of people but this is a big drawback for me because I do have good eyesight and I can tell the difference between the two in terms of sharpness and resolution so I mean choosing between the two I know that you guys are gonna hate me for this but I’m gonna call it a tie so we’re the Epson 5050 is $3,000 and the 5550 is $2,500 the question you’ve got to be asking yourself is that worth an extra $500 more is that worth an increase of 20% in the ticket price for these projectors another thing to notice as well is the Epson 50/50 it’s a pretty obtrusive design it’s huge I mean it’s you don’t really realize it until you see it but it is a really big projector I mean the HT 5550 kind of splits the difference between the HT 3550 and the Epson 5050 but you can just kind of see there the side profile like the the 50/50 is a very big projector so you just gotta know that going in some people it’s gonna be a bill breaker some people it’s not really going to matter but overall between these two projectors I really don’t think you can go wrong with either of them hopefully this is kind of give you gives you an idea of the pros and cons of each of them and but if you guys have any questions as it relates to these two you know if it’s going to be questions like hey should I get this one or that one you know I’m probably not going to get to it just because it’s so subjective depending on your situation but if you have a very unique situation you can lay that out for me and hopefully I’ll be able to to get to it so other than that this has been another amateur review last shootout

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