Best Cheap Laptops For Video Editing

best cheap laptops for video editing

best cheap laptops for video editing

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is the most successful build I’ve ever done and it’s using the HP EliteBook 840 g5 so in my opinion this is the best laptop for making into a hackintosh now this is not a tutorial video but later in the video I will walk through the BIOS screens show you the KTX T’s I use and walk through my clover configurator screen so you can see what settings I have in there now with that out of the way let’s jump in and talk a little bit about the specs of this machine so the specs on the elite book 840 g5 that I’m using in this video are an eighth generation I 5 processor 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and a 256 gigabyte m2 drive now these machines are really nice because they have a whole bunch of ports and most of them work on the hackintosh it’s got 2 USB 3.1 ports an HDMI port an rj45 Gigabit Ethernet port 3.5 millimeter headphone and mic jack and it has 802 11 AC Wi-Fi now that is the one piece that I had to swap out for this build is I had to swap out that Wi-Fi card it’s super easy to do you just take the screws off the back pop the whole card out part pop the new card in and I’ll have a link down in the description to the exact card that I use that works perfectly Bluetooth Wi-Fi I get a tow 2.11 AC speeds works great now the only other port on the machine is a thunderbolt port I have not gotten this to work in the hackintosh and from what I’ve read online it’s not something that we’re gonna get to work so that’s the only port on the machine that does not work in this build now the only other pieces of hardware that don’t work besides that Thunderbolt port are the Wi-Fi card that comes with the laptop now like I said that’s super easy to swap out again I’ll have that link down in the description to the card that I used and once you swap it out works perfectly the camera does not work I’ve not found a way to get that to work at all and the trackpad works but it’s real finicky it doesn’t register some of the clicks the left and the right click sometimes you have to click it twice to get it to regice or once now you can improve that a little bit by turning on the tap to click settings in Mac OS that does help that performance a little bit but it’s still a little kludgy when you have to do a click to drag or something like that if anybody knows how to fix that please leave some suggestions down in the comment section below so other people can learn from that for me I use the mouse a lot even when I’m using a laptop so it hasn’t been that big a deal for me as far as the performance of the machine everything works super smoothly the operating system is very fast and responsive I’ve been able to do updates and it hasn’t broken the Machine the applications launch and they run really smoothly even things like iMessage and handoff an airdrop airplay those things all work once you replace that Wi-Fi card bluetooth has been solid I haven’t dropped any connections everything’s been really solid and I was even really surprised that this machine performs so well in something like video editing in Final Cut Pro I’m able to edit 4k video absolutely no problem it’s very smooth even with transitions and stuff it’s smooth and this machine doesn’t have a dedicated GPU it only has that internal GPU so this next part I was really surprised because DaVinci Resolve actually works really really well on this too now DaVinci Resolve is dependent on a GPU typically works best with a dedicated GPU and in fairly simple timelines either 10 1080p or 4k with a pretty basic timeline it performed really well if you’re doing anything like tracking and fusion or complex color correction or things like that it’s gonna start to bog down at 4k and 1080p you’re still okay but I was really really surprised at how well this machine performs it’s probably one of the best performing hackintosh as I’ve ever built now I don’t put a lot of stock into synthetic benchmarks I like to base my decisions based on the actual performance not some benchmarking tool but I know a lot of people like those so I ran some benchmarks on this machine in Cinebench this machine gets a 1268 in Geekbench it gets 4614 single core and 16,000 266 for multi-core and in you in heaven that test just the graphics it gets thirteen point nine frames per second at 1080p medium setting I’m not all that surprised by that because again it’s just using that internal GPU that’s built into the processor doesn’t have a dedicated GPU so graphics performance gaming performance on this is not going to be great things like rimworld or oxygen not included more basic games like that are going to work fine but anything that’s more graphically intensive are not going to work well and that’s just because of the integrated GPU it’s not a fault of the build or Mac OS or anything else strictly that GPU is not very powerful when you’re talking about gaming alright so here’s the part a lot of you have been waiting for I’m just gonna walk through some of the BIOS screens here I’m not going to talk about the changes I made so if you want to pause along the way here and compare them to your machine go ahead and do that these are the settings that work for me for this hackintosh build now that we’re through some of those BIOS screens I’m gonna show you the kex T’s these are all in the efi partition in the the clover folder structure they’re they’re not installed locally on the machine so you can go in and change these at any time and now let’s jump into some of those clover settings again I’m just gonna go through some of the screens here show you what they look like so you can make note for any of the settings that you need to change on your machine some of these are going to be blocked out for obvious reasons but you can see for the most part the settings that I’ve used honestly I did not have to change a whole lot of things in here this is a lot of default things that are typically set up in clover that I was just able to use and then do a little tweaks here and there to make the Machine perform a little bit better so if you’re looking at making a hackintosh laptop or a hack book the elite book 840 g5 is definitely a good machine to consider again this is the most successful laptop build I’ve ever had on a machine just swap out that Wi-Fi card

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