Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 600

best budget gaming laptop under 600

best budget gaming laptop under 600

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you can easily spend thousands on a gaming laptop but Acer Aspire V x-15 is one of the nicest budget gamers I’ve seen this year a starting price it comes with nvidia geforce gtx 1050 GPU and intel core i5 processor 8 gigs of memory and a 256 gig SSD if the memory and storage sound too small you can open it up and add more of both on your own also expect to spend some time uninstalling many of its preloaded apps otherwise the configuration is good enough to play demanding modern games at medium settings but older games do just fine at higher settings at the screens full HD resolution the red backlit keyboard is comfortable with some soft bounce to it and some extra glow for your WASD keys and if you’d rather hook up your own peripherals there’s room for them here with a full size HDMI out USB type-c and more and it’s all wrapped up in a body that looks like a gaming system but one that’s not so over the top what’s nice is none of it feels like a compromise at its price even its speakers sound surprisingly good for the money and battery life topped out at 6 hours on our video streaming test macer does offer several configurations if you want more memory or storage or a slightly better processor or graphics but first gaming laptop it deserves a spot on your list [Music] Samsung has a whole lot of new looks for their laptops here at CES 2019 they’ve taken some existing brands and given them makeovers and they have a very interesting new brand with a new look as well there’s the notebook 9 pen announced just before CES that takes a lot of its design cues from the Samsung Galaxy phones it’s got the the blue chassis and it’s got the little mini S Pen Stylus that slides into a port right on the front of it more interesting perhaps is the notebook 9 pro which has a brand new look it’s got contrasting black keys against silver now and has a more premium look and feel than last year’s model which had great specs and before valve it had a little bit of a plasticy budget look this new version looks a lot nicer it works with a Samsung stylus but there’s nowhere to store the stylus on the system itself now I think much more interesting than both does is actually the Samsung flash it’s a new budget laptop something Samsung is not known for and it’s got a very almost industrial deconstructed look with a textured keyboard tray that’ll come in a bunch of different colors we only got to see clay and rounded keys and it runs an Intel Celeron processor should cost about 350 dollars and I think at least from the looks side it’s very interesting if you’re looking for a budget laptop that doesn’t look like Black Friday doorbusters holiday special events of all made of plastic that you’re not gonna like six weeks later the Samsung flash should be available later in January and it’s certainly an interesting new look at budget laptops there’s a lot going on with the new surface book too it’s a big powerful laptop with Intel’s latest 8th gen core processors it’s also a hybrid with a detachable screen which works with Microsoft sold separately surface and it also has a new 15 inch screen size option in addition to the original 13 inch version and that 15 inch surface book comes with nvidia geforce 1060 graphics card which is more than powerful enough for most games finally it’s got the hardware of software needed for both new augmented reality experiences for VR gear like the new windows mixed reality headsets this giant grab bag of features leaves the surface book to feeling like it’s trying to be everything for everyone I happen to think it’s more compelling as a laptop than a tablet the hinge connection isn’t as simple as on other hybrids the tablet half takes several seconds to unlock and detach and you lose access to the GPU in the process overall battery life however is amazing 16 hours when you use both batteries one in the keyboard base one in the tablet app but just this habit alone ran for about four hours still playing games on this big high-risk screen was great even though the surface book 2 isn’t explicitly pitched as a gaming machine it certainly works as one it is being pitched however as an alternative to the 15-inch MacBook Pro just with a lot more features packed in I’ll say this it matches up perfectly in one area it starts with a similar sky high price 2500 bucks [Music] the Acer Helios 300 has a lot of things going for it it’s got a cool name first off it’s reasonably priced although you can get the same Nvidia 1060 GPU and a budget gaming laptop for a few hundred less there’s a special cooling fan inside called the Aero blade and Acer claims it’s the world’s thinnest metal fan with blades only 0.1 millimeter thick all that extra cooling power is important for overclocking which you can do here with the GPU overclocking software app that doesn’t mean I’m completely sold this is not the flashiest gaming laptop we’ve ever seen the body is half metal and half plastic and the look is aggressively plain at least my gaming laptop standards the 17 inch screen is fine but it doesn’t get especially bright and if you’re looking for higher resolutions it tops out at 1920 by 1080 you get a decent number of ports but hooking up my oculus rift took up all of them however playing games in VR worked great and regular gaming performance was a bit better than I expected although the software overclocking didn’t really add too much yes there are laptops with similar configurations you can get for Less but adding the big 17 inch screen the overclocking and a hefty 512 gigabyte SSD could make it worth a few hundred extra the Helios 300 does kind of fall right in the middle not cheap enough to really be a budget gaming go to but not upscale enough to compete with premium systems when you think of razor you think of slick gaming laptops with crazy backlit keyboards but one of my favorite razor systems is actually the company’s non gaming laptop the razor blade stealth every generation of this slim 13 inch laptop has gotten better and a redesigned model hitting just in time for the holidays is no exception the biggest drawback on older models a fairly thick screen bezel has been almost totally erased giving it a sleeker more modern look the screen comes in Full HD or 4k options matte finish in the former touch for the latter and the webcam can now log you in with facial recognition from Windows hello one of the more unique elements of Razer laptops the glowing green snake logo on the back has even gotten a makeover as a non gaming laptop this now has a subtle tone on tone version that won’t draw too much extra attention at work now when I say this isn’t a gaming laptop that’s true but it’s also the first time a razor blade stealth has offered any kind of Nvidia graphics in this case it’s the GeForce MX 150 which isn’t a powerhouse but does let you do some casual gaming and helps with photo and video work keep in mind it’s optional and will cost extra and if you want to go super gaming on it well just hook up the sold separately razor core which is an external GPU box that plugs into any USB C Thunderbolt port and speaking of that for a super-thin laptop the new blade stealth breaks with the pack in one more very important way while almost everyone else is going USB see only this has three USB C and two USB a ports at the very least that might save you from carrying a few extra dongles this is Dells XPS 15 two and one in overall excellent premium convertible that is ready to help you create some content play some games and enjoy some media it is a convertible so you can use it as a laptop of course but it’s also a tablet a big 15.6 inch pen enabled tablet so you can write and draw on the screen their support for tilt with Dells new premium active pen assuming your software supports it at least the beautiful 4k display and it’s barely there bezels is one of the best we’ve seen that’s bright with very good color performance out of the box it does suck power though and we got just six hours and 46 minutes in our tests inside is the CPU GPU combo created by Intel and rival AMD the pairing works well offering up strong performance and is enough to handle everything from office work to content creation and even some gaming if you don’t mind dialing back the settings expect to hear its fans blowing when you’re gaming though or doing anything that needs to push its processors it does get a little warm at times but considering how thin it is it is forgivable what you might not be able to get past is the Maglev keyboard which uses magnets to pop the keys back up instead of rubber domes it allowed Dell Dome make a thinner keyboard and the keys have a satisfying click enos to them but the keys are nearly flush with the body and with very little travel to the keys it’s not exactly comfortable for long typing sessions it’s then this cost you legacy ports too so you’ll need to buy some adapters or dock to handle peripherals since there’s nothing but USB C ports however at least two of them are Thunderbolt 3 also there’s just a micro SD card slot so anyone working with the full-size SD card is out of luck so there are a handful of drawbacks but there’s much more to like here if you’ve been looking for a do-it-all slim sturdy two-in-one

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Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 500

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