ASUS RT-AC66U B1 AC1750 Dual-Band WiFi Router Review

This is the review of Asus our TAC 66 ul dual-band wireless gigabit router just going to go ahead and open it up for you guys show you guys the design maybe show you guys a little quick setup of it maybe we’re on some speed test as well give you my overall thoughts and test this guy out.

ASUS RT-AC66U B1 AC1750 Dual-Band WiFi Router

ASUS RT-AC66U B1 AC1750 Dual-Band WiFi Router Review

So let’s just go ahead and get into it alright so  here we go here is the box it is uh it is wrapped up so I’m just going to grab this and open it on up I do while I’m opening this I want to make a note that of course it being a dual band router that essentially means you can have concurrent 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks.

What’s great about having a five-figure hertz network is basically that there aren’t too many things that output edify at the 5 gigahertz frequency so you’re going to get faster speeds etc.

Most routers use the 2.4 gigahertz frequency which is the most common so everyone around you using those things get kind of mixed up and that’s the closer you need to be to the router so it’s great that this has the 5 gigahertz spectrum.

Of course, your device needs is supported the ones that connect to it but anyways let’s go ahead and flip it on over gives you a bunch of information about the router itself kind of what’s going to come in a box. But we’re going to just open it on up and just take straight up take a look at what’s in the box slide this out put the box to the side just a plain white box.

Here and I need to flip it over sorry about that and here we go so right away you do have a disk my guess is a software disk for when we need to set it up I’ll show that in just a bit you have the router itself here in some wrapping so can pull that out actually here it is looks pretty good it’s actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be not too heavy either which is not a big deal because of course it just sits somewhere in your house or your apartment or wherever you are living VIP member warranty you do have a two-year warranty with a soos which is great I’ve had nothing but good experiences with a soos customer support so you don’t need to worry about that you have a solid booklet with a bunch of information I guess is a set up guide you have that and then you have a stand here that goes actually on I will show that on the device in just a second you have the AC power adapter I guess is you have an Ethernet cable here which you do so you have an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the modem and then you have three antennas which you just basically screw on to the back so let me go ahead and get everything set up and I will be right back just real quick wanted to show me screwing on one of these antennas to show you how easy it is you honestly just screw it on and twist it to where you can tilt it up like that so you’ll see all three antennas are now on my router I also want to make a quick note about the stand that did come with it yes you can have it flat on whatever surface if you’d like to it is recommended that you do stand it up vertically so to do so to put the stand on basically you have a soos up at the top of the stand you’ll see some inserts here you just kind of slide them in and you can just press up and it should slide right in just like that and then you can actually use your honor just like this so it stands up vertically also it is recommended that the middle antenna is straight up and down and you have about a 45 degree angle in between each outside antenna so just letting you guys know there how that looks design-wise I think it looks awesome it’s going to be really cool to just kind of see sitting there obviously I don’t really look at it very often but anyways of course as I said you have the antennas up on the top now I can actually show you guys these connections because of this nice stand it has USB ports one thing that’s great about the USB ports is it’s great for external storage or printer servers whether you want some cloud storage going or some wireless printing going that’s what you can use USB ports for and you have four solid Ethernet cables if you need them and you also have Ethernet port for your modem as well obviously DC in as well a WPS button I can’t remember for the life of me of what it stands for okay so it was bothering me and it stands for Wi-Fi Protected setup basically when you press the button on any other WPS device you can easily connect without needing to use the security key to connect to the router so there’s all of the connections on it of course you have nothing on the ordinary of some status lights up at the top and that’s it’s got a nice texture to it obviously not a big deal because you’re never really holding your router but let’s go ahead and get this thing set up real quick before we do actually set this up I wanted to talk about with in regards to cloud storage that I was talking about this has an amazing feature called a iCloud it’s actually an app you can find an e I app store along with the Play Store you can go ahead and go into it it’s the hey soos a iCloud basically I haven’t set it up yet obviously because my routers not set up but allows for cloud I guess edits while on your Android or iOS device so it’s really fantastic you can go through your devices access various devices access files all that good stuff all from your cell phone which is fantastic because of course as you all know I do use Android devices pretty exclusively so it’s great that they have this included with your cloud storage on the router alright so I’m all ready to get everything all set up unfortunately the only cable input is downstairs which is why I actually needed an upgraded router because of the distance that the signal needs to travel up to my office my bedroom it was just kind of a pain and I would get slower speeds when I’m paying for high or why wouldn’t I just get a router that’s actually going to get all the way up there so anyways I have the key is to have the modem unplug have everything unplugged I’m going to go ahead and plug in my modem now so get that plugged in I’m going to take the ethernet cable that they have provided for you and as you’re going to go ahead and plug that into the modem and then I’m going to put the other end into the slot on the router that blue slot that I mentioned earlier that is where you actually plug it in to the router so plug that on in then while I would say let your modem boot on up let it go ahead and run through and reset and go through and then I’ll be right back once mine’s done all right so my modem is pretty much booted up I did want to mention that you should know you should probably have some space in between the modem and the router that’s always recommended and also I would say in the antennas at the general direction that your device is connecting to it where you’re at most of the time are going to be so minor is essentially back that way so I’m going to leave it this way and have the antennas pointed back towards this way so that’s just the best thing to do with the antennas but now I’m going to go ahead and plug in my router I did want to make a quick note that of course it’s ok you don’t have to use the stand you’re gonna have it sit flat if you want to B’s antennas actually you can twist and point up that way so it’s no big deal if you don’t use a stand it’s whatever personal preference of yours is recommended they use a stand so I’m just going to go ahead and use it but again I wouldn’t see too much of a difference if you use the standard did not use the stand alright so go ahead and plug it in and as I said and turn the power on you will see some indicators here a power one letting you know is trying to connect to the internet a bunch of various ones as well what you’re actually going to need is another Ethernet cable to get everything all set up to get your router all set up I actually have my laptop right here and ideally enough it’s an Asus laptop as I said I love issue so I try and get a lot of their products so basically I’m going to go ahead and grab this other Ethernet cable that I have alright so I’ve got my yellow Ethernet cable here plugged into the one slot of the router if you want to make a note that the lighting indicators are all up now power lets you know it’s connected to the internet with the modem and it has a 2.4 gigahertz light and a 5 gigahertz light letting you know it is broadcasting at both both gigahertz so I’m going to go ahead and plug this end into my laptop which is what we’re going to need to do to get everything all set up on the router side so I’m going to go ahead and turn the camera around look at my screen so we can go ahead and get this router set up alright so right when I open up Chrome this screen came up which is great you can actually type in 198 dot 162 that 1.1 into your browser as well if for whatever reason this does not come up but anyways it’s kind of check in connection it’s going to go through a setup wizard which is fantastic you don’t really need to even do any complicated stuff that’s going to actually automatically do it for you it looks like you can have a router login name and a password as well so I’m going to go ahead and type that in real quick next you’re taken to this screen basically you’re going to need to name the 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz networks they’re going to be two different ones that show up on your computer or your phone or whatever whichever one you can connect to so you can go ahead and call it whatever you want you could call it cubic in 77 if you wanted I’m going to leave the default settings right now you should definitely put in a network key for security reasons so I’m going to do that real quick alright so I went ahead and applied the settings it took a little  while but they did apply and it says there’s a new firmware version available make a note that whenever there’s a new firmware version available always upgrade it via ethernet do not do it over Wi-Fi so just make note of that I’m gonna it’s obviously recommended that you upgrade it so I’m going to upgrade it be right back all right so I actually had to reboot my computer after the firmware upgrade went through and so I upgraded it rebooted my computer and went to one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot one dot one in your browser just type that in press Enter sign in with whatever login credentials you put in and it should take you to this screen I do want to point out that both the five gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz networks are showing up a sues 5g is the five gigahertz Asus is the 2.4 gigahertz I’m still connected via ethernet but just want to go ahead and show you this menu here letting you know what the screen basically does is you can change the SSID you can change your login password all that great information you can probably disable one or the other if you don’t want to use one if you know any is the other there’s guest network settings which is great to have you can actually have three Network keys for guests which is something I’ve really never seen in a router for each gig for each band you can have three separate keys for guests so that’s great there’s a Traffic Manager so you can change all this all the traffic that goes through on each device parental controls if you are in adults and have kids and you want to go ahead and kind of restrict what your kid can do online you have parental controls there’s the USB application so as I said the AI disk is where you can plug in storage have some cloud storage going via your Android iOS device Network printing as I said servers and there’s download master as well down at the bottom here me show you there’s download master that’s basically an all-in-one download solution you can go ahead and google it it’s actually pretty neat whether you’re using BitTorrent or other services to download things there’s an a iCloud option so to setup through your phone you need to go ahead and say I’m going to set up a cloud this smart access or smart sync I will do so eventually once I get a storage device to plug into my router but it’s great that it has this options there’s Advanced Settings on the side I’m not going to go through each one I’m just going to show you what they are you’ll see wireless LAN when ipv6 VPN server so Virtual Private Network server firewall administration system log network tools you can just do a quick Google search and figure out what each of those do and what they’re changing so just let you know that those are there which is great ok so that’s all I want to show you about the I guess essentially is software and what this is capable of doing I’m going to do some speed tests and give some overall thoughts on the router all right of course going to go ahead and do some speed tests this is before that I want to go ahead and show you some results from previous tests that I did do so you will see it let me zoom in  on these actually the problem with the last router was it didn’t have enough range so you’ll see my download speeds got greatly affected right here I would get around like almost 6 megabits per second download speed upload speeds were still good eleven and a half etc but my download speeds were just terrible so hopefully this has improved that I should be getting upwards of probably around 40 if I had to guess but let’s go ahead and run a speed test hopefully it has improved let’s take a look I also wanted to make it quick note that those speeds were all the same regardless of the server that I was on I tried various servers and they was all the same so let’s go ahead and begin test I’ll go ahead select ping select server based on the ping and run through oh wow look at that instantly I mean these tests were just done maybe 25 minutes ago the ones I was getting five and now I’m getting almost 60 megabits per second download difference I obviously my router was a little bit outdated but I didn’t realize it was it was affect the signal strength was affecting it that much so you’ll see now I am going to be very pleased with these speeds now because when I would download large files I’d have to walk downstairs with my lat now as you can tell I didn’t don’t need to do that this is on the five gigahertz Network I’m gonna go ahead and connect to the 2.4 gigahertz networking run a test as well okay I went ahead and connected to the 2.4 gigahertz Network and I’m going to test it once more and we will go ahead and see if what the speed difference is hopefully it’s very similar again it’s going to have interference but you’ll see it is also at about 25 megabits per second so that is a better comparison between the this router and the my last one it’s about almost 20 megabits per second faster on the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum keep in mind that you’re going to have a lot of interference I have a lot of interference here there’s so many routers listed because I have people living very close to me but you’ll see it definitely increased it even with all this interference I went from almost 6 to about 24 megabits per second which is very great news so I am very pleased with these router speeds alright so I just want to go ahead and give you guys a little bit more information on the router and also give you some final thoughts of mine in regards to the Zeus rtac 66u router um it is as I said dual band so you have five years 2.4 gigahertz B 5 gigahertz band you can run at up to 1.3 gigabits per second speed so that is insanely fast and then I’m going to point 4 gigahertz spectrum spectrum you can have 450 megabits per second which is equally quick so that is why it is called a gigabit router because it can run at speeds above 1 gigabit now i also wanted to mention that it is somewhat future-proof in a sense it having 802.11 HC support vet being essentially a networking standard for Wi-Fi you might be familiar with either 2.1 1g and all that good stuff but AC is essentially one that just started going out in 2012 2013 and people predict analysts predict that by 2015 it will essentially be the popular standard for devices coming out so generally yourself on your laptop at the moment aren’t going to use the 802 1 1 HC standard because it hasn’t been built in yet but hopefully in the near future it will be that’s why this router you could use for a little while because it’s going to use that standard in the future now in regards to who this would be good for for the general consumer someone just at home it’s great for watching movies Netflix YouTube all that stuff is going to be improved with of course increased range increased data speeds it’s great it has the option for a networking with printing and cloud storage as well so if you have multiple people in your home if you’re a family you can set up this cloud storage and share files easily whether it be pictures videos all that good stuff we could just share between devices very easily it’ll help me to share between cell phone and PC as well with sharing those kind of files between those devices in regards to gaming it’s going to help of course it does have in those settings in the most browser settings that I was showing you it does have settings to open up ports all that good stuff for those of you that do game xbox ps3 playstation all that good stuff but  anyways my xbox is up in my room and I had never gotten full bars in the spot that I put it in and always was at 2 as  opposed to 3 I believe but it had full bars when I was connected to this new router so the range definitely did increase speeds connection has been fine in all the multi player games that I played with watching Netflix as well on my xbox it would sometimes cut out I have not had that happen once yet so as I said watching videos playing games as well I’m a college student I download a lot of large files and upload a lot to I’m uploading videos all the time so that’s great I upload pictures to Facebook all that normal stuff so and college kid having to download download books before all that stuff so it’s very helpful with I know with the cloud printing I’m going to probably try and set that up with my printer my prayer has already wireless though so I shouldn’t have any issues with that connecting to the router itself so that’ll be good cloud storage will be great as well when sharing files between people but anyways overall it’s a highly recommended product by me just because various reasons obviously the great range I was actually walking outside and stay connected much longer than my old router did so the range is definitely increase increase which brings along better speeds you have the concurrent 2.4 and 5 gigahertz which is helpful for those of you that do own devices I can connect to the 5 you heard Network the setup was so easy as well as you saw me doing it it ran through the setup pretty much automatically let you know what you need to type in all that good stuff overall a highly recommended router by me asus has great as I say customer support their hardware is always very good quality I’ve had my laptop for a while now and I haven’t had any issues with it so a soos always gets the thumbs up for me I always try and when it comes to technical hardware go with hey soos so now thankfully I have a router that follows that that path I’m going on but anyways definitely you know what you think go and leave a comment you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ always to be in the description below and as always guys thanks for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up

In this ASUS RT-AC66U B1 AC1750 WiFi Router Review (Updated), I have explained that what makes this product best for you and why you should invest in it.

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