Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 500

best budget gaming laptop under 500

best budget gaming laptop under 500

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ou’re looking to buy a new laptop for work and this list of the five best business laptops will help you choose the best business laptops combine cutting-edge productivity features with slim line designs and long battery life that provides mobility and productivity essential functions for the modern workplace if you want to find the best prices and more information of the products mentioned in our video you can check the links in the description below now let’s start [Music] the first item on our list that we have is the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon sixth generation the Maserati of business laptops Lenovo’s x1 carbon packs plenty of performance and battery life into a slim and sexy carbon fiber chassis made from a combination of carbon fiber and magnesium the x1 carbon is not only light but it’s also extremely durable starting the sixth generation x1 carbon retains the fantastic keyboard and colorful display of its predecessor but dramatically improves on the previous models performance by going from an Intel seventh generation dual-core processor to an eighth gen quad-core CPU that’s like moving from a four-cylinder to an 8 cylinder engine throw in some new design elements and eye-popping HDR screen and far-field microphones and this luxurious laptop is the best productivity system money can buy but ain’t broke don’t fix it just jazz it up a little one of the smell test 14-inch laptops you can get the 6th gen ThinkPad x1 carbon has the same slim dimensions and 2.5 pound weight as the laptops immediate predecessor it also has the same luxurious soft touch led and DAC which makes gripping and resting your wrists against a laptop of joy but ThinkPad x1 carbon offers the kind of world class keyboard we’ve come to expect from lenovo’s business laptops for the deep 1.8 millimeters of travel and a strong two grams of required actuation force the keys offer excellent tactile feedback and never caused me to bottom out during testing the soft touch deck also made my wrists feel really good while I was typing to sum up I think pad x1 carbon remains the ultimate business ultra book thanks to its gorgeous design awesome typing experience long battery life and epic screen before we continue with the next products we want to share some great news for all the viewers that enjoy traveling the team of review tube has launched a new youtube channel called hotel review we’re dedicated to providing the best travel advice by offering the best places to stay when you want to visit a new place we’ve researched dozens of hotels in many places and we’ll only show you the best pics all aimed to help make faster and better booking decisions we’ve left a link of our new channel in the description below so make sure to check it out and subscribe over there as well now let’s continue next on the list we have the Dell XPS 13 Dell has once again refined and improved its high-end laptop with this year’s Dell XPS 13 packing updated Hardware in the fin and light design we’ve come to know and love however this time we also get a new color alpine white the Dell XPS 13 2018 comes with an eighth generation Intel cabby Lake refresh processor which boosts the performance quite a bit compared to the previous generations and it also features three USB seaports Windows 10 and a microSD slot which a lot of thin and light laptops are abandoning nowadays to the chagrin of media folks not only is the Dell XPS 13 deceptively powerful considering its diminutive size it’s also extremely lightweight coming in at just 2 point 6 7 pounds this means not only is it cheaper than a macbook pro one of its chief competitors it’s also easier to carry around the Dell XPS 13 isn’t just one of the best design laptops of the year but it also takes some inspiration from recent smartphone releases like the iPhone X s max where bezel-less displays are all the rage the Dell XPS 13 s infinity edge display as bezels so thin they practically vanish into air the Dell XPS 13 has improved the key areas while lean its best features untouched which means it’s one of our picks for the best laptop in 2018 we’re extremely impressed by Dells new XPS 13 thanks in part to its new Alpine white finish dell has undoubtedly done it again indirectly addressing the concerns of users dell has refined its XPS 13 laptop further and perhaps ever before next on the list is the Microsoft Surface pro 6 the four squares of the Microsoft logo now mean more than just the world’s most popular operating system they stand for world class hardware and the surface pro is the chief example now dressed in black for its sixth generation and packing a quad-core processor the pro still dominates but to dig a little deeper to see where Microsoft has made some truly noteworthy improvements serious enough to be used in the office setting yet playful enough to use in a coffee shop the surface pro six has an aesthetic that marks it apart from both Apple and the rest of the pcs out there the chassis is sleek robust and distinctive all the things you want in a premium device though the sturdy kickstand is always there the surface pro six doesn’t come with a keyboard or touchpad instead you’ll have to pick up the type cover Microsoft’s fantastic attachable keyboard cover as a tablet alone the surface pro six doesn’t make much sense type cover is mandatory these covers are available in a few different materials and styles ranging from 130 to 150 dollars despite some cut off keys the layout never feels cramped every key feels snappy and the touchpad remains one of the best tracking surfaces for a Windows 10 laptop available surface products have historically fantastic screens that hasn’t changed on the surface pro 6 Microsoft goes above and beyond to find the best panels for its devices and we really like the one included here twelve point three inch its 2736 by 1824 pixels screen is bright colorful and vivid and still one of the best screens you can find in this product category to sum up the surface pro 6 is still the best two-in-one you can buy its supremely built powerful as the laptop and looks like a killer all in black Microsoft even remedied one of our biggest complaints in years past by upping the battery life but the first three products make you want to go out and get one hold up because we have more products to feature meanwhile if you’re new to the channel and you like what you see please hit the subscribe button to join our growing community and while you’re at it you can click the Bell icon as well so you’ll be notified when we upload new videos now let’s continue next on the list we have the Apple MacBook Air 2018 Apple doesn’t concern itself much with what people think its devices ought to be like from missing headphone jacks to shallow keyboards company makes a ton of money doing what it thinks is right not listening directly to fans that is until Apple announced it would resurrect the dusty MacBook Air brand it’s the update we always wanted for this laptop an eighth generation Core i5 processor Retina display modern keyboard and trackpad touch ID and Thunderbolt three ports what more could we ask for the curves of the new MacBook Airs lid and underside as well as its display bezels have been tapered down from previous years the MacBook Air was previously only available in the silver aluminum finish but now taking a leaf from the MacBook Book it’s available in three different colors gold silver and Space Gray the air has the third-generation butterfly keyboard featured in the most recent 2018 MacBook Pro update while the new feature versions a similar low travel typing experience as the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro it is slightly quieter this time around bringing the Retina display to the MacBook Air is a feature Apple fans have wanted since it was first brought the MacBook Pro in 2012 six years is a long time to wait making its arrival feel a bit less triumphant it’s a 2560 by 1600 display using Apple’s sixteen by ten aspect ratio this is a sharper image than most laptops offer at this price point to sum it up as the more affordable MacBook the air will be the one that a lot of people choose and there will be a few good reasons it’s well rounded macbook with no huge flaws to finish our list we have the hallway mate book X crow Huawei is huge it’s larger by revenue than Dell or HP the giants of computing in North America and employs more people than both those competitors you’d likely didn’t know that of course the mate book X prose design keeps the premium feel of its predecessor alive featuring an aluminum unibody design with diamond cut edges and a sandblast finish this results in a laptop that undoubtedly looks luxurious and feels that way as well clearly this is a slim and light enough laptop to comfortably carry around again the mate book X Pro comes in two colors space grey and mystic silver and both look gorgeous up close of course you’ll have to get the priciest version if you want that silver color at least in the US the thirteen point nine inch IPS screen now has an impressively thin four point four millimeter bezel surrounding it it keeps the overall size of the laptop down to just under 12 inches wide Huawei claims that the mate book X pro is the world’s first full view notebook with a 91% screen to body ratio considering the spec listed before that the mate book X Pro absolutely flies through basic tasks shouldn’t be too surprising the version here uses an Intel processor that’s 40 percent faster than the previous models Huawei is keen to point out its use of u series CPU rather than an M series which is more often found in laptops of this size that point coupled with Nvidia’s MX 150 graphics leaves us with a laptop that’s prepared to take on nearly any major productivity tasks short of editing and rendering 4k media frankly we’re stunned by hallways sophomore effort in the laptop category there they go the five best business laptops available in the market today we surely hope that this video will help you in deciding which one is best for you if you find any of the featured products interesting just click on the link below to get them at their best prices

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Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 600
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