Best Gaming Monitor Under $300 Reviews 2018: 144Hz and 1440p

The ultimate guide for getting the best gaming monitor under $300 and $200.

This list of best gaming monitors under 300 is crafted after doing research on many gaming forums and communities to see that which is best 144hz monitor under 300 to buy. We have seen that people who are searching for gaming monitor under 300 sometimes they are looking for the best 1440p monitor under 300 and sometimes 144hz monitor. So this list contains both and also best IPS monitor under 300.

best gaming monitor under 300

best gaming monitor under 300

When you are done buying other gaming parts, the last one that comes in the list of the desktop unit is a gaming monitor. It’s a logical choice as before working on the body make sure the engine works perfectly.Don’t underestimate it as the monitor is the most important aspect of a rig. Having great specs for others but the limited monitor can devalue your entire experience. It’s not about getting the best small or large monitor it’s about getting a best budget gaming monitor which is worthwhile according to specs and price(bucks). This list of top gaming montiers under $300 is crafted to help you pick the great monitor under 300 dollars.

We have arranged this list of top ten monitors in a way that you can find best display monitors, best energy monitors, all under 300 either a gaming monitor or a monitor for your home or office.So without further ado let’s get pick your budget gaming monitor.You can all see best gaming monitors under 200 USD.

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Best Gaming Monitors Under $300

Gaming Monitors Size Resolution Panel Type Price
ASUS MX279H 27-inch 1920×1080 IPS
Acer G257HU 25-inch 2560×1440 IPS
HP Pavilion 27xw 27-inch 1920×1080 IPS
BenQ RL2755HM 27-inch 1920×1080 TN
Samsung S27E390H 27-inch 1920×1080 PLS
Viewsonic VX2770SMH-LED 27-inch 1920×1080 IPS
AOC G2460PQU 24-Inch 1080p TFT
Acer GN276HL 27-Inch 1080p No IPS
BenQ BL2420PT 23.8-Inch 1440p IPS
ASUS VG278HV 27-inch 1080p No IPS
Acer H257HU 25-inch 1440p IPS

1) Acer G257HU –

Acer G257HU - Best Gaming Monitor Under $200If there is a best monitor in terms of energy usage and eco-friendly consumption then it’s Acer G257HU.It’s convenience to place on any table of desk due to it’s super slim design.It supports VDI and HDMI input, which makes it versatile monitor for any viewing option.It has smallest screen than many monitors in this list.It might create some brightness issues over the time, but that can be adjusted to fit your preference.It’s high refresh rate, high response time and high quality IPS panel makes it top-rated gaming monitor under 300 dollars.To use it for multimedia viewing and HD compatible content it’s perfect choice.

2) HP Pavilion 27xw

HP Pavilion 27xwHP Pavilion 27xw is the popular monitor under three hundred dollars.It comes with an IPS and diagonal screen which provides amazing picture quality from all angles, and you can tilt the monitor to varying degrees for maximum viewing optimizations, from minum 2 degrees to plus 25 degrees.HP pavilion also features ultra slim design which gives convenience and efficiency.It supports both VGA and HDMI ports which is for apple users and MAC compatible also.This budget friendly monitor offers user-friendly easy buttons on the base which allows to changing the monitor settings.Itms menum is surprising easy to use compared with other monitors.

3) BenQ RL2755HM

BenQ RL2755HMWhat makes BenQ RL2755HM a best gaming monitor except high resolution and image display is customized LCD panels which allows high-graphics games.This monitor features dual inputs for console games and desktop games.Which is appreciated by all kind of gamers. It’s ultra fast response time helps reducing the lag time(most users hate this) for advanced graphic games.It offers high refresh rate and high-quality display which eliminates the ghosting effect which occurs in lesser quality monitors for high memory and high graphics games.It’s high frame rate and high resolution also optimizes the graphics of gaming and optimizes the gaming experience.

4) Samsung S27E390H

Samsung S27E390HThis durable monitor is most popular choice for desktop users.It’s quality and durability in this price tag is excellent.It offers patented PLS panel technology and a blue TOC which helps with eye fatigue during long hours of multimedia binge watching or gaming palying.Samsung S27E390H is capable to bear intensive game resolutions.With it’s wide viewing angles display screen , it’s good for hosting marathon night where lot of people come.This samsung monitor also has HDMI and VGA connection but doesn’t have USB port, which does exist in most monitors of today.There’s a minor issue of yellowish tint on white colors on the screen defaults, but with hue and specific color settings it can be adjusted.

5) Viewsonic VX2770SMH-LED

Viewsonic VX2770SMH-LEDThe Viewsonic VX2770SMH-LED is yet another popular and favorite monitor of gamers.Its quite affordable,slim and frameless for maximum visibility.It offers a power-saving mode for those who are looking for more energy efficient monitors.It contains ports for HDMI, DVI, and analog VGA and a VGA cable,HDMI cable, power cord, adapter and audio cable.It also features LED backlight and IPS technology, which is great for dekstop and console gaming.It’s the perfect choice if you want the most bang for your buck.With these awesome features onboard it’s still the most affordable monitors in the market.Overall this 27″ HD capable monitor is worth the money and recommended.
Doesn’t matter you are beginner or need entry-level monitor in low price.You can start with any perfect gaming monitor in this price range.

6) ASUS MX279H – Best ips monitor under 300

ASUS MX279HThe ASUS MX279H is amazing gaming monitor under 300 dollars.It’s features and additional specs maximize the quality and performance.This nice gaming monitor has good size and display quality and grat viewing flexibility of Full HD and 178-degree wide angle view.It features latest IPS technology compatible with both MAC and PC.If has two HDMI ports,a D-sub connector(VGA), DVI-D ports and an port for audio.At it’s bottom it has two Band and Olufsen speakers that produces very remarkable audio.It’s sleek design,efficiency,durability,reliability,frameless display screen design all resulted getting this monitor an award of best gaming monitor.

7) AOC G2460PQU – Best 144hz monitor under 300(24 inch)

AOC G2460PQUAOC G2460PQU is the cheapest 144Hz monitor with rapid refresh rate of 1ms. It compelling speed and low price makes it great 24″ smaller screen monitor.It lacks larger screen and IPS support.It supports resolution of 1080p and gives entry-level 144hz performance.Getting this wouldn’t be a wrong decision also.If you can afford more than 300 bucks then must get a higher or faster one.


8) Acer GN276HL

Acer GN276HLAcer GN276HL is the cheap and popular 144hz monitor.It features a great refresh rate and packs a huge 27-inch display and plenty of angle adjustments.Well, it do not have adjustable height but it can do everything.Being one in price range of under 300 it also lacks IPS and restricted to 1080p. But if you are looking for a fairly-priced speedster of a gaming monitor, give it a try it’s worth the amount spent.


9) BenQ BL24020PT – Best 1440p monitor under 300

BenQ BL24020PTThe BenQ BL24020PT comes with a Beautiful IPS Panel For Great Color Reproduction And Viewing Angles offering great pixel quality .It lacks in size and response time.It has a refresh rate of 60hz and response time of 5ms which can cause lag.But id does have superior 1440p resolution and IPS panel.Overall this smallest gaming monitor is good for beginners.


10) ASUS VG278HV – Best 27 inch monitor under 300

ASUS VG278HVThe ASUS VG278HV is a best 144hz monitor under $300.With 27 inch screen offering full height, swivel and tilt adjustments makes it more flexible.It features 144HZ rapid refresh rate and great 1ms response time but do lack IPS and limited to only 1080p.Overall it’s worth getting a best budget monitor in this price for gaming.



11) Acer H257HU

Acer H257HUThe Acer H257HU is the top best IPS monitor under 300, featuring 25-inch IPS display at 1440p in this limited price.It has high response time which is always expected by IPS monitors.It’s not that perfect for competitive gaming but it’s still responsive for typical IPS display.Overall it offers decent response time and good screen size with resolution of 1440p makes it worth giving a try and our Editor’s choice too.

The best gaming monitor 2018: the 10 best gaming screens of the year.

  • BenQ EX3501R. HDR and Ultra-Wide together at last.
  • Alienware AW3418DW. The fastest ultrawide yet.
  • AOC Agon AG352UCG. A curvy ultrawide that even has G-Sync.
  • Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ. The Rolls Royce of gaming monitors.
  • BenQ PD3200U. A large 4K screen for your desk.
  • Asus MG248Q.
  • BenQ Zowie XL2540.
  • Samsung CHG90 QLED.


Best Gaming Monitor Under 300


While buying the monitor keep in mind about the level of details you enjoy.For most people 1080p is just fine but some want more detailed look in the the virtual worlds behind the monitor, and they need 1440p for their desk setup.It offers higher number of pixels than 1080p and increased detail in image quality.

Screen Size

For some people 1080p on a 24-inch display looks pretty sharp, but on 27-inch display pixel density is bit lower and the difference can be noticed by a trained eye,if you sit closer or play game with high precision.As we have included 1440p monitors with 24-inch range due to price range, so you won’t see huge sharpness benefit.You might find 1080p counterpart, when IPS comes into play.

While getting a 1440p monitor don’t ignore the performance also.Your GPU might be good at 1080p High settings, but could it chug out stable performance over 78% resolution increase.

Response Time

Response time explains pixel response time,and explains how quickly the monitor will respond to the inputs.The lower it is the better monitor is.Most of the time 5 ms is considered good for larger display.But for serious games it can be noticeable delay.So for competitive games 1ms is preferred.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate explains the amount of information monitor is capable to show or how quickly it can do so being accurate.The in-game reaction time will be better as higher the refresh rate is.That’s why 144hz gives real-life results as compared with 60hz, allowing you a great advantage over opponents in time to react.It might work in supported games as GPU and CPU will be consumed more while playing at 1080p60.

IPS(In-Plane Switching)

IPS or In-plane switching gives greater color reproduction and viewing angles as compared with TN(twisted nematic).IPS panels are favorite for single-player gamers,movie watchers and video editors who want best colors their graphics card do offers.IPS may cause lower refresh rate and response time.For specific purpose like serious gaming IPS displays costs much much more.

So IPS offers better viewing experience at great expense of a competitive edge in gaming, but if you are not a competitive games then it’s not a big deal for you.Get the one and enjoy.

If you are a serious games but short on budget then stick with TN display they also work great.

In the above list there are some monitors that are mentioned as Editors Choice which means that they are perfect and ready to buy. Our research saves your time. But still if you are confuse selecting best gaming monitor under 300 then this small buying guide will remove your confusions.

Some people want best 27 inch gaming monitor under 300 or some want 24 inch.

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Always buy a monitor with brand tang either it’s cheap or expensive.If you love gaming then don’t worry for budget, money etc. Find the good, best and expensive gaming monitor for yourself.

Things that need to be considered while buying a gaming monitor are display,resolution,refresh rate, color quality, viewing angles and also see the graphics card or GPU of the monitor.

While purchasing your best gaming monitor you need to keed in mind that each monitor is separate for each individual, some want it for heavy gaming, some for long-term multi-media playing, and similarly other important factors.Then check for it’s lighting,endurance,display quality,voice quality and price.So list of monitors is in front of you raed the advantages and disadvantes and get started with classic gaming.

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