Best Cable Extensions Pc

Best cable extensions pc

Best cable extensions pc is significant for customized build units. A PC without adequate cable management looks like a jungle of thick wires. That’s why, when it comes to creating your next PC, we think a cable kit is a must-have. Moreover, having an extension cable with color schemes make PC’s organization quite handy, especially while some troubleshooting or upgrading PC

For years, customizing a PC’s wires has been a time-consuming and costly process, especially for gaming PC. A user had two options: do it yourself and spend hours upon hours individually sleeving their power supply cables or paying hundreds of dollars for pricey cable sleeving services. But now, you can use customized sleeved cable extensions available in the market with multiple color options to manage your PC wires properly.

We have thoroughly researched cable extensions and cable kits to help you manage pc components efficiently, do check all to get the best cable kit for yourself.

Premium Cables Turn PC Systems Into Works of Art

In the long term, having a clean and proper cable management setup for PC is quite beneficial; this makes managing all of the inner components a lot easier. It also helps that it looks a lot nicer than it did before. Aside from that, it allows you to access everything quickly. Parts can also be swapped out and replaced as needed. This is quite useful if you have to undertake frequent troubleshooting. Significantly if you often update or replace parts. Getting caught up in all of those cords may be a real pain.

  Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit  

Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit

  • Dimensions : 12 x 2 x 0.7 inches

  • Weight : 12.3 ounces

  CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit 

CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit

  • Dimensions : 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches

  • Weight : 2.2 pounds

 Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Extension

Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Extension

  • Dimensions: 15.07 x 2.83 x 1.65 inches

  • Weight: 12.8 ounces

 EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable 

EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable

  • Dimensions: 7.83 x 4.65 x 2.05 inches; 

  • Weight: 13.1 ounces

 ATX Extension DIY Kit – Sleeved Cables for PSU 

ATX Extension DIY Kit – Sleeved Cables for PSU

  • 14.68 x 2.68 x 2.09 inches

  • Weight: 15.7 ounces

 COOCAT Custom Mod Sleeved Cable 

COOCAT Custom Mod Sleeved Cable

  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.3 x 0.67 inches

  • Weight: 11.6 ounces

Best cable extensions For PC

Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit

Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit

Antec is a wonderful place to start for beginners because of its ease of use and low price. Antec cable kits contain Superior PET sleeves, a choice of 300mm or 500mm cable length, robust 16AWG cables are produced from high-quality materials.

It only provides a high-quality cable kit, but also Antec offers a hefty three-year warranty, something that is not seen from other firms providing similar cable kits.

It uses the same clean design when it comes to aesthetics. While there are just a few color schemes available, they are very decent and appeal to the eyes.

The company also caters to the need for compatibility with different devices; in terms of PSU compatibility. Each Antec extension cable kit will feature a set of standard cable sizes, including a 24-pin ATX cable, two 8-pin and two 6-pin PCI-E cables, a 4×4 pin eps cable, and matching-colored cable combs for easy installation. But I’ll suggest you double-check cable kit compatibility with your PSU before buying.

  • There are a lot of cable combs included.
  • excellent build quality.
  • Long Warranty of three years
  • Some people may find it stiff.
Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable /24pin ATX /4+4pin EPS /6+2pin PCI-E PSU Extension Cable Kit 30cm...
4,707 Reviews
Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable /24pin ATX /4+4pin EPS /6+2pin PCI-E PSU Extension Cable Kit 30cm...
  • Variety customized color combos to match with the color/rgb of the selected tower, gpu/cpu/ram,...
  • 24 cable combs, easy cable management for routing M/B PCI-E cables and leaved no gap between...
  • This high quality cable has good flexibility , easy to bend , and beginner can easily make them into...
  • The Thick cable has a warm sheen woven appearance. Triple Layer Weaving design with 16AWG, 300mm,...

CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit

CableMod Pro ModMesh

CableMod is the gold standard for cable management. It has become the prime player in deluxe cable kits, offering superior, easy-to-install cable kits with nearly endless customization. They are just the best, with a modern, streamlined design crafted from high-quality materials and top-tier aesthetics.

The cable kits of cableMod come with impressive features that no one can compete in the market. It offers cable kits that are supposed to be complete replacements for the existing cables in your setup, which is one of the most prominent aspects.

In other words, instead of providing an extension cable that hooks into the wires attached to your power supply, it offers unique cables that connect directly to your build’s power supply; this reduces the amount of surplus and unneeded cable length that can accumulate. The key selling point of cable kits is to provide a cleaner, more organized look within your build’s case, and that’s where CableMod is good at.

In terms of aesthetics, CableMod offers the most color choice. You may pick the appropriate cables to match your build’s color scheme from over 30 options, including dual-color possibilities and a variety of RGB setup light strip accessories. And because all of CableMod’s products come with their distinctive sleeving, they’re entirely heat-shrink-free, unlike many cable kits that employ a rubber-like material to hide the internal wiring.

CableMod kits are also distinguished by their “ModFlex Sleeving,” a special sleeving that is softer than standard nylon sleeving and thinner than regular cloth braiding. This cable can be quite beneficial to overcome the struggle of linking inflexible cables around a motherboard or other components in a crowded case.

The Modflex cables are flexible, twistable, and bendable, which comes in handy when working with limited space in a fully loaded case. They also have a range of cables that use “ModMesh,” which provides more robust support for the wires for those who want a more rigid cable. For those wishing for a more brilliant color, the ModMesh is also available.

  • There are a lot of color options.
  • Everything you’ll ever need is included.
  • Cable of superior quality
  • There are numerous color options available.
  • A little pricey
CableMod C-Series Pro ModMesh Sleeved Cable Kit for Corsair RM Yellow Label/AXi/HXi (Black + Red)
1,306 Reviews
CableMod C-Series Pro ModMesh Sleeved Cable Kit for Corsair RM Yellow Label/AXi/HXi (Black + Red)
  • All-New Thicker Wires for a Fuller Look
  • Pre-Installed Closed Cable Combs
  • High-Density ModMesh Sleeving
  • Wide Range of Vivid Colors

Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Extension

Asiahorse Customization

For those who aren’t concerned with aesthetics or are hesitant to invest in a more expensive cable kit, Asiahorse cables kits are a safe bet, providing all of the functionality you’ll require at an affordable price.

A seahorse has all of the cable kit necessities you’ll need for your new build. While they don’t have all of their competitors’ customization options, they do have many.

It has a simple, minimalist design, a few color options, and typical braided wires terminating in all-black combs. However, your case does not allow an internal view, then Asiahorse’s cable kits may be your best choice.

The quality of the Asiahorse cable kits is quite impressive, even though they aren’t the most flashy products on the market. Instead, Asiahorse’s cable kits find a decent compromise between performance and pricing, with sturdy triple-weave 18AWG cables at a length of 300mm and enough flexibility to maneuver around bulkier components like the motherboard or GPU.

However, they do not provide a 500mm size; thus, anyone building a full-size PC may encounter cable length concerns. The basic cable layout is included in each kit, which comprises a 24-pin ATX cable, two 8-pin and two 6-pin PCI-E cables, and a 4×4 pin eps cable.

Unfortunately, Asiahorse does not provide a support team like other companies. Instead, it has headquarters outside America, so you can not email or call to ask about its compatibility options; moreover, they do not state anything about warranty clearly.

  • Affordably priced
  • Good construction quality
  • Easy to handle.
  • Color selections are limited.
  •  customer support is not available
AsiaHorse 16 AWG Customization Mod Sleeve Extension Cable,ATX/EPS/8-pin PCI-E/6-pin PCI-E for PSU...
10,173 Reviews
AsiaHorse 16 AWG Customization Mod Sleeve Extension Cable,ATX/EPS/8-pin PCI-E/6-pin PCI-E for PSU...
  • 【Cable Kits】1x24 Pin ATX Extension Cable (for Motherboard), 1x(4+4)Pin EPS Cable (for CPU), 2x...
  • 【Upgraded 16AWG】We have listened to millions of customer feedback on the use of millions of...
  • 【Two Color Cable combs】For cleaner cable management and a unique design needs the kit comes with...
  • 【High Quality PSU Cable Extension】The cable length is 30cm. It can install from any angle you...

EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable

EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable

Even though this company is new in the market, these cables were quickly placed on our list due to their highly distinctive design and impressive build quality.

The cables are smooth and do not require heat shrinking, making them reasonably flexible and bendable. Moreover, these cables are made of high-quality materials and have a long lifespan. Apart from that, wires are simple to manage and perform flawlessly in even small build cases.

There are 2x 8-Pin to 6+2-Pin GPU power cords in a single box. Both 6-pin and 8-pin GPU combinations are supported. Moreover, cables for 24-pin motherboard power and 4+4 pin CPU power are also included.

Because of wire thickness, some persons may find these wires challenging to manage. As a result, be sure you choose the suitable sleeve case for them. In addition, these cables are only available in two colors: black and white. These may work in some installations, but they will not appear as good in RGB systems. However, you can buy these cables with confidence due to their affordable price.

  • Low Cost
  • The design is quite
  • gentle.
  •  Thick and sturdy
  • a little difficult to manage.
EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable Sleeved Custom Mod PC Power Supply Cable, Soft Nylon Braided with Comb...
736 Reviews
EZDIY-FAB PSU Extension Cable Sleeved Custom Mod PC Power Supply Cable, Soft Nylon Braided with Comb...
  • The latest Nylon Braid design, soft, and easy to organize with vivid braided cables for refined...
  • High specification 18 AWG cables easily handle your ultra high power modular power supply, long-term...
  • The new individually sleeved cables are heat-shrink free to ensure high-quality cable assembly and...
  • 2x 8-Pin to 6+2-Pin GPU power cables bundled in one package. Suitable for both 6-Pin or 8-Pin GPU...

ATX Extension DIY Kit – Sleeved Cables for PSU

ATX Extension DIY Kit

If you love to customize electronics with different color options and sizes and lengths of wire, then undoubtedly ATX extension DIY kit is for you. Now you can build your cables with this DIY kit by fitting the individually sleeved cable into the connection heads, and for optimum flair, the wires have a sleek heat shrink-free design.

For the cleanest PC builds, thick cables offer a great look and feel. And it comes with three distinct wire color options(20 red, 22 white, and 22 black) and Gold Connector Pins for improved electrical current; the Galaxy Mods cable kit allows you to construct your premium cable setup.

Its one-of-a-kind kit comes with enough 18 AWG cables for 24 pins. In addition, it has a 2 x 8 (4+4) pin CPU, 3 x (6+2) GPU, pin removal tool, black connection heads, and 29 premium “brass knuckle” type black cable combs. To ensure the precise curve every time, one layer of cables is 30 cm long, and the other is 31 cm long.

The DIY kit offers impressive compatibility options. The Cable Kit can be used to extend any power supply, graphics card, or motherboard. The cable combs are also available for 24 pin, 8 pins, 6 pin, and 4 pin cables that work with any configuration, including a triple-slot RTX 3080.

These cables come under Galaxy Mods warranty, so if you feel any trouble with the product, connect with their support team and make a replacement, this feature makes it one of the most reliable options for sleeved cable.

  • Completely customizedable
  • Impressive compatibility options
  • heat shrink-free design.
  • Only three color options
  • User has to fit everything by himself
ATX Extension DIY Kit - Sleeved Cables for PSU - 24 Pin, 2 x (4+4) & 3 x (6+2) Black, White, and Red...
7 Reviews
ATX Extension DIY Kit - Sleeved Cables for PSU - 24 Pin, 2 x (4+4) & 3 x (6+2) Black, White, and Red...
  • ⭐ FULLY CUSTOM - why settle for less? The Galaxy Mods cable kit lets you design your own premium...
  • ⭐ IN THE BOX - our unique kit includes enough 18 AWG cables for: 24 pin. 2 x 8 (4+4) pin Cpu, 3 x...
  • ⭐ NEXT LEVEL COMPATIBILITY - The Galaxy Mods Cable Kit will work as an extension for any PSU,...
  • ⭐ SIMPLE AND STYLISH - our DIY kit empowers you to make your own cables, by inserting the...

COOCAT Custom Mod Sleeved Cable

COOCAT Custom Mod

Comcast offers cost-effective and entry-level Custom sleeved cable. If you are inexperienced and don’t want to spend much, I suggest you start with this cable. Unfortunately, the cables are not RGB, so that you won’t get any vibrant colors in a cable.

The build quality is average, and the wire is thin, making it entirely controllable and capable of maneuvering at complex places and crowded components. So there’ll be no issues while connecting components with the motherboard or connecting GPU.

The package includes all the essential that is required to build a new PC; it includes one 24 pins, one 8(4+4)Pin EPS, two 8(6+2)Pi, two n PCI-E, one 6Pin PCI-E, four cable combs

1x 24Pin ATX; 1x 8(4+4)Pin EPS; 2x; 1x ; 4 combs per cable

But few customers are not satisfied with cable quality; they found it a little hard, but this hardness is due to tinned copper, which is good for conductivity. They complain about build quality, maybe because of some substandard materials that are used in wire manufacturing.

Overall, these should suffice if you require proper cable management without breaking the bank. But if you are concerned about looks also then I’ll suggest you get something else.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Decent materials
  • Multiple color options
  • Monotone color cable
  • Uncertain long term durability
COOCAT Black Sleeved Cable, PSU Power Supply Cable Extension Kits, 18AWG 24Pin ATX / 8 (4+4) Pin...
1,490 Reviews
COOCAT Black Sleeved Cable, PSU Power Supply Cable Extension Kits, 18AWG 24Pin ATX / 8 (4+4) Pin...
  • ✅ [ YOU WILL GET ] - 1x 24pin MB cable, 1x CPU power cable, 3x GPU power cable, 4 combs for each...
  • ✅ [ SPECIFICATION ] - UL1015 18AWG, Tinned copper, High-conductivity High-current U-shaped...
  • ✅ [ FOR 500W-1600W PSU ] - Power supply cable extension for Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, Thermaltake,...
  • ❤️ [ NOTICE ] - ① They are not modular cables [not Male to Male], they cannot be plugged into...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cable extensions for PC?

Do cable extensions affect PC performance?

No, the excellent quality power extensions do not affect the PC performance. You get the same speed before and after using extensions, but there is one thing to be careful about: the diameter of the wire; try to use wire of the same diameter as the original power supply cables.

Should you use two PCIe Cables for GPU?

Yes, you need to have two PCIe cables for GPU. However, it is not allowed to use one cable to connect with two connectors; you need to get an 8-pin connector and a 6-pin connector. Moreover, GPU requires more power, so combining it with a 3000 Watts power supply is recommended.

Are sleeved cables universal?

You can say this about sleeved cables connectors; actually, all Sleeved Cable Extension Kit employs the same universal ATX connectors; this forces the extension cables to work with one standard ATX power supply unit.

Is it safe to use a PCIe splitter?

I will not recommend you to use PCIe splitter unless and until they are provided with PSU or GPU unit because they are compatible with the hardware. Still, if you use something else, it can be risky, particularly about compatibility with other hardware components and might affect PC’s performance and might affect PC’s performance.

Is ModFlex or ModMesh better?

I can not explicitly say which one is good and which one is better as both are entirely different and are built to cater to different requirements.

ModFlex sleeving is softer and more flexible than ModMesh. However, it is easy to bend and maneuver through different hardware components, so if your processing unit case is small and you have been bombarded with so many additional components, I’ll suggest you go with this cable.

On the other hand, ModMesh is strong and rigid with vibrant color options; they are UV reactive and last for a long time, suitable for significant cases with powerful components that require more electricity.


PC Cable extensions are vital to customized built systems, and it helps you manage all the wiring effectively and allow you to upgrade components without much hassle. Few people try to save money and don’t spend on this, but this can turn your PC into a rat’s nest and hamper inside components.

I suggest you always use this and above mentioned all the products are exceptional in respect to performance and pricing do check them all and pick that fulfills your needs and also fit in your pocket. If you ask about my choice, I’ll go with Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable KitCableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit, or ATX Extension DIY Kit – Sleeved Cables for PSU; all three are fantastic.

Do try them and also give your precious feedback.

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