Best Airflow PC Case 2021

Best Airflow PC Case 2020

The powerful PC generates heat and to remove that heat from the system is to pass it to the surrounding air. Airflow is an important aspect of a PC case because if your computer case has bad airflow design then your internal components will heat up that may affect the performance and lifespan of your PC. A proper airflow system can also help to prevent excessive dust from building up inside your PC though even with the best airflow and filters, dust is still inevitable over time.

In this article, you will find the best airflow PC that comes with good airflow, ventilation, and offers maximum cooling performance to your internal components. They can be used for building gaming PC, work PC or a high-performance PC with overclocking.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the whole article here is our top pick for you,
Cooler Master Silencio S400 It is one of the best airflow PC cases among all that is a stylish, modern and beautiful looking case and offers tons of space and features to enhance the performance of your PC.
This minimalist case is constructed with tempered glass that gives you quieter performance.

Best Airflow PC Case 2020

Have a look at the comparison table with the features of all products.

1Cooler Master Silencio S400● Single 4 pole headset jack
● 2 Silencio FP 120mm PWM fans
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2Corsair Carbide Air 540● Four 2.5” SSD drive cages
● Dual front USB 3.0 ports
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3Dark Base 700● Repositionable single HDD slots
● USB 3.1 on the front I/O
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4Corsair Carbide● 3-speed fan controller
● Dual USB 3.0 front panel
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5Deep Cool TX● LED fans
● USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
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6Corsair 275R● Five fans support
● USB 3.0 port
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7Fractal Meshify● Front fan mount
● USB 3.0 ports
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8Thermal taker C36● ARGB fan
● Dual USB 3.0 ports
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Let’s Start…

1.) Cooler Master Silencio S400

The cooler master Silencio S400 is one of the best PC airflow cases that come with impressive features and sleek design. It comes with a great range for storage options, extensive support for multiple radiators, and tempered glass or steel side panel options to give you the best performance.


  • This mini-tower is designed with steel, plastic, tempered glass, and sound dampening material with a 418mm x 210mm x 408mm dimension.
  • It comes with vibration dampening materials that help to prevent unnecessary noise.
  • It features four expansion slots with vented covers which is an opening for a bottom-mounted PSU and an exhaust fan mount fitted with a 120mm fan that is fairly standard for a chassis. These screw holes help you to set the position of the fan higher or lower for better airflow.
  • It comes with an optional dust filter for the top panel ventilation that helps the top panel and front panel to cool the system. It is equipped with sufficient storage space and has four mounting points for 2.5” drives. Two of them are located on top of the PSU shroud and the other two are on the rear of the motherboard tray.
  • This  minimalistic airflow case  features a removable HDD cage and has Lots of space for drivesThe motherboard mounting plate has an opening for mounting a cooler back-plate.It also has an amazing cable management.
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  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Sleek design
  • Solid build quality
  • Front radiator support may require hard drive rack removal


The cooler master silencio S400 is one of the best airflow PC cases that is a well laid-out case with nice simple-black aesthetics.That comes with impressive features to give you best performance. It is a quiet case and a best selection for office use.

2.) Corsair Carbide Air 540

The Corsair Air 540 comes with Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX motherboard form factors,2x 5.25″ external hard drive and  2x 3.5″, 4x 2.5″ internal hard drive. It has two side-by-side chambers with optimized Airflow.  It comes in a cube chassis design that has two distinct sections. It delivers good cooling whilst remaining at low noise levels.


  • The Corsair Air 540 comes with dual-chambered design, the left side is designed with thick plastic lines that are separated with a wide expanse of mesh.  There is the main system chamber that contains the motherboard, CPU, and expansion cards. And the right side is made with the flat textured plastic that is equipped with two 5.25″ drive bays that are positioned above the I/O and power and reset buttons.
  • It comes with a direct airflow path design that utilizes dual chambers to deliver cooler air to the memory,  CPU, motherboard, graphics cards, and other PCI-E components.
  • It comes with a large ventilated area that is near the back and allows a great way to take in the fresh air. This is why there are five stripes of holes in the bottom right corner.
  • It also features 140mm Corsair Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans that perform quieter operation. The AF140L is based on the award-winning AF140 and provides great airflow performance at lower noise levels than typical case fans.
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  • Can hold two 3.5″ and five 2.5″ drives
  • Includes three high-quality 140 mm fans
  • Only two 3.5” drive accommodation


The Corsair Air 540 comes with advanced air cooling and water cooling features that help to keep your Pc cool and give your amazing performance.It has a large enough size  to fit an ATX motherboard and radiators in the top and front.

3.) Dark Base 700

The Dark Base 700 comes in midi-tower design and offers unrivaled flexibility. It has impressive cooling and silence features that give you the best performance. Its motherboard tray and HDD slots come with enhanced possibilities for individual requirements. It also features generous space for your setups.


  • The Dark Base 700 RGB LED Mid-Tower case comes with quiet operation and efficient cooling. It features silent wings 3, 140mm PWM fans that are equipped with a smooth-running 6-pole motor, durable fluid-dynamic bearing, and an airflow-optimized fan blade to keep things cool. Its chassis is constructed of aluminum and plastic and has a steel frame.
  • It features an RGB LED illumination exterior on the front panel that comes in six switchable colors and three modes. It has a 4mm thick tempered-glass side panel which is held in place by rubber-coated locating pins and thumbscrews. It comes with a PSU shroud that not only hides your PSU from view but also can be removed when not needed.
  • It offers seven expansion slots that help to install up to three graphics cards in SLI and/or CrossFire. It also has two expansion slots for vertically mounting a dual-slot GPU.
  • To simplify hardware installation it is designed with adjustable drive bays that helps you to reposition them to fit a longer graphics card.
  • It comes with a large hole in the motherboard mounting plate behind the CPU socket area that helps in heatsink changes without removing the motherboard. It comes with the top bracket which is detachable and helps you to install radiators and fans before mounting them as a complete unit into the case.
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    • Reverse ATX capable
    • USB 3.1 on the front I/O
  • Only three 3.5″ hard-drive cages included


The Dark Base 700 RGB is designed with a sound damping material on the inside.It also comes with 2 full slide-out air filters to enhance its performance. It doesn’t need any tools to remove and clean them either.

4.) Corsair Carbide

The corsair carbide comes with the dual USB 3.0 ports which are located on the external side of the front panel so you can also connect a variety of peripherals to it. This carbide series comes equipped with the two 120mm fans which help to keep your PC cool. It also has the insulated and noise isolating side panels which assure your PC will run both smoothly and quietly.


  • This corsair carbide comes with the mid-tower case features tool-free 3.5 and 5.25 drive installation with the four drive trays which provides the solid-state drive support so you can easily mix and match to fit according to your needs.
  • It also has the USB 3.0 port on the outside which gives you quick and easy access to the latest high-speed portable hard drives and flash drive.
  • It also has the five internal fan mounts with the two 120mm fans which let you customize your cooling to match your build. This series is also designed to draw airflow directly to the GPU which helps to ensure that you and your graphics card will both keep your cool during the intense gaming sessions.
  • It is also integrated with the silent PC design which is putting you in control. It also has the three-speed fan controller at its lowest setting for the silent operation.
  • It also takes it up to notch or two for on-demand cooling when it’s time to push your system hard.It also comes with the clean and modern design which is a more mature and understated design which fits well into any setup.
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  • Simple, elegant and sharp
  • Storage simplified
  • Comparatively heavy


This corsair carbide series offers the great cooling features with the variety of cooling fans at the affordable price points. If you are looking for the perfect cooling system in the minimum budget then this system is best for you.

5.) Deep cool TX

The deep cool TX comes with multiple features like the innovative DIY-friendly design, also tool-free mounting for ODD/HDD, and also accommodates the long VGA card installation. It also comes with the see-through a side window with the fully displayed system interiors in perfect style along with the all-metal design. It also comes with the 2x pre-installed blue LED fans for maximum cooling.


  • The deep cool TX comes with the multiple vents and air intake channels on the perimeter of the front panel which provides ample airflow for your hardware.
  • It is also integrated with the dust filters which prevents dust build-up which can lead to overheating issues and keep your system clean.
  • It comes with a high-quality rubberized coating for aesthetics. It also has support for a 120mm radiator at the rear for the liquid cooling. It is also integrated with the windowed side panel which lets you show off your build and also helps you to quickly examine the components.
  • It also has designed this case with plenty of holes for cable management and a large CPU cutout for the easy cooler setup. it is also integrated with the one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports with the audio in and out jacks.
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    • Tool-less bays
    • Simple internal design
    • No washable mesh filters


The deep cool case comes with the improved cable management, wide CPU cutout for the cooler mounting. It also offers the innovative floor-mounted PSU for effective cooling and more spacious interiors at affordable price points. It is also best for daily use.

6.) Corsair 275R

The Corsair 275R comes with the impressive chassis. It also comes with a good internal layout with the classic styling which produces a case that is sleek and easy to work with it. It is also integrated with the 370mm graphics card clearance. It also comes with the front panel which is an ABS plastic with the sand-blast style finish and the rest of the frame is soft powder-coated steel. It also has white and black colors.


  • It comes with a removable magnetic dust filter with a very fine mesh which helps the system to prevent dust build-up and also allows it to be cleaned.
  • It also has the two intake fans which provide the system extreme cooling when it is heated up due to the continuous use. The Corsair 275R airflow also supports up to 360mm AIO liquid coolers.
  • It also comes with the rear panel with the two retainable thumb screws which is situated at the back of the case.
  • It has the soft-touch paint finish throughout, plenty of rubber grommets, and also has a cable that is passing through holes located in the key positions. It also comes with the HD audio front panel header.
  • It also has a motherboard in and pre-pre-installed cooler. The motherboard tray cutout is large enough that you can easily install your CPU tower after everything’s installed.
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  • Rugged construction
  • Protect the system from dust
  • Limited management options


The Corsair 275R is one of the best airflow PC case that offers great performance and a unique style along with its great features for the maximum cooling. It is also available at very affordable price points. If you are looking for the best cooling system in the minimum budget then the corsair 275R is best for you.

7.) Fractal Meshify

The fractal meshify is designed for the high airflow and whilst it has a wide array of vents. This design allows the system builder to decide exactly where the fresh air is drawn in and out. It also has the open chamber which allows for unobstructed airflow across the heat sinks and a better supply of air for the components like the graphics card and CPU cooler. It also has the heavily tinted tempered glass side panel.


  • The fractal meshify comes with the full-length power supply shroud which conceals the drive cage and gives excess cabling for unrestricted airflow and also cleans the looking interior. It also has an open interior layout which creates an obstructed airflow path from front intake to rear exhaust.
  • It also has up to 35mm of space behind the motherboard plate with the grommeted pass-through for cables and also easy-to-clean filters to front, top and base. It is also integrated with the vibration-dampening rubber grommets on the hard drive trays.
  • It also has the two fractal design dynamic X2 GP-12 120 mm fans which provide the system maximum cooling when it is heated due to continuous use. It also helps the system to provide its services for a long time.
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    • Improved airflow
    • Decent cable management
  • The drive caddies are not tool-free


The fractals shift offers the distinctive aesthetic styling with the angular mesh front panel. It also offers the best cooling features at very affordable price points. If you are looking for the best styling system with the multiple features in the minimum budget then the fractal meshify is the best system that looks attractive and decent.

8.) Thermal taker C36

The thermal taker commander C36 comes with the mid-tower case with the tempered glass side panel and two preinstalled 200mm 5V with the ARGB front fans and one 120mm standard rear fan. It is also supported up to ATX MB. It also comes with a light-up system. It is also integrated with the mesh front panels which enables efficient airflow. It also comes with the angular design of the front panel and also has the three angular V-shaped mesh sections.


  • The thermal taker C36 comes with the 2x200mm fans installed in the front and they are ARGB which are then controlled via a built-in hub. These fans can shift the more air at a lower noise than their 120mm counterparts.
  • You can also control the lighting via software. It also has a tempered side glass panel which includes the GPU support bracket for vertical placements of your graphics card.
  • The thermal taker C36 comes with the outstanding expandability with support for a tower CPU cooler with the maximum height 180mm, a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 310mm in length with the reservoir, and a power supply with length of up to 200mm. This allows users to build a complete high-end system.
  • It also has the built-in PUS cover all your cables for a professional look. It also comes with a clear view of PC gaming and tempered glass with standard mounting.
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    • Look stylish and decent
    • Suitable for gaming PC
    • Have little bit brighter lights


The thermal taker C36 is one of the best airflow PC case that offers the most aesthetics styling with the vertical GPU bracket options. It also offers its great features at very affordable price points. If you want the best gaming system in the minimum budget then the thermal taker C36 is perfect for you.

Buyer’s Guide!

Before buying the best airflow PC case you need to consider below aspects that will help you to choose the perfect case according to your need.

Air Flow:

Most of the cases come with a weak airflow system that may end up with heat up issues. Choose the case with the best airflow and that can support more fans and radiators to give you a smooth performance.

Fan and Radiator mounts:

A PC case must include at least 2 fans. Fans and liquid cooling radiators alike use the same mounts and often what you’ll do is mount a radiator to a given space and an additional fan directly to the radiator to push air through it and keep the liquid cool.

Case Build Quality:

The quality of the case is also one of the most important things you should need to consider. Always check build quality before buying. All aluminum and steel cases are best with the best chassis for durability.


Expandability of the case is also an important factor you should consider. IF you need to check if the case has enough space to expand your system in the future or not. The more space for PCI slots and drive bays will allow you to add some components to increase the performance of your PC.

Dust Filters:

The ventilation of PCs swallows large amounts of air to cool the components and they also suck a lot of dust. The inside of the PC is clogged and the fans forced to make even more noise. That’s why the presence of easily accessible dust filters for removing and cleaning them is important for the performance of PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do NZXT cases have good airflow?

The NZXT cases are wildly popular due to price, aesthetics, and performance but it doesn’t have good airflow as components generate a lot of heat while gaming.

What is the best PC case for cooling?

Corsair Carbide Air 540 is the best PC case for cooling that comes with advanced air cooling and water cooling features to give you amazing performance.

Are open-air PC cases good?

Yes, open-air PC cases are good enough to keep your PC cool and allow you to easily remove and install components without having much trouble.

What is the best PC case to buy?

The Cooler Master Silencio S400 is one of the best PC cases to buy, it comes with amazing features to enhance the performance of your PC.

Does NZXT H500 have good airflow?

Yes, NZXT H500 offers good airflow, it comes with two Aer F fans and a stunning tempered glass panel to showcase your build.

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