Best Gaming Console for Beginners

best gaming console for beginners

Are you a pro gamer or new in the gaming world or want to change the current gaming console and is looking for gaming consoles then your search is over!!

The best gaming console for beginners contains a detailed overview of the best video game consoles. Video game consoles have always been a center of attention in all age groups of gamers.

Gamers tend to play games on different platforms including online games, on gaming PC, and even on gaming consoles depending on their preferences. The best gaming console for beginners will only be focusing on gaming consoles, especially for new gamers. Many factors are considered by gamers when purchasing a gaming console including portability, memory, processing speed, controllers, audio quality, games, visuals, etc…

With the launch of Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch, a new console generation have begun. These are the biggest three competitors in the gaming world to provide an exquisite gaming experience.

All three have their perk and drawbacks but the main competition is in between Xbox and PlayStation for gaming consoles. Like PlayStation is known for aesthetically pleasing games whereas, Microsoft Xbox is known for the visuals along with the Game pass subscription service.

Nintendo and its versions are best for handheld mode. It also provides high-quality games for Televisions. All these competitors have different options for everyone. Here is the list of the top 10 gaming consoles.

If you are don’t have time to read all the specifications want to purchase one, the best consoles are:

  1. Nintendo Switch Lite
  2. PlayStation 5
  3. Xbox Series X

Buying Guide

Many gaming consoles are available in the market with many features. Although several gaming consoles are available there are limited companies.

The true competition in the world of gaming is between Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation series for plug-in consoles. Whereas for portable gaming consoles, the true competition is between Nintendo Switch and SNES classic consoles. All these consoles have loyal fans.

Some of the main features that are important whenever you decide to make a purchase of a gaming console or upgrade to a new one. These features include the following specifications to consider before formulating a purchase decision.


Higher the resolution higher the experience. Video games are all about the visual experience. It demands higher screen resolution. In terms of the best and high resolution, PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X has the best resolution anyone can experience with 4K and High dynamic range display with high graphical fidelity.

Next-gen consoles

From the above consoles, there are a lot of options that fall under the next-gen consoles. It is a total misconception that next-gen gaming consoles will require a higher resolution of 4K or HDR-equipped TV to experience that. It is mainly the games that one plays. Regardless, the number of games for the next-gen consoles is limited but it will be overcome with the new upcoming games launches.

Processing Power

For any game and its real experience, processing power matters the most. It affects all the experience-related features. It is preferred by all gamers to have a high processing CPU and GPU. All the consoles mentioned above are using eight-core CPUs with different RAM and GPU combinations. The best gaming consoles in terms of processing power are different Xbox series.

Type and Compatibility with previous games 

Many games are legendary and are still liked by many people like Mario kart. Other games include rocket league, original star fox, street fighter ii turbo, etc… Some of these games are either PlayStation exclusive games and some are Xbox exclusives. These games can be either physical or digitally available. Among the list, the most recent consoles are PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x provides compatibility with all the previous games.

Sames goes for PlayStation 4 which is compatible with all PS3 games. For better compatibility, the disc drive is not eliminated in the PlayStation 5 which makes it the ideal option.

Memory Storage

The higher the memory the merrier. All the gaming consoles demand more memory space internally and externally as well. Xbox series x and Xbox series s are the two options that have the largest memory space with 528Gb and 1TB. It doesn’t make much of a difference as all the consoles have the option of external memory space either via a MicroSD card slot or USB A-drive port.


To be honest, gaming consoles are a matter of interest. If you are restricted on a budget, then PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox series s, and Xbox One are not a bad options. These options are not bad, it’s just that due to the launch of the latest versions, their prices have dropped. Other than this, for a portable and on-the-go console, Nintendo Switch Lite is a good option while being affordable at the same time.


The gaming console needs a good game to experience the actual result of any hardware specifications. In terms of playing games, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has the best games. The title for the best games was previously with PlayStation 4 which also has a length of games.


Xbox series X -a dynamic gaming console

Xbox series X

One of the most powerful, Microsoft Xbox series x is an ideal console for games ranging from classic games to free games, online games, and Xbox exclusives. One of the best milestones of the Xbox series x is that it has almost all the features that a gaming PC has. These features include ray-tracing, 12 teraflops, etc…

Additionally, the size is smaller than PlayStation 5 which makes it more attractive to its existing users and new customers. Compared to the other Xbox series like Xbox One, Xbox one x, and Xbox series s it has a faster game loading time due to improved processer with better performance.

The GamePasss is also a valuable addition. It also has a long list of games with the best visual quality. It has the minimum latency rate which is the most preferable feature when playing games.

There is a long list of games that can be played on it which can either be purchased physically or downloaded for the library. It has a massive storage space which minimizes the need for external memory need like other gaming consoles including PlayStation5, Nintendo, etc…

It has two ports for Seagate cards. Other than this, the controllers for the Xbox series are almost the same. There are some slight modifications like Xbox series x has an extra share button. It also has some exclusive games including Halo Infinite and many more are to come.

In terms of games, the Microsoft Xbox series x supports all your favorite games from previous Xbox series including 360, Xbox One, and new console games. In terms of graphical quality performance, it has 4K which makes an exquisite visual quality. It can rightly be said that all the specifications and features surpass the latest Sony’s PlayStation 5.


  • It has an internal memory space of 1Tb.
  • It comes with two expansion ports
  • The extra storage option is also available using USB A-drive
  • It provides a 4K resolution with 120 frames per sec
  • It has eight core 3.8Ghz CPU with 16Gb RAM
  • It has an NVIDIA custom Twelve teraflop GPU
  • The major titles include previous-gen Xbox along with the next gent Xbox S and X titles.
  • The hardware is optimized and produces less sound compared to Xbox One.
  • It has a 4K resolution
  • It has a better and faster processer to provide faster loading
  • It has compatibility with previous version games
  • It doesn’t have a large range of exclusive games like PlayStation5
  • The battery of the controller is not rechargeable
  • Buying extra storage is expensive
Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB PCIe SSD, Black - Backward Compatible with Thousands of Games, 16GB...
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Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB PCIe SSD, Black - Backward Compatible with Thousands of Games, 16GB...
  • What's in the box: Microsoft Xbox Series X Gaming Console; 1 Xbox Wireless Controller; Ultra...
  • The Xbox Series X provides a true 4K gaming experience, thanks to the 12 teraflops of processing...
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6 w/320 bit-wide bus; Memory Bandwidth: 10 GB @ 560 GB/s, 6 GB @ 336 GB/s; Internal...
  • The Xbox Series X supports 3D Spatial Sound, which uses advanced algorithms to create immersive...

Xbox one x- a powerful gaming console

Xbox one x

One of the most powerful Microsoft Xboxes, Xbox One x is a tough competition in the world of gaming. It was the best gaming console for beginners and all others before the launch of the Microsoft Xbox series x.

It provides superior visual quality for better gaming capability. Other than this, it provides a better frame rate than the other previous Xbox series with consistent performance and lower drop.

In terms of design and other specifications, Xbox one x is the same as Xbox One s but just with colour variations. To be exact, there is nothing new just the powerful capability that makes it unique from the previous Microsoft Xbox series


  • It has an eight-core CPU with 12Gb GDDR5 RAM
  • It has 6 teraflops GPU having 1172 MHz speed
  • It has a 4K high dynamic range
  • It can play 4k Blu-ray disc
  • Xbox One x performs well with its immense power capability
  • It has a better frame rate
  • It has 4K HDR capability
  • It has a built-in 4K Blu-ray disc player
  • It has limited memory of 1TB
  • It is in the higher price range
  • It doesn’t have many exclusive games as PlayStation
Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller: Enhanced, HDR, Native 4K, Ultra HD (2017...
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Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller: Enhanced, HDR, Native 4K, Ultra HD (2017...
  • Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller: Xbox One X Enhanced, HDR, Native 4K,...
  • Games play better on Xbox One X With 40% more power than any other console, experience immersive...
  • Connect and play with friends and family on Xbox Live, the fastest, most reliable gaming network...
  • Get exclusive offers like unlimited access to over 100 games to start playing right away Xbox Game...

Xbox one s gaming console

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The exceptional design and architecture of, Xbox One S is worth a try. With the increased memory compared to the previous version of Xbox One, it has also surpassed Xbox One with its better design and looks.

In terms of design, the main changes were the replacement of Physical buttons with capacitive. In addition to this, USB 3.0 port was placed in the front but no Kinect port.

Different customization options enable the users to customize like console skin and customizations options for controllers which will be executed by the Microsoft Xbox design lab program.

The main features that have amazed the Xbox’s loyal fans are the power supply and 2 TB hard drive which is built-in without affecting the whole cooling mechanism in the console. With the higher screen resolution, Xbox One S is also compatible with Ultra HD TV.

With the power supply and processing power, games are loaded at exceptional speed even at higher resolutions unlike the previous Xbox releases like Xbox One with great gaming experience. Other than just games, it can also be used for entertainment purposes. Like it can stream games as well as Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, etc…

With Bluetooth connectivity, it can easily be connected to your Windows PC as well. One necessity that remained the same is the controllers but some of the changes are the textured grip for more comfortable use and a stronger wireless controller connection, unlike Xbox One.


  • The chip for Xbox One S is the same as of Xbox One
  • It has a built-in disc drive
  • It is Ultra HD Blu-ray capable
  • It has 4k and HDR screen resolution
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Special edition Xbox One S consoles are also available.
  • With the increased resolution, Xbox one S provides better screen resolution than the previous version of Xbox One of 4K and HDR
  • Xbox One controllers are compatible with the One S console.
  • It is smaller in size
  • It has a reasonable price compared to the previous versions.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in Kinect port
  • It doesn’t have color variations
  • It doesn’t have any exclusives
  • The controllers for Xbox One S and Xbox One are identical.
  • The controllers don’t have rechargeable batteries.

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Xbox series S- An ideal gaming console

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An ideal gaming console, the Xbox series s is an affordable console and a great deal for limited budget customers. It is a good alternative for the Xbox series x.

One of the drawbacks with the Xbox series s is that, the internal memory limitation. It is smaller in size compared to the other Microsoft Xbox series. It is compatible with all the same games as of Xbox series x and all previous games.

It is a powerful next-gen Xbox series that accommodate the players to play high power and visual quality games. Not only this, if the user has an 8k TV, the visual quality be upscaled to that.

Being pocket-friendly and smaller in size doesn’t limit the gamers, all the games that can be players on the Xbox series x it can also be played on Xbox series s. Not only this, it supports all the same games as any other Microsoft Xbox series like Sea of Thieves, Forza, etc…

There are many options where these Xbox games can be accessed. It can be played by purchasing a digital copy or subscribing to GamePass. One major problem is that it doesn’t have a disc drive which means it doesn’t support any previously physically bought games. All the games should be digital.

It is ideal for normal gamers, who are either beginners or looking forward to playing with family and friends. Xbox series S has the same experience as Xbox series X but with lower screen resolution and limited internal memory space.


  • It has a screen resolution of 1440p
  • The frame per second rate lies between 60 to 120.
  • It has an internal memory of 512Gb out of which only 364Gb is usable for users for storing Xbox games.
  • It has a memory card slot or an external USD-A drive slot to increase the number of all your games.
  • It has an eight-core CPU with 3.6GHz with a 10Gb RAM or AMD Custom Ryzen Zen 2
  • It uses an NVIDIA Custom four teraflop GPU or AMD Custom Radeon RDNA 2
  • It supports all previous Xbox games and will for the future Microsoft Xbox series x and s
  • It weighs about 9.8lbs
  • Its dimensions are 5.9×5.9×11.9 inches
  • It has an optical drive
  • It is in the affordable price range
  • It provides 1440p resolution
  • It has backward compatibility
  • It doesn’t support physical Xbox one games
  • It has limited storage
  • It doesn’t provide the 4K resolution
  • The power is low for a next-gen console
  • It doesn’t have a disc drive

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Sony PlayStation 5- a premium gaming console

Sony PlayStation 5

The best video game console by Sony, PlayStation 5 is known for its improved gaming experience with comfortable controllers. The PS5 is a powerful console with all the best games that has exhibited the aptitude of next-gen consoles.

It is quite big compared to PlayStation 3 and PlayStations 4. Not only this, it has two variations for the users to choose from with a variation of about $100. One is the digital option with no disc drive whereas the other has both options which is slightly expensive.

The PS5 with both options is optimal as it will enable you to play all the previous Playstation3 and 4 games with a better and exclusive gaming experience. It is also the best option for gamers whose current gaming consoles are either PS4 or PS3 and who are looking for an upgrade.

It is compatible with different gaming and entertainment options like CDs, and DVDs which can be used for entertainment purposes also. In addition to this, many exclusive and non-exclusive games can be played on PS5.

It is not limited to pro-gamer, it is for everyone including beginners. with easy controls. It has a faster processor which makes most games load at lightning speed. It surely is said as the best plug-and-play platform console in the gaming world.

There are a lot of games that can be played on it including Demon’s souls, Spider-Man Miles Morales, etc. are exclusive to PS5. Similarly, many other games are exclusive to Xbox only including Halo infinite and the medium. It is true to the claim of having the best and long game library compared to Xbox.

It is a tough competition for Xbox. Even the Xbox series x is more powerful and comes with more storage capacity but the gaming experiences are similar. The PlayStation 5 has a dual sense controller which has a good haptic with a precise sense of touch which gives a more engaging experience. The controller’s new technology is also combined with the PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR headset which makes it more in demand.


  • It has an 825Gb SSD memory
  • It has an 8th core Custom CPU with 16Gb RAM
  • It has a 4K screen resolution with 120 frames per second
  • The memory space can be expanded using an NVMe card or with an external USB-A drive
  • The PlayStation 5 uses AMD chips with an eight-core CPU
  • The GPU is an AMD with 10.228 teraflops
  • Other resources include ray-tracing
  • It has a 4K Blu-ray player
  • It has an optical drive
  • Its dimensions are 15.4×4.1×10.2 inches
  • It weighs about 9.9lbs
  • It has a disc drive and has the only digital option to choose from
  • It is also compatible with DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Rays.
  • It has better resolution and fast processing speed than the previous PS4.
  • It has more built-in memory than the previous PS4
  • It is larger
  • The user interface is new which takes time to adjust to
  • The internal memory space is a problem with high definition games
Sony PlayStation VR
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Sony PlayStation VR
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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro- a budget-friendly gaming console

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

One of the premium last-gen consoles, Sony PlayStation 4Pro has all the great games at an affordable price. It is not an outdated machine but not a match to PlayStation 5. It has some major titles with free games.

The price has dropped due to the launch of PlayStation 5 but was the best-selling gaming console containing all the impressive games for its fans. Even being the best last-gen consoles, it is still a good catch with a vast game library.

PlayStation 4 Pro is quite similar to PlayStation 4 in design. As for the controller, it is more sensitive, and comfortable than the previous one. It is also more powerful and has more memory compared to PlayStation 4.

It provides a wireless internet connection as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The transition between the two connection modes is seamless. In addition to this, it is compatible to play VR games and also has exceptional performance on a 4K TV.


  • It has an 8 jaguar core AMD processor with 2.1 GHz and 8GB GDDR5 RAM.
  • It has a 1 TB hard drive
  • IT has an 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and transmitter
  • IT has a dual shock 4 controller
  • IT has an ethernet cable for data transfer
  • It provides high performance of 4K HDR and VR games.
  • It has a high frame rate per second
  • It gives a 4K screen display with the 4k enabled titles.
  • Great performance improvement on all game titles
  • Great 4K output
  • 1TB hard drive
  • No Blu-ray player
  • Not all games output is in native 4K
  • The design is similar to PlayStation 4

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Sony PlayStation VR gaming console

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, the most affordable VR gaming experience. It is used for PlayStation 4 gamers and virtual reality gamers.

It is a fact, that the PlayStation VR headset doesn’t have all the capabilities of a fully equipped virtual reality game but it is a popular VR headset for new users.

It is not a standalone console yet it can completely transform the PlayStation4 but it does have a library containing experimental titles that one can experience and are exclusive to PlayStation VR only. The PlayStation and the headset combination are more affordable than a gaming PC and a virtual reality gaming setup.

It has some of the best games compatible with VR either be action, shooting, puzzles, and other games. PlayStation VR is a good option for virtual reality beginners. The number of wires might be a hassle but the experience it gives overcomes this drawback.

The best feature is that it is closer to the design of PlayStation 5 and is also compatible with PS5. It also has a dual sense controller for a better gaming experience.


  • It has stereo headphones
  • It supports HDR
  • It is bulky but well balanced
  • It also has earphones only options.
  • It has a built-in mic for chatting and using it as multiplayer
  • It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • It has a refresh rate of 90 to 120 Hz.
  • The controllers are dual sense, dual shock, and PlayStation Move
  • It provides 3D audio
  • It has a 960xRGBx1080 RGB for each eye
  • It has an AMD Radeon GPU
  • It provides a 100-degree field view
  • PlayStation VR provides the complete feeling of a full VR device experience
  • It has a good library of games
  • The PlayStation VR headset is cheaper and affordable than other VR headsets.
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • It has an adjustable headband with padding.
  • It is also comfortable for glass wearers.
  • It has exclusives including Marvel’s Iron Man and VR modes for Ace Combat 7 from PlayStation 4
  • The field view is less than Rift and Vive
  • The GPU capability is less than Rift and Vive
  • A lot of wires is a hassle
  • The new PlayStation VR headset for PS5 is developed
Sony PlayStation VR
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Sony PlayStation VR
  • Contains: PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI...
  • Games Come First - With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming...
  • Just Plug and Play - Getting into PlayStation VR couldn't be easier. Just plug the PlayStation VR...
  • Advanced VR Display - Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive...

SNES Classic- Retro gaming console

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A SNES Classic is a retro console that has the best games with a minimum price of $80. It is ideal for portable gamers who prefer Nintendo or any other video game console. It has all the updated versions of all classic games including the original star fox and star fox 2.

The SNES Classic is compatible with all the classic games of Nintendo for retro gaming including super Mario kart and street fighter ii turbo. Other games like Megaman X, Earthbound, Kirby Super Star, etc. are also included. It has the same interface as the original but the games have almost the exact emulation of the original games.

SNES Classic is ideal for gamers who want to reenjoy their childhood and even for new gamers by playing old classic games. NES Mini and SNES Classic are very similar in design including the placement of the buttons and controls like a reset button, etc… Some of the controllers are fake to give away the retro feel like the Eject button, ports on the front.

The design of the two controllers is comfortable but the cord is quite short and the buttons don’t have a pleasing feel but enables you to play two-player games. In addition to this, the controllers can be connected to Wii and Wii U using WiiMote. This plugin enables you to enjoy more games that weren’t possible with SNES Mini.

It has a limited number of games which is a drawback for many gamers. The number of games can be increased using an unofficial manner which is basically via hacking in terms of computer and IT.


  • It has a CRT filter option.
  • It has a save-state feature
  • The SNES Classic has two wired controllers making it suitable for both single and two-player games.
  • It has Mali-400 Mp GPU
  • It uses ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
  • It provides 512Gb flash storage
  • Its dimensions are 10×2.68×8 inches
  • It weighs about 2.21 lbs
  • It has all the classic games
  • It provides HDMI support
  • It is powered by a USB
  • It has a CRT filter for the classic feel
  • It has two controllers for two-player games.
  • It doesn’t have an optical drive
  • It can be difficult to find sometimes
  • There are many fake controllers which might not be very pleasing to some gamers
  • The controller cord is only 56 inches long
  • It only has 20 games

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Nintendo Switch- Single Handheld gaming console

Nintendo Switch

A singlehanded, portable hybrid game console, the Nintendo Switch is one of the optimal gaming experience for gamers who wants something to play games on the go. It has all the games that are and can be stored in the game library.

It is also an ideal option for local co-op games including super Mario kart (only exclusive to Nintendo switch) and even Pokemon. The recent games for Nintendo switch include Animal Crossing: New horizon. Other than this, it has a long list of exclusive games for its users along with aaa games.

Upon comparing the price points it may is not as expensive as other gaming consoles including Playstation 5, 4 Pro, Xbox, etc. although being portable. It can be connected to different display screens including Television.

It is not as feature-loaded as other traditional gaming consoles including the next-gen consoles but it provides an exquisite gaming experience. The Joy-controllers are comfortable and provide a good gaming experience and are two on the sides which can be converted for single-player and two-player games accordingly. External joy-cons can be linked to it for multiplayer gaming experiences.

As far as the gaming experience, it is the same as PlayStation or Xbox. With the Nintendo Switch, the customer will receive a console, two joy-con controllers, a grip that makes the switch into a single gamepad for playing on TV, straps for converting joy-cons into two separate controllers, and lastly a TV connecting dock. The controls on the joy-con include A, B, X, Y, and a start button on the right hand whereas, the left hand has minus, share, 2 shoulder buttons, a d-pad, and an analog stick.

The parts and material used for Nintendo Switch are all of great quality and ergonomics. The single handheld feature is similar to PS Vita.


  • The Nintendo Switch provides a resolution of 1080p HD and 720p when docked and handled respectively.
  • It provides internal storage of 32Gb which can be expanded through microSD inserted in the microSD card slot
  • It uses a NVIDA Custom Tegra processor for CPU and GPU
  • It supports all the Nintendo games
  • It can be connected to a TV, PlayStation, and Xbox
  • It provides connectivity to external joy-con controllers
  • The default two joy-co controllers provide options for single and double players
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • It doesn’t have an optical drive
  • It weighs around .88 pounds
  • Its dimensions are 4×9.4x.55 inches
  • It has the best hybrid game console design
  • It is dynamic and controllers are easy to play with
  • The single handheld control, grip, and operations are of high-quality
  • It is not as powerful as Xbox and PlayStation.
  • It doesn’t support 4K games
  • The switch doesn’t have many third-party titles.
  • It doesn’t support VR games but instead has Nintendo Labo
  • The right analog stick controls placement are not as usual
Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con
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Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con
  • 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode
  • 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
  • 4.5-9 plus Hours of Battery Life will vary depending on software usage conditions
  • Connects over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming; Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless...

Nintendo Switch OLED portable gaming console

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A premium mid-generation portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best video game consoles that provide great games options for Nintendo fans to play with. It has a bigger screen with better screen resolution.

It is the best option for those who are beginners in the Nintendo Switch family and want to experience the single handheld mode. It is also an ideal option for those who want to upgrade their Nintendo Switch.

Other than this, it has an online gaming facility along with the dock mode and ethernet cable. It also has all the joy-con controllers options from the previous Nintendo Switch options. It has all the options like the previous Switch versions had with an improvement.

One of the most liked accessories is the kickstand which enables tablet mode. The major improvement is the speaker and the heat control which provides an impressive gaming experience with superior quality. It is a next-gen console and a good option for first-time Nintendo Switch users. It has a more vibrant color than the regular Nintendo Switch which uses LCD.


  • The screen is a 7.0-inch long screen
  • It has a built-in LAN port
  • It has more onboard memory
  • It comes with a microSD memory cards slot to extend the memory space
  • It has an internal memory of 64Gb, more than the previous versions having 32Gb
  • It has a refresh rate of 60Hz.
  • It provides Bluetooth and wireless connectivity
  • This Nintendo switch provides the same resolution of 720p and 1080p HD when handheld and docked respectively
  • It uses NVIDA custom Tegra processor for CPU and GPU
  • It can be connected to the TV
  • Its dimensions are 4×9.4x.55 inches
  • Its weight is .88lbs
  • It supports couch cop-up by detachable joy-cons and external connectivity
  • It is power efficient
  • It has a better kickstand
  • The old Nintendo Switch accessories are compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED
  • The gaming experience is better than the previous Nintendo Switch versions
  • It has an increased internal storage
  • It has LAN support and Ethernet cable for online games
  • It has a larger screen of 7.0 inches
  • The body has a matte plastid coating which is better in the grip
  • An external joy-con controller can be connected
  • The colors are not as attractive as Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Almost all the specifications as of a regular Nintendo Switch, no extraordinary changes/improvements
  • It is expensive than the other versions
  • It doesn’t support 4K and it still has a 720-pixel resolution
  • No change in the Joy-con controllers
  • It is heavier
  • It doesn’t have an optical drive

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Nintendo Switch Lite portable gaming console

Nintendo Switch Lite

A 9.7 ounces lightweight, Nintendo Switch lite has only the handheld mode. It has a small compact screen of 5.5inches.

Being lower in price, it cannot be connected to the TV but the pixel display is the same as any other Nintendo switch of 720p. It is comfortable playing games in lite.

The Nintendo Switch lite can be said as the mini version of the Nintendo switch with limited options like the joy-con controllers are fixed, unlike the other switch which was detachable. Even the controls are limited. Like the direction buttons have a d-pad due to compact space.

Nintendo Switch Lite has storage just like the regular Nintendo switch of 32GB which is an option to extend the memory space using a microSD card. It has a longer battery life than the regular Switch.

The most attractive feature is it is cheaper compared to Nintendo switch with all the necessary features and the same pixel quality. Not only this, it is an ideal choice for beginners.

Nintendo Switch Lite is also referred to as the best video game console available on the market. It gives all the Nintendo titles which Nintendo fans can ever imagine and is compatible with almost all Nintendo games.

Similar to the Nintendo Switch, it has the same hybrid design and is made from high-quality parts and materials. It also comes in different color options.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t have a dock and HDMI support. It also doesn’t support couch cop-op.


  • The CPU and the CPU are NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor
  • It provides internal storage of 32GB
  • In the case of connectivity, it has wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has a microSD card slot
  • It doesn’t have an optical drive
  • Its dimensions are 3.6×8.2x.55 inches
  • It weighs about 0.61 pounds.
  • It is lightweight compared to the regular and OLED Nintendo switch
  • It comes in different color options to choose from
  • It has a good modern design
  • The controls are easy to use
  • It is an affordable price range
  • It cannot be connected to the TV
  • It only has the handheld mode
  • It doesn’t have a detachable Joy-con controller
  • It doesn’t support wireless headphone connectivity.
  • It lacks some of the regular Nintendo switch features like HD Rumble and IR motion camera as well
  • It doesn’t have motion controls
Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise
85,346 Reviews
Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise
  • Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming at a great price
  • For every member of your family, there’s a member of ours
  • Optimized for personal, handheld play, Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and light Nintendo Switch...
  • Features a sleek, unibody design with fully integrated controls and a built-in plus Control Pad

Frequently Asked Questions

Which console is best for beginners?

There are many consoles available in the market, among these, Nintendo Switch Lite and PlayStation 4 Pro are ideal for beginners.

Which is the best and cheapest gaming console?

For handheld console, Nintendo Switch Lite and PlayStation Pro4 gaming console is the best option. If you want Xbox, then One S and series S are ideal options.

Which console is best for gaming?

PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x is the best and the latest option with all the specification. Most importantly, they are the next-gen consoles

Which console should I buy in 2021?

In 2021, PlayStation 5 is the ideal choice to go for.


If you have newly developed an interest in gaming, then you are in the right place. The best gaming console for beginners provides the list of the best gaming consoles with details to help you analyze and make your decision.

It is not only for beginners but also for gamers who are looking to either change or upgrade their system. In the gaming world, the main competitors are Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Nintendo has the best handheld mode games which can also be connected to the TV and other consoles. If you are looking for a handheld console than, among the different versions of Nintendo, Nintendo Switch OLED is the best option. In the case of gaming consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X has tough competition. Among these two there is no winner, it is a matter of customer’s choice as both of these two are exceptionally good. If you are tight on budget, then the previous PlayStation 4 Pro is the best option to opt for.

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