Are Curved Monitors Good For Gaming?

are curved monitors good for gaming

What are curved monitors?

Curved monitors are just like normal monitors but they provide a concave display which means that as the curve monitors have a curved display it gives a concave viewing service to the users. Curved monitors were first launched in the year 2014 by Korean companies like Samsung and LG, although the curved monitors when launched were not much popular but nowadays they have gotten very popular and most people now prefer curved monitors for gaming but the main question that remains is whether curved monitors are worth it or not. Today we will be talking about whether curved Monitors are Good for Gaming or not.

Difference between a curved and flat monitor

The very first thing that differentiates the curved and flat monitor is the shape. The curved monitor is a little bit curved while the flat monitor is completely flat. Other than that both the PCs don’t have much difference except for the curvature of these monitors. The curvature of the curved monitors is represented by their radius and the higher the radius the better the curved monitor is. But you should also keep in mind that if your monitor will have a high curvature then it will take some time for you to adjust as per that. You might be wondering why does the curvature of the monitor matter so much? The reason why people use curved monitors over flat monitors is that the curved monitor builds a sense of immersion amongst the users, users are playing games on a curved monitor, and in this way, the users will be able to enhance their peripheral vision. The curved monitors also relax your eyes as instead of rotating your eyes at a 180° angle you will have to focus on a curved surface at a smaller angle because the screen will be smaller and closer to you.

Another thing about curved monitor is that they are immune to light which means that the light angle won’t disturb the screen while in flat monitors one of the biggest concerns that arise is that the reflection of the light appears on the screen monitor which makes the screen blur and doesn’t give a good display of what is presented on the screen.

The curved monitors can be as small as 24 inches and as large as 52 inches but most people prefer a curved monitor which is around 32 inches. Usually, 32 inches is a perfect size for a curved monitor.

Although all the features of the curved and flat monitors are the same, they have the same processor, battery life, and the only difference is the display and display of a monitor is one of the biggest things to see when buying a monitor for gaming and only the curved monitor has the perfect display for gaming.

What are the benefits of a curved monitor for gaming?

The curved monitors provide users with a much immersive experience

Which means that with a curved monitor people will be able to enjoy quality time. Imagine if you spend a lot of money on a monitor and cannot enjoy it because of a blurred screen often the far screens can give a blurred image but with a curved screen, you can be assured that the screen won’t be blurred and you will enjoy it. Therefore, less distortion is an advantage of a curved monitor as distortion is lessened in a curved monitor. And this can only be achieved with a monitor which is curved.

Curved monitors are better for your eyes

often people get confused that why exactly curved monitors are better for the eyesight and it has a very known reason behind it, which is that the curved screen points the screen light directly towards the users which means that the users will be able to watch the screen without any ocular exertion. Therefore, your eyes are covering a bigger field of view in comparison with a flat-screen. This means that through curved monitors people will be able to play games without worrying about the eyesight and there will be fewer issues concerning overusing of the monitors.

Perceived wider field of view

The best part about curved monitors is that curved screens can make the images, videos, and display more realistic because of the direction of the light and the curvy shape the viewers can view the screen without straining their eyes and therefore, the display will also appear pretty realistic.

Curved display is pleasing to the eyes

Curved monitors have a comparatively nicer design than flat monitors. If you want a monitor for gaming then you can get the curved monitor as it will enhance the look of your gaming setup and not only this but you will get a different and unique gaming experience. These curved monitors come in pretty aesthetic styles therefore playing would become fun even for people who have a career as a gamer.

Curved monitors come with the latest technology

In older times the flat screens had more market but this is not the case anymore as nowadays curved monitors are getting better. When the curved monitors were first launched, they were not very good but now they are getting better every day and they also have the latest technologies installed in them. They have all the latest technologies which are needed in a monitor for gaming therefore people will be able to easily play games of their choice.

Disadvantages of buying a curved monitor for gaming

Every good thing also has some disadvantages and similarly, curved monitors also have some drawbacks. The very first drawback is that the curved display can catchlights from a different angle which would make it difficult for the users to concentrate on the screen and this may also result in a constant headache however it can be avoided by keeping the curved monitor in a proper direction.

The second drawback of curved monitors is that they are very expensive and a common man won’t be able to afford them. But if a person has gaming as a lifetime career then they should invest in a curved monitor for gaming.

It may also take some time for the people to get adjusted to a curved screen as most people have a habit of playing on a flat-screen and some people may not enjoy using a curved monitor as they will be habitual to a flat one.

Other than this curved monitor doesn’t have any disadvantages which make the curved monitors a perfect fit for gaming.

Should I buy a curved monitor?

We have a bunch of reasons why you should buy a curved monitor the reasons are as follows:

  1. More impressive gaming

Curved screen will enable more immersive gaming. As mentioned above-curved monitors are best for gaming and if played on a curve screen then your game will feel more realistic which means that next time you will play fortnight or PUBG it will feel like that you are sitting on a battlefield. But this depends upon the curvature of your screen, the higher the radius of your curve the more real experience you will get.

  1. Perfect for multi-purpose

If you are a gamer as well as an employee or worker at a firm then a curved monitor is perfect for you. The curved monitors provide a wider screen display therefore; they can be used for multiple purposes as well. Hence, if you are working in a type of industry that requires looking at a bunch of things at the same time then the curved monitors are best for you. If you are an employee and a gamer then the HP Z38c is a perfect option for you as it has sharp graphics and if you use it for work then it won’t look like that the monitor belongs to a gamer.

The curvature of the curved monitors

There are a variety of curved monitors and each monitor has a different curvature but mostly the curved monitors come in a range of 1800R to 1400R. When it comes to buying a curved monitor, its curvature is the first thing to see but don’t worry as we will be discussing the curvature of the curved monitors in detail.

A monitor is not a cheap thing to buy therefore, it is very important to research before buying one. There are four types of the radius in the curved monitors. These include 1800R, 2300R, 3000R, and 4000R. The R defines the radius of the curved monitors and the number mentioned is the distance of the circle’s perimeter to the center of the monitor. One of the main questions that occur in people’s minds is that why is the curvature of a curved monitor so important? So, the answer to their question is that it is important because of the curve it becomes easier for the users to view the screen and the deeper the curve is the easier it is to watch the screens without tiring their eyes.

Curved monitors for gaming

Most of the gamers are very enthusiastic about playing and these days all the gamers are looking for is comfort, realism, and less exertion and a curved monitor provides it all. The curved monitors make the games more realistic and live, therefore, gamers will feel like that they are actually in a gaming field. This gives an amazing experience to the players. Another benefit of the curved-screen is the way that the light interacts with the screen. Curved screens can reduce all types of lights and reflections which brings an advantage to the gamers as often people get light-related issues on a flat screen and this can be avoided via the curved monitor.

What type of curved monitors should the gamers purchase?

We understand how difficult is to get a curved monitor for gaming, therefore, to make your lives easier we will be guiding you on what type of curved monitor you can get for gaming. If you want a curved monitor only for gaming then your focused monitor should be the one with an aggressive curve or a deep curve as it will give gamers an immersive gaming experience.

If you want a curved monitor for gaming as well as other things like graphic designing, video editing, and software designing then you should buy a curved professional monitor which has a little broader curvature that will be better for you.

Not only this but there are also many other curved monitors which can be used for gaming, entertainment, work, and other things some of these curved monitors are VX2758-c-mh, VX3258-2kc-MHD, and VX3216-such by Viewsonic and all these curved monitors can be used for multitasking. We hope that now you have enough reasons why you should buy a curved monitor.

Which is the best-curved monitor for gaming?

Often people are confused about which is the best-curved monitor but in this post, we will be telling you one of the curved monitors.

Without any doubt, the Samsung CRG9 Ultrawide Monitor is the best-curved monitor. The reason why it is the best is that it is lightweight, portable and one of the latest curved monitors although it is a little bit expensive it is worth the price. It is the best-curved monitor for gaming as it can run all the games like Apex legends, firefighter, and fortnight. This monitor has an amazing display and it can be easily setting up even in a small space.

Other best-curved monitors for gaming are:

  • Acer Predator X34
  • Pixie PXC273
  • Alienware AW3418DW
  • Acer XR382CQK
  • Dell S3220DGF

Not only this but there are also many other types of curved monitors but the aforementioned are best for gaming rest it is your choice which one you want to buy and you can buy one as per your range.

Final verdict

In my opinion, curved monitors are perfect for gaming as they will give you an amazing gaming experience and not only this but curved laptops are the latest fashion and they come with the latest technologies. These curved monitors are also aesthetically pleasing and fun to use. Therefore, if you are a gamer and want to take your gaming craze to a new level then curved monitors are the best option for you as gaming on a curved monitor is much easier and feasible.

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