Best Budget Laptops For Video Editing

best budget laptops for video editing

best budget laptops for video editing

I am sure you will be able to choose your desired product after going through this list of best budget laptops for video editing


alright guys today we’re gonna talk about a laptop I’m having done much laptop covers this year I got a few things were recovering we I think we covered the 15 inch Asus razor when we talking about as a Asus razor just really enjoy today’s video sponsored by drop in the sennheiser pc 37 x professional-grade gaming headset so has ur is known for their legendary sound quality and gaming headsets are known for the legendary suck quality but now you can have the best of both worlds without compromising mic quality making it the perfect choice for gamers and professionals alike the detachable ten-foot cable and 3.5 millimeter plugs ensure maximum compatibility while running your own amplifiers without taking up an additional USB slot to learn more about the sennheiser pc 37 x from drop click the link in the description below I think the only laptop we’ve actually taken a look at this year was the 15 inch razor blade we also have a 17 inch razor blade Pro coming well we’ve had it I’ve been testing it but today we’re we talking about something else cuz you know it’s funny when it comes to laptops most brands are like we want to send you our flagship model the best of the best like we’ve been talking with HP about taking a look at one of the omens like the dual screen omens and it’s like now everyone’s looking to spend three four five thousand dollars on a laptop so today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Asus GU 502 G this is a mid tier laptop that gives most of the performance that you would want for a mobile solution here that’s not only powerful for gaming but also has a clean aesthetic that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to use this in the boardroom and it is configurable so of course your mileage is gonna vary depending on the way you spec yours out but the reason why this is the G variant is it has a g-sync panel built in it’s 144 Hertz IPS g-sync panel so that’s already awesome I love the panel technology advancing like it has over the last several years to where we can get a 144 Hertz g-sync IPS panel in a laptop but of course you need 444 hurts to even matter you need a powerful enough GPU so this is using an r/t X 20 60 the rest of the specs though nothing brand new it’s an Intel 9th June 97 50 H got 16 gigabytes of ddr4 of 802 dot 1 1 AC a one terabyte PCIe nvme SSD in there so they already could be teaching razor a thing or two about actually putting in decent sized SSDs to is even the razorblade Pro maxes out at 512 gigabytes of SSD storage which is ridiculous on something at that price point so kudos to Asus for including a 1 terabyte I’m curious as to what the serviceability of this is like based on kind of what I just went through with showing you how to tear apart the dell system for my niece’s laptop not very easy to use their service but I think asus knows that a lot of end users of this tier laptop are probably gonna want to upgrade things like memory in the future or a bigger SSD I’m curious if there’s even room for expansion to put another Drive in there but I think the only thing we’re really gonna get in here besides this box of I kind of seems like a waste of a box to be honest can they have just it may not look like a like complete brand new unboxing cuz it’s kind of not asus this comes from their review inventory so it’s probably already been reviewed once or twice but not by me so it’s still a new to me laptop it’s got a nice very plastic e but I like that this is this kind of a matte finish instead of like the metal because I’m telling you right now this thing is a finger magnet as with any brushed aluminum or metal chassis that’s black finger oils and stuff get everywhere this is a lot more resilient when it comes to not showing fingerprints and stuff the keys are all flat they’re not domed or concave they’re very short throw so it might take some use getting used to to type on it but of course you’re that’s gonna depend on you and how quickly you adjust a key boards or whether or not you’ve typed on a laptop for a long time I kind of suck at typing on laptops they tend to feel a little bit more squished but that’s besides the point you can see we’ve got a very thin bezel not edge to edge but still large enough to where even though this is a 15-inch laptop it’s not being made bigger because we have a fat Buzzle on there but in terms of the construction and the flex and the rigidity of this as you can see that’s a pretty strong hinge right there I maybe can see that that’s that’s staying in place but the true test is whether or not I can open it without it folding back that’s the thing I always like to test that so a hinge it’s too tight we’ll pick up the whole laptop with it and a hinge that’s too loose won’t keep its position so I think they’ve done a good job at keeping this just the right amount of tension there was a little bit of flex I don’t know what you would expect otherwise it is a metal panel with a you know regular screen in there but the hinges on the very edges so there’s gonna be a little bit of flex but no creaking and it doesn’t feel abnormal it’s not anything that would concern me in terms of rigidity though it is a magnesium body so it’s not aluminium or aluminum it is magnesium which is the same stuff I believe the Corvette frame was made out of for the longest time which is why did they caught fire they were a spark show and Corvettes caught fire they were fun to watch well if you want to see all kinds of neat colors and melting share [Music] but as I mentioned the panel is 144 Hertz three millisecond so we’ll be checking for things like ghosting I don’t think we’ll I don’t think Asus would stoop to using a crappy enough panel to where we would be having ghosting at a high refresh rate the problem with high refresh rate is if the pixel refre our response time can’t keep up with the refresh rate then you get ghosting where you’ll have that trail like kind of a smudged image of it and the faster things move the more ridiculous it looks absolutely the worst case scenario for a gamer in might beam especially if you’re doing like shooters if you look at the bottom here you can see we’ve got a decent amount of airflow so we’ve got various intake fans in fact there might even be some down fire speakers right there yeah so let’s open it up and let’s see what the insides look like I’m really curious as to what serviceability on this would be like now speaking of serviceability it’s gonna be made easy with my eye fix-it kit the one that my wife bought me for Father’s Day about two years ago fun fact I know at communication with iFixit they finally acknowledged me I feel more successful than when I got two million subs but that’s the size so we’re just we using a Philips here looks like your Philips all the way around this does not have a removable battery unlike that Dell we click a button the battery comes out so while I’ve got the laptop upside down myzel point out that not only does ACS have thick rubber feet at the front and even thicker feet at the back to me global arm and air gap for the airflow right there they have a foot in the middle which is kind of nice so as you’re typing a second I can feel me flex in the center of the laptop kind of moving and bowing down so that’s just sort of a still right there I guess so when you read keyboard keys don’t slam your hands on the keyboard on a laptop that’s something I can say I’ve not done it’s like a positive is good air flow during raging so just get in there and just sort of pry up a little bit there we go all right so the battery here is a 76 watt hour there’s a one terabyte nvme SSD we can add another one right here which is kind of cool in terms of cooling here you can see we do have copper heat pipes this is probably some sort of a ceramic coat on here on the black this is probably just to make it aesthetically pleasing because it it’s visible through here see how it all blacks out otherwise you would just see copper tubes through the bottom we have a heat pipe here for our CPU on this side this is CPU this is GPU it’s obvious because we have the GPU memory right there so each one has its own dedicated pipe right here as you can see but then both of them have a larger pipe shared by also a smaller pipe so in terms of temperature testing we’ve had heav’n running now for probably 15 minutes or so and we’re seeing temperatures reach 71 72 it clocked initially from about 1440 down to 13 65 I think even though it’s a full-blown GPU a lot of people are expecting to see the same clocks you’d get out of a desktop GPU that’s not the case because it doesn’t have the cooling I mean as you can see it’s just got these tiny fans one and then shared pipe from the other fan so with that scales the performance so what were you kind of tested right here is what the kind of a worst-case scenario would be you can see now we’re at 99 percent well we’ve dropped to 75 back up to 99 71 see and the CPU is actually sitting pretty toasty to at about 85 82 now you might be wondering Jay this is an RT X card so why are you running heaven that’s an old test well dx11 still pushes all those CUDA cores for everything that they’re worth when it comes to gaming and I would never recommend turning on archaic features for the 2060 I’m sure Nvidia gets salty every time I say that but given the fact that you have to turn the RT X features down so low to to keep the 26 C from taking a performance hit and then turning on things like DL SS which is also known as d LS super smudgy for all-out gaming performance I highly recommend just leaving things with RT X or DX are features turned off so with that said you can see we’re hovering right around 71 see so I’ve got these little rubber pads I’m just curious because the way that we can test you know whether or not a GPU or a CPU is getting enough airflow is that you can just sort of prop up the laptop and what we found is when we did this we dropped a couple of degrees but not enough to make me feel like this is not adequate for cooling so if I prop that up right now we let it run for a couple of minutes you can see we’ve already dropped a couple of degrees and I feel like because those fan blades are so small and they’re so close together it’s not a terrible tone so even though we’re pretty toasty like the bottom side in the back there’s a lot of warmth coming out of there I mean this thing is under full load right now for the GPU and normally if you’re trying to game a situation like this the palm rest can get really hot and the keyboard can get really hot because some air does ventilate through the keyboard it’s not uncomfortable I can actually feel a little bit air flow a little bit of heat right above where both the GPU and CPU because they’re right around here I could game like this that the pads are cool so I think Asus has done a really good job at reflecting the heat I’m using thermal I did some sort of a metal layer or something to kind of bounce the heat and make sure it doesn’t come through the top making it uncomfortable and this is always my recommendation when it comes to mobile gaming like this get yourself a laptop cooling pad that’s what they’re designed for they’re designed to give fresh cool air to the bottom of the laptop is you they’re just gonna look like a pad with a big fan on it that plugs in a USB and it’s powered by your computer you’re not gonna want this sitting on your lap especially if you want to have kids someday you don’t want to have kids anymore you know what to pay for a vasectomy just play with a gaming laptop in your lap for a while you’ll be sterile I promise so I’m gonna go in here now and kind of play around some of that fan curve so that’s got a piece of software installed called armory crate so this is sort of where we’re set right now on an overall kind of balanced okay so you can set it between windows silent or balanced so it’s gonna switch between windows controlling the fans the settings we set at the top with that first screen we were at or silent right I always showed that and then this is on battery power and plug power so that’s kind of neat we’ll leave it here to balance it looks like under plug we were under silent which might have been why it was doing that thing where it wasn’t ramping up so let’s see what happens to our Cinebench now so yeah look at that 60s on more of the course for gigs all core so I think right now we might I bet you we get closer to three thousand three thousand sixty two okay so it’s still running the test but vo it’s set to loop that’s obviously because of better clocks being maintained because of better cooling so as you can see you can go into the armory crate and then adjust all that sort of stuff you know it’s funny this particular laptop is about sixteen hundred dollars as configured depending on how you configure it with the amount of storage and and which GPU you put in here can really greatly vary the price you can ditch the twenty sixteen go with a sixteen sixty TI if which is still perfectly fine for 1080p gaming without there being any overclock functionality though it’s one of those things where it is what it is it’s not like where I typically within a desktop by a lesser GPU or something and overclock it more to match the performance of the tier above what saving a little bit of money you can’t really do that with this laptop so that’s why the twenty sixty might be a bit overkill for the 1080p panel if you’re keeping settings that like you know a little bit medium to high you can run ultra 1080 with a twenty sixty no problem which you can also get away with a do look how much higher the core clocks are now oh yeah Wow that’s why we’re seeing like 10 FPS more right here I mean that’s that’s just exciting about having the 26 C but again 1600 bucks there is a ton of offerings in this price point between a thousand to 1500 is pretty brutal and this one’s a little bit above that just because it’s a zephyr Zephyrus which is a very I wanna say top-tier brand with an Asus but it’s definitely above and beyond the entry level which is why it cost a little bit more and that’s the magnesium chassis and all that sort of stuff and as you can see now we are maintaining much better core clocks much better temperatures to look at CPU at 63 GPU at 61 and that’s the nice thing about air testing is it’s not like water-cooled stuff where it takes time for all the water temperature to increase you get nearly instant results with with air so if you guys are looking for a lightweight I wouldn’t say ultra thin but very thin gaming laptop and this thing is so light Phil come with the weight actually up on the screen I know they talked about the magnesium chassis being one of the things that allows it to be so so light this is definitely one worth checking out I’ll put the link to the description down below huge thank you to Asus for sending this to us for us to check out and yeah I’m highly impressed if you guys have any other laptops you think we should take a look at in this particular price segment let me know we are going to be doing some reviews of some higher-end stuff coming up potentially the HP omen we’ve been talking to HP I’ve also got like I said my razor blade Pro that I’m going to be comparing to the 15 inch razor blade to see if Pro is even worth it when it comes to that particular piece of product yeah they’re these temperatures 60s and 1500 and mid 1500s on the core that’s a huge improvement guess who would have thought cramming more air through a heatsink would lead to better cooling I’ll tell you did this guy right here no but I consumed it which means me an expert I

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